Gaps In The Constitution As Highlighted By Sujit Choudhry

Every stable institution has guidelines by which it follows. The main purpose being, to harmonize the code of conduct which drive people towards a common objective.

A constitution is a combination of many policies which govern a state or government. Coming up with these policies needs experience with state law. It also involves a wide knowledge of the country, its history, its present situation and its future goals.

This requires experts in the various governmental positions to sit, brainstorm and come up with proper rules and regulations guiding various aspects of life of its citizens.

Sujit Choudhry is an experienced guru in the world of law. He a dean and a professor in a law school in California. He is a law graduate from Harvard, Toronto and Oxford universities.

This combination of high education and wide hands on experience in law makes him an expert in his field.

He is a major consultant in constitutional making. He is the founder of Centre for Constitutional Transitions. He has advised many countries on constitutional transformation and building matters.

His team of experts looks to generate knowledge of constitution making it easier to understand and practice. This is done through rigorous research on politics and comparative law.

His work helps countries in mediation talks in case of political tension. It offers a peaceful transition between dictatorial leadership to a democratic leadership.

As an author has written various articles and also offered advice on constitutional formation ( His books are used in law schools and are referrals when need be.

Ukraine is said not to be fully democratic, owing to the huge powers of their president, its elections processes and their political parties are powerless. A team of experts with different knowledge about its problem matter, were called to seat and discuss a way forward for their country.

Following his work and well researched articles and books, it has helped many understand comparative constitutional law. This has enabled change in people’s way of political thinking. This creates a great way for his work to be appreciated and honored.

Hoping that his work fall into better leaders all over the world, to read, understand and put the knowledge into use. Read  This can be done by campaigning for change where necessary.

Sujit Choudhry is a person who we hope many leaders can emulate to enable positive change in our countries systems.

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