Creator, Public Figure, More

     Neogama’s Alexandre Gama studied at Brazil’s best institutions for higher education, such as the renowned AAPF – or Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He has proven his mettle countless times in providing the finest quality of essays, news stories, headlines and other copywriting pieces for the press and even for himself. He loves to write, and he recalls that any day in which he does not exercise his creativity and writing skills is a day in which he is ultimately a lesser copywriter and copyeditor.

Gama has even written many pieces for his country’s BAM – Brazilian Art Museum. He notes that his impression of the BAM changes with every visit and that he’s always able to find a new story or “spin” whenever he writes on this topic. This takes a high level of skill as any copywriting expert or source – heck, or even Wikipedia – will agree with.