End Citizens United Provides Me With A Way To Help

I give back through End Citizens United because it is the best way for me to ensure that I am helping make American a better place. End Citizens United is a PAC that was formed to lobby for campaign finance reform, and I am pleased to give my time back to them. This article explains how the group is hoping to change campaign finance laws, and there are many different people who will be involved like me. I enjoy participating with End Citizens United.


#1: Raising As Much Money As Possible


Raising as much money as possible is important for the cause because we plan to offer much information to the public about campaign finance reform. The laws on the books must be changed over the course of time, and there are quite a few people who will learn about campaign finances purely from our group. I am joining the cause because it means something to me. I want to see government managed differently, and I know that we may make a change if we are persistent.


#2: The PAC Is Releasing Information


The PAC is releasing information through news stories that will help the public learn quite a lot about the way campaigns are run. People do not often know, and they are given many different spins ont he truth. The truth is released only by End Citizens United through their social medial feeds, and I read them often. I have shared the stories from social media many times, and I hope that I have changed minds in the process. Educating people is the most-important part of this process, and I am certain that we are giving the people of America more information than they have had in the past.


#3: What Will Happen?


The purpose of End Citizens United is to end all special interests. The special interests that are removed from the government will change the way government is managed, and someone who is searching for a better way to help may choose to lobby congress on their own. I have written to my congressman many times, and I have asked people to do the same. Our community may come together to make a difference, and I hope that we are teaching our congressman that they are not to do things that are not the will of the people.


I have been a part of the push by End Citizens United for some time, and I plan to remain a part of the movement until we see campaign financing changed. There are many different people who are searching for a way to make a difference, and they may do what I have done to give back to their community.