Roseann Bennett Talks About Telemedicine While At The Mental Health Awareness Week


Philanthropy is an important aspect in the society that is why people who engage in charitable acts now and then are always highly regarded within the community. Among the people who have been participating in charitable acts with the primary aim of making positive impacts to the society are such as Roseann Bennett.


As the co-founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment, Roseann Bennett has come a long way in trying to make sure that people can access mental health therapy free of charge regardless of whether they may have access to the funds required for the treatment.


Background Information


Apart from participating in the co-founding of a not-for-profit organization, Roseann Bennett has also been able to come up with a new form of technology that is known as telemedicine. She was able to unleash her latest achievement as the Mental Health Awareness Week came to an end.


While elaborating about telemedicine at the Mental Health Awareness Week, Roseann Bennett mentioned that this form of technology would come in handy since patients and therapists can keep in touch through normal texts, Skype, and even emails. With that said, the distance would not come about as a limitation whenever a patient needs to keep in touch with their therapist for the general mental health therapy sessions. Go To This Page to learn more.




Roseann Bennett was also keen to enlighten people about the importance of attending mental therapy sessions physically. Although telemedicine is a technological advancement that makes it easier to access mental health therapy, it is still good to visit your therapist physically. All in all, it is good to note that as technology advances, there will come a time when mental health therapy sessions will be offered in a virtual manner. Nevertheless, telemedicine still serves its purpose in making sure that there is the convenience when it comes to the mannerisms in which mental health therapy sessions are offered.