Southridge Capital Expands into a Major Investment Firm

Southridge Capital is a financial solutions firm based in Connecticut that is dedicated towards the provision of a full spectrum of some of the best and most innovative financial solutions for purposes of meeting the needs of a diverse group of customers. Just as the firm has redefined the company’s structure for purposes of better-delivering products and services to its clients, recently, the Southridge Capital took a bold step of re-energizing its brand in a bid aimed at reflecting all the capabilities that it can offer. Since 1996, Southridge Capital’s structured finance team has made more than $1.8 billion in direct investment into growth companies on a global basis.




Southridge Capital can boast of expertise that lies in its ability to efficiently customize a working financing plan that is based on the needs of a prospective customer while ensuring that the plan is immediately executed without failure. Based on the firm’s experience in financing or offering financial solutions to more than 250 public companies, Southridge Capital has proved to have a unique understanding of some of the most complex issues that companies on the path of growth face. There is a team of experts with sufficient knowledge on a wide range of issues such as the process of transforming to become a public company, corporate issues, and individualized financing tactics among others.




According to Newswire, just recently, Southridge Capital’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Stephen Hicks had the chance to be interviewed by IdeaMensch, a leading crowdsourced interview platform known for interviewing makers, doers, and entrepreneurs with the purpose of making bring their ideas to life through sharing their stories. Stephen Hicks was interviewed on many grounds on matters relating to the company.




On being asked where the idea of Southridge Capital came from and how he brings ideas to life, Stephen Hicks’ response was that working at a small hedge fund in Australia made him realize that he could start his fund. Better yet, he brings ideas to life through experience. Stephen Hicks also argued that the company has had to deal with failures, but the challenge is never to give up. Hicks further explained that things are rapidly changing and business entities need to embrace specific software or web-based services that prove to be productive.


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