Julia Jackson and Jackson Family Wines Lead The Way in Wine Sales

Julia JacksonAnyone who is a wine enthusiast knows about Jackson Family Wines. Their greatest Cabernets come out of Sonoma Valley in California. The wine business is owned by Barbara Banke who has been in the wine business for many years. She raised Julia and the other children in the wine making business. Julia grew up wandering through the vineyards and followed her mother and fathers footsteps for their love of wine making.Julia Jackson is the head spokesperson for the family business and she has incredible knowledge as well as a wealth of information when it comes to making wines, what goes with which wines and wines are good when mixed together. If there is something to know about wine, Julia Jackson knows it.Julia went to Scripps College where she earned her degree in studio art. When she graduated from Scripps, Julia opted to attend the Stanford Graduate Business School where she learned what it takes to work in management.Julia Jackson

Jackson Family Wines keeps ahead of the game by avoiding short term trends rather than going towards them. The family believes that the wine business motto should be looking to the future and rather not what is directly in front of them at this exact moment. They create wines which will last for years to come and not just something that is popular at this moment.For Julia, the family works hard to create some of the best wines including the Cabernets which contain 3 popular choices which are combined with other wines to make the perfect blend. For wine critics, these wines have earned ample respect including from Robert Parker, a wine critic who is well known and has given the wines perfect scores more than 9 times over the last few years. Wine enthusiasts all over the world can sample Jackson Family Wines including in the United Kingdom where the Jackson Verite is a staple wine which has been loved in the United States more than 20 years now and in the United Kingdom since 2015.