Mike Baur’s Work to Build Startups

Currently the CEO of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has been making an impact on the finance world for quite some time. A native of Fribourg in the Switzerland region, Baur has well over twenty years of experience working with Swiss Private Banking. Beginning his career as a simple commercial apprentice, Baur worked his way up to being one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world.

Mike Baur‘s journey in business began at a young age. As a teenager he showed great interest in banking and finance. His interest would grow over time and by age 39 he created the Swiss Start up Factory with a partner. His company eventually became the number one independent start up in Switzerland. This company has had tremendous impact across Switzerland. Baur and his company currently invest a lot of time encouraging Swiss youth to pursue entrepreneurship. He supports numerous startups not only with his money but by serving as a mentor. Baur’s credentials prove he is worthy to do such work, holding an MBA from University of Berne. Furthermore he is currently working as Co-Director of the Swiss Startup Association.

The Swiss Start Up Factory is an independent accelerator company in Switzerland. The company supports and encourages young entrepreneurs providing mentor ship. Swiss Start Up Factory has a firm belief that young entrepreneurs can realize their visions. Ultimately they need some kind of platform to guide them in order to reach their milestones. It’s the companies passion in this belief that pushed them to start their company in the first place.

Because of it’s independent formation, the Swiss Start Up Factory has great desire to produce fast development and growth of their start-ups. Entrepreneurs who enter their program go through a quick, rigorous 3 month program. Participants receive money and guidance in areas such as finance, technology and strategy With a plethora of resources, the startups gain incredibly valuable input, that helps them to grow their young business.

Mike Baur and his company The Swiss Start Up Factory are making a tremendous impact on young entrepreneurs. Their work across Switzerland is giving birth to many future business and products.