Clay Siegall and Medicine Knowledge

Cascade Business Park in Bothell, Washington is home to Seattle Genetics. This is the name of an international biotechnology firm that produces state of the art cancer treatments. These treatments revolve around monoclonal antibodies as well. The team at Seattle Genetics has concentrated on the antibodies of human beings for about two decades. The company itself was established in 1998. The firm’s staff consists of about 900 individuals total. It has a market value that’s close to $10 billion. It’s among Washington’s biggest biotechnology entities. There actually isn’t a bigger biotechnology presence in the whole state. Clay Siegall is Seattle Genetics’ co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman. He says that the firm is an up-and-coming oncology entity. He says that the company has many drugs in the works at the moment, too. He thinks that these drugs serve as confirmation of the firm’s massive objectives. This professional indicates that he adores creating drugs. He also states that the process of creating them is far from straightforward and simple. He admits that he has his eyes on the prize and that he aims to steer clear of dwelling on complications and issues. Siegall had a conversation with a wise individual inside of a laboratory in the past. The individual instructed him to never accept the word “no.” Siegall had a difficult experience with the process of acquiring investors back in the day. He experienced a significant degree of rejection from investors back then. That didn’t stop him from continuing with his mission, though.

Dr. Clay Siegall got his education at George Washington University and also at the University of Maryland. He studied both genetics and zoology. He has a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) from the former school and a B.S. (bachelor of science) from the latter one.

Siegall understands the reason he has done so well in his career. He has a dedication to excellence that’s practically matchless. He has a zeal for his vocation and all that it entails. He has strong concentration abilities that help him all of the time, too. Siegall has been captivated by all aspects that relate to medicine since day one. He’s been captivated by technology for as long as he can grasp as well. Cancer treatment has long been a concept that’s on his mind. He had relative who fell ill and had to endure a treatment process that was extremely complex and taxing.