Alex Pall Looking Beyond the Boundaries

Fans sometimes wonder how it all started with the DJ Duo Wonder and how they came together in the first place. In a recent interview with Mathias Rosenzweig, Taggart laid it on the line. He was in college and already had a healthy hunger for DJing, and he loved electronic music. It seemed that electronic music was catching the interest of people, but he had already latched onto the electronic vibe and was fascinated with the sounds more than his contemporaries.

When Taggart was first in college people on campus used to make fun of him because of his style of dress v-necks and grooving to dance music. By the time he left college, everyone was catching onto the electronic wave and going to Avicii concerts. In other words, Taggart acted independently than the crowd and was looking for his way to becoming an artist.

At about the same time Taggart was leaving college he got serious about producing his music. He felt that there were plenty of opportunities around himself to get these DJ gigs and create music and that is what he started pursuing pretty consistently and passionately. Also, these choices revealed themselves by his circumstances, interests, and ability to thinking a practical way in these terms.

After his interest in producing started to show some results, and this was around the time he was at Interscope, he began to upload some of his songs to SoundCloud. Though not encouragement came from this early enthusiasm Taggart, this was the way of the future for himself despite not getting many shows or gigs to DJ.

He just kept thinking how some of the DJs were doing and he made up his mind to go in that direction. Taggart was getting ready to move out to Los Angeles after college, but then something happened that changed all that.

There was someone who knew Alex’s manager and the whole situation where he was looking for someone else to replace this person on their way out of the Chainsmokers. This kid encouraged me, and before I knew it, we met thru his manager. Adam Alpert.

Adam Pall and Andrew Taggart are the EDM Pop phenomena that have been calling lots of attention to the new wave of DJ electropop since their first single “selfie” in 2012.