Business With a Dash of Non-Profit

Sam Tabar has worked in several different industries around the world. While he is a licensed attorney and is approved by the New York Bar Association, he is more than just a lawyer. He has worked in a few different positions as a lawyer and his first major job, one of which he held for almost 12 years, was as an attorney. He has since found his passion in different roles though, which is why he is doing everything in his power to make a difference. He now has the financial security to not only sit at the top of a company but also do everything in his power to assist those who are less fortunate. It is why he has moved around and taken the current jobs that he now has. He is more than the CFO of a clothing company.

In many regions around the world, women are not able to afford having proper feminine hygiene products to keep them covered when they go out into the world. Due to this, when women are going through their period, they must stay home. This can leave their families without several days worth of money coming in. They also might miss school, setting them behind and struggling to catch up. It also makes it less likely a business owner will hire them as they know the women will be forced to miss work several times a month.  While he is not able to donate tens of millions of dollars to the women in order to improve their overall livelihood, with his current Kickstart project, he is planning on delivering the ability for women to remain going to school and work, no matter what their bodies are doing.

The reusable cloth products are designed to absorb what a woman discharges, but it is washable so they don’t need to worry about going out and purchasing new products every few months or so. While there does come a time where the reusable cloth is no longer able to sustain and absorb everything it is something that will last typically a year or longer. So, a woman with a handful of these items will no longer be forced to miss out on life.

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