Michael Hagele- Entrepreneur, Attorney and Investor

Michael Hagele is known throughout the United States for many of his works. He has worked as an attorney for many different venture capital companies. He has also helped to manage corporate employment, transactions, mergers and other items. He has also invested in many tech companies that were just started out. His entrepreneur skills have come in handy when he started several businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Michael Hagele got his law degree from the University of California, Berkeley and built on his experience and was soon representing a broad variety of companies.

Finally, Hagele decided to open his own firm. He decided to do this because he believed as a smaller company, he could serve his clients better. By starting his own practice, he can offer quality legal services at an affordable price to those who need him. In his legal work, Michael Hagele lives by one simple thing. He never gives up. Whatever it is, whether it is defending a case or investing in something, he makes sure that he never gives up. Visit Whitepages.com to learn more.

Hagele is intrigued by many different things and that has inspired him to do most of the things in his life. One of the things he is most interested in, is artificial intelligence. Currently, he is advising a company that is helping to make artificial intelligence. He is also invested in this company and is helping it to become popular. He along with others are hoping to create a variety of applications for the business world.

Michael Hagele also offers advice to entrepreneurs that are just starting out. He encourages them to embrace social media as it is important part of the business world. Using social media can help people to learn about your business and help you to understand your client base. Hagele has also stated that people need to do a certain amount of physical activity often as it has helped to stimulate his mind and help him to be successful. View: http://inspirery.com/michael-hagele/