Lori Senecal on the Top

Lori Senecal joined the leadership team at CP+B as the Chief Executive Officer in 2015. She is responsible for the oversight of global growth and expansion, as well as coordinating ten international offices. Lori is credited with the improvement of CP+B’s business culture and creating a company that is consistently has market innovation on a global level. Additionally, because of Lori’s leadership methods there has been an increase in entrepreneurship within the company.


When it comes to advertising and marketing, Lori Senecal is considered an expert. She is widely known for her groundbreaking advertising methods. Part of her success in advertisement and marketing is because she is more than willing to test the waters outside of what she is comfortable with; she is relentless in that she doesn’t give up easily; and she has a strong focus and precision when it comes to her work.


There is no doubt that Senecal’s leadership methods are paying off. Advertising Age recently, largely because of Lori, named CP+B to be one of the most creative innovators of 2017 and in 2016 Advertising Age also named Lori as an “agency executive to watch.” While being named on both of those Advertising Age lists is quite the honor, those aren’t the only awards Lori Senecal has won in recent years. For the last two years, Lori was recognized as being one of the top leaders in media, marketing, and tech on AdWeek’s Power 100 List. Just last year, she was given the title of Most Creative People in Business for transforming the potential of business by Fast Company.


With all that she does, Lori Senecal has to stay productive, says GC Report. In order to achieve productivity, Lori does a number of things. First, she begins her day with a work out; this allows her to get her mind in the right state before she begins her work. Second, once she enters the work places, in order to stay productive, she has to stay organized, prioritize, and have consistent communication with her team and clients. Third, she commits to following through; if she starts something she finishes it, if she has a vision or idea she makes sure it is accomplished.