Matt Badiali, the Natural Resource Expert and Founder of Real Wealth Strategist

That people often end up pursuing careers in fields they didn’t study for is so much true. Nobody knows this better than Matt Badiali. He is a graduate of geology and earth science with master’s and doctorate degrees. His encounter with a financial specialist back in 2004 saw him shift his focus to securities.

The encounter drove him to conduct several types of research deemed at enhancing investments in a variety of natural resources. The career took a turn, and it involved him visiting corporate entities, and natural resource mining sites all over the world. Thanks to this experience, he developed an urge to come up with a publication about mining and other natural resource investment.

In 2017, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he keeps readers updated on the trends in the sector apart from making recommendations of the most lucrative opportunities. He provides useful information from firsthand research, which helps the interested individuals on how to maximize benefits from natural resources. Read this article for more info.

Among Matt Badiali’s key achievements in the industry is portrayed by what he calls “freedom checks.” Unknown to many, freedom checks are excellent investments that allows one to reap up to four times the average salary. The checks are issued by specific companies dealing with oil and gas. A substantial amount of income harvested from the processing and the sale of these resources is paid to investors. This is Matt’s idea of freedom checks.

They are more like stock dividends and are regarded as a return on capital, which is why investors do not pay taxes. His newsletter, the Real Wealth Strategist, that he launched with Banyan Hill in May last year has, since then attracted a broad base of readers who are always hungry for his ideas on oil and gas stock investment recommendations.

Being a practical man, he often visits places and engages in direct conversations while conducting his geological research. This is among the reasons that have attracted readers to his publication. Most of his ideas are new and worth exploring.

Apart from his Real Wealth Strategist newsletter, his Facebook page is also exceptional. He strives to bring more people into the investment world by engaging with them on a daily basis. He shares tips and more ways in which every investor can utilize to maximize their profits. As a result, he also strengthens his credibility and attracts more readers. This same content is also what he publishes on Medium. He doesn’t fall short of investment ideas and is always on point. Perhaps this can be attributed to the MBA degree he attained at Florida Atlantic University.

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