Dr. Vijay Eswaran Is Changing The World

Malaysian Businessman Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the Chief Executive Chairman of QI Group and QNET; both are East Asian companies, that have a direct impact in Malaysia’s educational, marketing, sales, and hospitality sectors. Dr. Vijay Eswaran also acts as Chairman of the University Council of Quest International University, located in Malaysia.

In his career, Dr. Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur, author of six books, international spokesperson, and most importantly a philanthropist. In 2016, Dr. Vijay Eswaran also received an honorary Doctorate in Economics and Global Business from the renowned Pannasastra University in Cambodia. Throughout his career, he has been the recipient of various awards and honors, most notably the prestigious award, International Business Leader in Global Business Strategies by the Global Organization For People of Indian Origin; as well as Malaysian Business Awards CEO and the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award for Global Entrepreneurship.

In his interview with Interview.net, Dr. Vijay Eswaran reveals that the best entrepreneurs are the ones that are curious and innovator. Always looking towards to future, for what it possible and then making it possible. Dr. Vijay Eswaran, says that his interest in business, specifically entrepreneurship, first began in 1998 when he was presented with an opportunity to grow his now prosperous business, QNET. What has made Dr. Vijay Eswaran and QNET so unique, is their combined ability to integrate e-commerce platforms with a centralized direct sales agenda. When QNET first got started, this methodology was unheard of, and Eswaran became responsible for paving the way, for online businesses to contemplate selling through e-commerce.

As a philanthropist, Dr. Vijay Eswaran started two community-centric foundations in his home country, RYTHM, and Vijayaratnam. These foundations, work collaboratively with other local and international organizations, to focus on community empowerment and development; providing educational tools for women and those caring for children with special needs.

JD.com Partners With ISCAS And NJIT To Develop Blockchain Technologies

JD.com or Jingdong Mall is China’s largest online retailer. The company is well-known for its provision of high quality and authentic products. Since its foundation in 2004, the company has made a great effort to provide the best customer experience in the retail industry. Through its comprehensive logistics network, which covers more than 80 cities across China, JD.com guarantees delivery of products to its customers with unrivaled speed.


Besides offering same-day delivery services, Jingdong also offers a wide range of products through its online platform. The products include apparel, fresh food, toys, electronics, mobile phones, and other digital products, books, videos, computer hardware, and software as well as other fast-moving consumer goods.


Jingdong launched its first joint research lab for blockchain technologies called “Urban Smart Logistics Institute”. The company opened the state-of-the-art facility in partnership with the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ying Wu College of Computing at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


During the announcement, which was made at an event held in Beijing, the management of JD.com confirmed that the new facility would be instrumental in solving stability and efficiency challenges. The administration noted that these challenges had been the most significant setbacks to the broader application of blockchain technology. The facility will also focus on exploring new uses of the technology. Together, the three partners will narrow down to multi-year joint research into basic privacy protection, security in decentralized applications, and consensus protocols. Get More Information Here.


According to the revelations made during the launch of the facility, a highly qualified team will be responsible for the daily operations of the laboratory. The team will be led by the president of JD Big Data and Smart Supply Chain, Dr. Jian Pei, Assistant Professor in the Ying Wu College of Computing, Qiang Tang, and Vice Chief Engineer at ISCAS, Zhenfeng Zhang. All the members of the management team are renowned experts in cryptography and blockchain.


Speaking during the occasion, Dr. Pei noted that Jingdong has always taken a leading role in the application of blockchain technology. He also expressed the company’s commitment to exploring further applications of the technology through investing in partnerships geared towards the development of blockchain technology. Dr. Pei praised the company’s collaboration with ISCAS and NJIT. He expressed his confidence that their joint research will lead to breakthroughs into possible new applications of blockchain technology.


View source: https://corporate.jd.com/home

Why the Future of JD.com Looks Bright

Although JD.com is now the largest online retailer in China, they are being noted for other reasons. Their most recent notable effort right now is their commitment to a sustainable future. How can an online retailer have a commitment for a sustainable future?

It’s their commitment to environmental causes that is noteworthy these days. The company has made many moves to support a better environment, and extensive contributions to social innovation. The core of this is rooted in their Corporate Responsibility Program. This program, launched five years ago, the CSR team at JD.com, has led the company in the effort to being more responsible with the environment.

been diligent about ensuring that each step of their process abides by these principles. This means that from the creation of a product all through the remainder of the process they are mindful of how it will impact the environment.

The company was giving the SEALS award was granted to the company for its outstanding effort toward sustainability. Each year, businesses are recognized for these contributions. Some of the top companies that JD.com was proud to be mentioned with include, Patagonia, Nike, Seventh Generation, and even Apple.

Corporate social responsibility is the name of the game when large companies want and need to make a viable contribution to society. This is why Libo Ma, the individual leading the effort at JD.com, is persistent in building this effort.

The founder of the SEAL Awards has been equally thrilled about the response, specifically because of the positive impact that this consistently makes. One of the things he notes most is the effort that JD.com makes with recycling. Along with their consistency in their digital platform for retail, they are also striving to continue to find new ways to promote sustainability.

Learn more about JD.com : https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/JD/community/


Paul Mampilly Talks about the Benefits of Getting Chipped in the Future

There are tons of people who want to invest in the stock market but are afraid to invest in it due to the amount of volatility it witnesses. If you want to invest in the stock market and want to ensure that you reduce the chance of losses, always do research beforehand. One of the experts who has consistently provided helpful advice to people about investing in the stock market is Paul Mampilly. With over two decades of experience of working in the financial industry, Paul has been able to gain the knowledge necessary to pick the right stocks.

Today, there are many technological companies that are working for the products that will be quite useful in the future. One of the technologies that Paul Mampilly is hopeful is the chipping technology. He feels that getting chipped will become necessary in the future and it will make lives easier for people. They will be able to access any information instantly without having to go through plenty of documents. The technology is going to change the way information is shared and could potentially change the world for the better.

Paul Mampilly provides his financial advice in the newsletter named Profits Unlimited, published by Banyan Hill Publishing. After he worked with some of the leading financial organizations initially in his career, Paul Mampilly decided that it is time that he helps the common American people to make and manage their money and investments. He has helped many people to achieve their investment goals through the advice he shares on Profits Unlimited. The good thing about the financial advice and recommendations made by Paul on Profits Unlimited is that it is not super complex, and easy to understand.

Paul Mampilly came from an Indian family and completed his education from the Fordham University. After completing his education, he joined as the portfolio asset manager at Banker’s Trust and then later got an opportunity to handle a fund at Kinetics Asset Management. The performance at both these organizations was commendable, and it helped him become a popular name in the financial circles in the United States.

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Coy CEO of GreenSky willing to take plunge of going public

For at least the last 10 years, the trend throughout Silicon Valley in general and the financial tech sector in particular has been for companies to stay private as long as they possibly can. The reasoning is that investors inevitably push for short-term results, a tendency that can spell disaster for a tech company that is still in the incubation phase. A company like Amazon wasn’t profitable for nearly 20 years and would have been quickly ruined by investors with strong profit drive pushing the company’s long-term business strategy off the rails.

But David Zalik, the founder and CEO of GreenSky, believes that his company is ready to take the plunge and become publicly traded. Zalik would seem an odd figure to go so against the grain of fintech conventional wisdom and seek out not just the public spotlight but also the microscope that inevitably comes with taking a private firm public. As a child prodigy, Zalik enrolled in college at the age of just 12 but dropped out shortly thereafter to found his own computer assembly company. Called MicroTech, the company was a success, and Zalik sold it 10 years later for about $5 million.

He then went into a string of other business, which culminated in the formation of GreenSky, a company now estimated to be worth more than $4.5 billion. Through it all, Zalik has avoided the public eye almost as a vampire avoids light. Incredibly, the inveterate entrepreneur says that he never gave a single interview prior to 2016. For someone of such incredible accomplishments, Zalik seems to have little to no need for recognition.

Many have questioned whether the GreenSky CEO’s personality is suited for going from a 100 percent private enterprise to having to deal in the public spotlight the near 100 percent of the time required of those running publicly traded companies.

But Zalik says that GreenSky has reached a level of maturity that means the company would do well to take on public investors and utilize all of the capital influx that such a move entails. He would like to see his company grow another 4 or 5 times.


Benardo Chua: Champion Of The Ganoderma Herb

Bernardo Chua is the perfect example of how one’s childhood can shape your destiny. He grew up originally wanting to become a doctor because he wanted to help people become healthy. As a young boy his grandparents nurtured his caring personally by instructing him on the health benefits of the Ganoderma, an herb used in Chinese medicine for centuries for its healing properties. This simple knowledge of an herb unknown to many around the world would enable him to become an extremely successful businessman. He caught the attention of the company Gano Excel because he was so knowledgeable about Ganoderma. Gano Excel was a company that sold consumables infused with the herb and they felt that Mr. Chua would be the ideal candidate to market their products. Bernardo Chua would prove to be an asset for the company as they ended up getting new customers all over North America and Asia. His success with Gano Excel prompted him to start his own company. In 2008, Mr. Chua founded Organo Gold, a company that also specialized in products that contained the Ganoderma herb. Follow Bermardo Chua on Twitter.

There are many health benefits that can be achieved if a person were to use products that had the Ganoderma herb. One of the benefits is that it can help fight debilitation diseases like cancer. Ganoderma has been shown in studies to help oxygenate the human body. Cancer cell have a hard time surviving in an environment with a lot of oxygen, however, cancer can thrive if there is a lack of oxygen. There are many other health benefits that the Ganoderma herb can offer. Bernardo Chua and the health benefits of the products his company sells have been featured on media stations such as Direct Selling News. The products sold by Organo Gold include teas, coffees and supplements

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Kimberly Bakker And The Stages To A Perfect Event


Whether its for the holidays, a birthday, an anniversary, or a unique occasion, putting together events is a vital component of modern culture. Kimberly Bakker grew up with a passion for ensuring these events were put together to the best of her ability. That childhood joy is still present as she has become a successful professional event planner.

Gazette Day recently published a feature on Bakker titled “Kimberly Bakker: Momtrepreneur with a Purpose”. The article was written by Erica Smith to highlight the businesswoman and her dedication to her business.

Kimberly Bakker recently discussed how create a perfect event with Chronicle of the Week.

A party begins with the conception stage. The host needs to pull out the good old fashion pen and paper and begin creating a list. This will become the guidebook for putting the party together. Make sure to include everything from the people attending to the amount of food to buy, and everything in between. Once that is done, create a plan to complete everything by the deadline. Diving up tasks between trusted individuals can be a simple way to get the party together on time. The attendees love to see the host enjoying themselves at the party as well.

When it comes to the event day, there are numerous things a host can do to increase the social mood of the venue. It can be as simple as playing background music, or adding a few personal items to the space for familiarity. Lighting is also a critical aspect of setting the mood. However most importantly for the host, be sure enjoy the event yourself. Each and every person should be having a memorable occasion. See This Page for more information.

Kimberly Bakker has been planning events for years, and still enjoys helping clients nail that personal touch. She will do everything possible to have prepared in a timely and professional manner. Kimberly Bakker’s upbringing taught her the importance these events have on the host, and those who attend.


Learn more about Bakker on https://angel.co/kimberly-bakker-1



Vinod Gupta Is An Avid Philanthropist Throughout India


InfoUSA was a massive corporation that specialized in gathering data for many different companies in different industries. Vinod Gupta is the founder of InfoUSA, which was started as Business Research Services in 1972, though he sold off the company in 2010 for a profit of more than 600 million dollars.

Vinod Gupta was born in 1946 and spent many years focused on getting an education for himself, which was difficult given the time period and how small of a village he grew up in. For most people in Vinod’s position, an education was outside of the question. Vin was determined to succeed however and found himself in the Indian Air Force to earned himself a ticket to a higher education.

Ever since he was young, Vin Gupta has been a humble person, so it only makes sense that he would be generous with his wealth like he has been for many decades. Since his company started expanding in the 80’s and 90’s, Vinod has actively supported the community both in the United States and India. A big portion of Vinod’s donations over the years have gone towards education for women and children throughout India by improving programs as well as school safety. Go Here for more information.

There are many locations around India where the schools are wide open in areas that are considered dangerous, which makes it difficult for kids to go to school regularly and without fear.

Since his first donation, Vinod has gone on to donated roughly 50 million dollars to the construction of schools throughout India and the improvement of educational programs throughout the United States. Vinod currently works as a Managing General Partner for Everest USA while also taking the time to offer up his business advice to budding entrepreneurs that are looking to succeed in the world of business, as featured on Gazette Day.


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How Victoria Doramus is Helping an Animal Shelter in New York

Victoria Doramus may be known for marketing, but now she has conversation swirling around her work for an animal shelter in New York. Her position is that yes, the world can be beautiful, but at times it can still be cruel. This was all in reference to an animal shelter located in New York that she is helping.

Animal shelter volunteer Victoria Doramus remembers what it was like to be an addict. Her long journey through addiction and then through recovery taught her that everyone needs a little a help sometimes. While it is true that people need help everyday, animals do too. This is why she has been helping a beloved animal shelter in New York.

The Best Friends Animal Society has been in need of help for quite some time. Their primary goal is to prevent the killing even if the animals are there for an extended time period. How they managed to do this is by creating programs that educate others, including programs that involve the community as a whole. They are also work to link arms with others who are willing and able to partner with them around the world.

The story about Best Friend’s all started back when it was routine to kill cats an dogs as a result of the number of unwanted pets. Sadly, cats and dogs alike were being killed daily, totaling around 17 million each year. This is why Best Friend’s Shelter began. Their goal was to save all pets by getting the community involved, and by being proactive within the community. Animals that were elderly or had health problems were the first to go.

The shelter acquired its name when a group of friends decided that animals needed a safe place to go and heal while they were ill. Many of the individuals involved took pets home with them, and the rest of them were able to call this new shelter home. The Best Friends Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to giving these animals the love and care they need and deserve. It’s no surprise that Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) chooses to personally help support this shelter.

Jacob Gotlieb: Taking Over Health Care Through Altium Capital

Jacob Gotlieb’s investment experience and prowess in tapping and investing in innovative healthcare technologies and treatment companies span decades. It has earned him respect in the alternative investment circles where he is considered a titan. He now has a new Investment vehicle, Altium capital that invests in healthcare companies which come up with disruptive health and medical treatment innovations.

Recent investments

His company recently acquired 5.6% of Oramed pharmaceutical shares after the firm developed a ground-breaking oral treatment alternative for diabetes. Through this new orally ingestible insulin capsule known as ORMD-0801, diabetes patients will no longer have to endure the pain associated with the common injectable treatment option. The firm has also developed an oral glucagon capsule that also promises to turn the life around for diabetes patients.

Besides Oramed, Jacob Gotlieb’s other recent ventures in healthcare include Amarin corporation, a firm that specializes in the development of lipid-based drugs aimed at helping improve cardiovascular health. Altium also invested in the replacement therapy focused, Oragenics Company. Oragenics has access to proprietary technologies that it intends to use in the development of powerful antibiotics to counter the drug-resistant bacterial strains associated with several infectious diseases.

More about Jacob Gotlieb

Gotlieb is a graduate of Brown and New York University where he graduated with a BA and an MD respectively. He is also a certified public accountant (CPA). Prior to establishing Altium, he was the brains behind Visium asset management, a hedge fund giant and a major player in healthcare investment.

Despite its success, Jacob was forced to close its doors after an insider scandal. However, his journey in investing and hedge funds began at Merlin New York where he was a portfolio manager. He later moved to Balysany asset management where he was famed for his massive portfolio gains but after a while decided to go solo and that was when he established Visium.