Business Start Up and Passion Inspiration Doe Deere of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is an inspiration business entrepreneur ( She passionately turned her dream idea into her dream business. It is inspirational to look to her success plan when considering your own business. Do you have a business idea that you would love to put to work? You have to have passion. Those who are passionate about their product or business will have the will power to sustain even during the startup times where the hours are long and the money is little. You have to have a well thought out business plan and find a team of financial and business advisors to help make your dream a reality.

Doe Deere did not start out in the cosmetic industry. She had her own online clothing shop and when she was trying to express her creativity with fun make up and accessories she was let down with what was available at the time. She found her niche. She realized that if she wanted the eccentric looks that she was seeking she would have to make them herself. With an eye for design she started her Lime Crime business plan.

Once you have been approved to start your business you will need to draw from your inspiration, creativity and passion for the brand. You will have to be willing to put in an exuberant amount of extra time in the beginning to get your business and product launched. You will find yourself working long days with little pay while you not only create your business but market it as well. Learn more:

Your business plan should include your target customer base. Just as Doe Deere realized she would want to target those with an eye for fun cosmetic styles and an artistic flair. Simply creating her fun lip sticks was not where her business ended though. Doe spent the extra time and energy to continually incorporate her personal style and ideas while expanding her product line.

As her business grew and her customer base grew she recognized the need for more products to satisfy her customers. Doe expanded towards fun and artistic eye pallets that would give the pop of color that her lipstick color line provided. She didn’t stop at eyes and lips she created facial high lighting pallets and a line of trendy and exciting nail products as well. Realizing that there would be a need for application of her cosmetic line she furthered her business product line and created exciting and well-crafted make up brushes. Through this entire process Doe stayed true to self and to what she felt was right. All of her products are vegan and cruelty free.

When the desire to open your own business hits it is important to always stay true to what you want and have a plan. Remember that even the best made plans can experience hard times. Dedication and passion to see your business succeed will be your driving force throughout start up, business and financial planning, product design and continual customer and business growth. Learn more: