What You Should Know About Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was the president, chairman, and CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He joined the company in the year 1993 and has since then rose the ranks to become the most powerful man in the manufacturing powerhouse United Technologies Corporation otherwise know by many as UTC.

UTC is one of the most competitive technological companies and has been consistent in it operations for more than seventy years despite the market fluctuations and the dynamic economic and technological environment in the world today. UTC has not failed to pay its dividends to the shareholders for 77 years. On the contrary, the company has raised the dividends by 10% just recently.

Louis Chenevert started working for the company through their wing company Pratt and Whitney. After an impressive work performance at the company, he joined the mother company which was in this case UTC and was elected the president and CEO in the year 2006. Louis worked hard at his position and promoted innovation and development in the company.

He became among the lead consultants in the various works that were undertaken by the company. One might ask, what does it take to become and maintain the position of CEO in a big company like UTC? Well, Louis Chenevert attributes his success to hard work, persistence, consistence and sharing of ideas with other people. He says one gets a lot of information by sharing and this generates ideas that can help one rise in the career and become who they want to be.

UTC has been able to maintain its position because the managerial team was open to change and innovation and general adaptability to the dynamic environment was mandatory so as to remain relevant to the field. It is therefore mandatory for anyone aspiring to grow career wise to be able to adapt to the ever changing environment.

Louis R. Chenevert worked his way to become a master in his field and a man to be remembered in UTC. He retired in the year 2014 from UTC with a lucrative retirement package of $200 million which is clearly not just pocket change.