DACA Makes Sense for Immigrants

Those who come to the country undocumented often have children with them. The children don’t have a chance to choose whether they are going to stay in a broken system or whether they are going to live in a country where they are considered illegal. Most of them are just doing what their parents are telling them to do so they can be protected from the horrors that often happen in other countries. DACA was made to help protect these children who don’t have a chance to choose. It is a law that defers action for childhood arrivals. If they came here as children without a choice, they are entitled to things that will help them become citizens. They ar also able to get the rights they need to live their lives while they are working to become citizens. DACA has given many children a chance to live a positive life in the United States.


The Frontera Fund is supportive of DACA. The organization makes sure they can help undocumented people come to a country where they have a chance to be successful. The Frontera Fund also knows they have the opportunity to continue helping people even if the people are unable to help themselves. Since DACA is currently at risk of being rid from the laws of the country, it is what has given the Frontera Fund the help they need to be sure they are going to continue offering different things to these children who just want a better life.


DACA really doesn’t prove to be a threat to the United States. Dreamers must not be taking jobs away from citizens, they may not be charged with any crime and they are subject to different taxes that are often much higher than citizens. While they can work and go to school, they are ineligible for financial assistance and have to figure out how they will pay for the things they need while they’re in school. DACA is in place to protect them, but they have to do things to remain eligible for the program.


Since people have a chance to do these things, they have to remain in good standing with the government. Donald Trump does not like this, though. He thinks they are a problem without any actual factual evidence. He wants to see them leave the country and will do anything he can to get rid of the dreamers who are living here. In fact, he is trying to eliminate DACA so they will not longer be protected while they are going to school and working in the United States. It has proven to be a huge problem for the people who are living under DACA right now.