Hagele Eyes For Business Success

From negotiations to distributions, licensing and deal making Michael Hagele possesses essential skills for a successful business personnel, all of which he has in abundance. In the past he served as an outsource counsel for technology based companies in the aerospace, internet and biotechnological industries.

Michael had his higher education at the University of California where he obtained his J.D and at the University of Iowa where he got his B.A. He has developed great carrier qualities from previous work experiences such as his work at Fenwick and West LLP in the online commerce market and licensing group. There he served as a general council for a venture capital internet companies managing the legalities of the company such as strategy, intellectual property and corporate governance. Learn more about Hagele at michaelhagele.com

To maximize daily efficiency Michael Hagele starts by handling is meeting his set out objectives from the word go. It mainly involved concealing and reviewing contracts that typically include licensing agreements. To relieve the stress he takes a break riding on his mountain bike and discovers that he is at his most creative when free, finding solutions to even the most complicated client situations. After his creative time he indulges himself in client issues, resolving them as quick as possible. With some investment partners being abroad, he also spends time checking in on strategies and progress.

Being a successful entrepreneur Michael Hagele is conversant with putting the customer first as he does frequently and suggests it as his best habit. As an attorney, he is responsible for clients’ satisfaction and working under that sort of pressure it is goes well to put client best interests at heart.

As a follower of technological advancement Michael Hagele is highly enthusiastic about artificial intelligence and its various applications to human lifestyle especially in genetic programming. He is currently an investor in a company that uses an algorithm based application to find out the most effective ways to go about an operation. This occurs by the algorithm linking relationships to cut costs, find out non effective platforms while creating a map work for expansion.

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