Vijay Eswaran Grows His Entrepreneurship Skills to One of The World’s Leading Business Image

According to Vijay, nothing was in his favor as he began his entrepreneurship journey. He had various disconnections with his family or any other source of funds. At the same time, Asia was facing a critical economic crisis of which no one had faith in its recovery. However, Vijay was exceptional he believed that his life was not under any conditions to be wasted making money for other people. In his efforts to raise, he was lucky enough to meet like-minded partners not forgetting his all-time supporting wife. As he started, Vijay faced several setbacks and failures that he soon came to adopt and developed various opportunities as comebacks.

Vijay Eswaran went through the leading Universities in the USA and the UK for his higher education. His entrepreneurship journey started back in the University with simple businesses of direct selling. He consistently grew his enterprise endeavors while at the same time developing business networks at a wide range. Today, Vijay Eswaran holds the Executive Chairman’s post at the QI Group of companies founded in 1998. Mr. Eswaran happens to be one of the brainiest and front founding members to the QI Group. The QI Group later developed to becoming one of the world’s largest e-commerce-based conglomerate out of its diversification in various businesses. The QI Group operates in more than 30 companies whose offices are based in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Vijay’s ever undying efforts and determination have earned him several awards such as the “the Global Entrepreneurship lifetime achievement award’. Besides, Vijay has been featured by several journals from his extraordinary entrepreneurship skills.

Vijay is a well-established public speaker and a best-selling author. He has written several books including “On the Wings of Thought,” “the 18 Stepping Stones”, and “In the Thinking Zone.” He is also a recognized philanthropist who has founded several organizations through which he offers both financial and material support to the needy people.