Brad Reiflers Tips For Small Investors

One of the most well known American entrepreneurs is Brad Reifler. In 2009 he founded Forefront Capital and filled the position of Chief Executive. Previously he co-founded Pali Capital, a firm specializing in financial services. Brads very first business was the Reifler Trading Company where was truly a star trader.

Although Money Monster is just a fictional film it does uncover a few truths about Wall Street. The small investors are faced with a great many challenges and disadvantages. It is an unfortunate fact that Wall Street puts the focus on wealthy and accredited investors. These investors have opportunities the smaller and non-accredited investors do not.

As CEO for Forefront Capital Brad Reifler has focused on helping the wealthy become even wealthier. His attention has changed direction to Middle America where he now has a different goal. He wants to help the 99% of less affluent individuals have the same opportunities as the 1% who have the big money. Brad Reifler has taken the time to share the three biggest problems faced by small investors.

According to Brad Reifler the first problem is the fees. Most brokers charge high management fees that are irrelevant to their clients actual portfolios. This allows the brokers to become rich regardless of whether or not their clients succeed. He says this is wrong.

The second problem is the regulated access to the investments. Non-accredited investors have limits as to which investments they can participate in. The government considers the accredited investors to be more intelligent so they do not have these restrictions. They can invest in private equity, hedge funds and private funds the small investor does not have access to.

The third and final problem are the limited investment options the smaller investor is able to access. Most of these investments are directly correlated to the stock market. Brad Reifler is trying to combat all three of these problems. He wants to put the power back in the hands of the small investors. He feels they deserve the exact same opportunities as the accredited investors.