Lawrence Bender’s movie ‘Safe’.

Lawrence Bender is a movie producer who is based in Bronx, New York City. He was born in the year 1957, 17th October. Lawrence Bender did his high school education level in Cherry Hill High School East. He graduated and joined the University Of Maine in the year 1979. So far, Lawrence Bender has had many achievements. He has received the Independent Spirit Award for the best feature in the film industry.

Lawrence Bender is the producer of the movie ‘safe’. The British actor, Jason Statham, has also featured in the movie. However, on the spectrum of the bonkers action movies that Jason has acted, ‘Crank’ and ‘Transporter’ happen to be the craziest as compared to Safe.

The movie is remarkably edited and produced by Bender with excellent pictures. It’s entertaining with various sequences of eye-catching fight choreography. In the movie, Jason Statham plays as Luke Wright. Luke is a former elite New York City policeman. Lawrence Bender produces the film where Wright is banished from the police force and is almost assassinated for revealing his corrupt colleagues. His comrades were playing both sides of a vendetta between Chinese and Russian mafias.

After that, Wright has nowhere to go and doesn’t have a place to call home. He becomes a homeless man in New York City. Wright loses his wife, home and his source of income. He gets so depressed and wants to take his life. He walks to a subway train where he considers to commit suicide and end his miserable life.

Right before he commits suicide, he spies a young Chinese girl who is ten years of age. Wright spots the girl ducking a frightening group of dangerous thugs who happen to speak Russian. Before he realizes it, he is all over the beating up the thugs and rescues the young girl. Wright embarks on a mission to protect the girl and slowly, the whole plot unfolds. He pledges to take out all crime syndicates in the city together with their police accomplices especially those that set him up.

Indeed, Bender is a talented film producer. It’s enjoyable, eye-catching and extremely entertaining.