Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Treating Only Cancer Patients Throughout the United States

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, along with NantHealth has a new treatment platform that they are launching. Clinical Pathways will be able to help the Oncologist by giving the all the treatment options that are appropriate for any type of cancer.

This platform has been developed with the patients in mind and will help the Doctors to eliminate guesswork since they are usually bombarded with all sorts of new data and the latest in oncology research. The patient, with this new system, will be able to choose their care from efficient and safe options.

Clinical Pathways merges the treatment regimes, the very latest in cancer research that is available and any complementary therapies into Allscripts Sunrise EHR. This will allow the oncologists to create the protocol for the patients care at the point of care.

This new platform will provide the doctors with a comparison of the different treatment options available, and an idea of the cost. It will also have the ability for custom treatment courses that are for one specific patient and their disease state. The system will be safe and efficient for the patient since with just a tap of the screen the order will be entered.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America know that every cancer is just as unique as the person who is afflicted with it. Cancer is a disease that requires a precision medicine, and truly personalized care that is gladly given by their experts that are trained in all the ins and outs of a very difficult and dreaded disease.

They treat patients on an everyday basis, through every stage of the disease using advanced technology geared specifically for this disease. It is extremely important for the patient to locate a doctor who specializes in their type of cancer.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are based in Boca Raton, Florida with a network of five hospitals throughout the United States to serve only cancer patients.

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