Aloha Construction Is A Company Dedicated To The People And Improving The Industry

Aloha Construction was founded just under a decade ago and has been making steady strides in the industry to improve it for everyone. To date, the company has completed roughly twenty thousand projects throughout the region where they are located. Aloha is a leading contractor in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin and many businesses come to them for their wide variety of construction services. This includes roofing repairs, kitchen redesigns, window replacements, bathroom repair, waterproofing, masonry, and much more.


Just last year, Aloha Construction was selected to receive the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau for Marketplace Ethics. This award is typically handed out to companies that prove their capabilities in their industry as well as handle themselves in an exemplary manner. Since 2008, Aloha has dedicated themselves to helping customers throughout Illinois in an effort to create better communities and set new standards in the construction industry.


As a leader in the construction market, Aloha guarantees the craftsmanship of their work for ten years through a warranty and they are fully licensed and insured for all their projects. Aloha is a member of various different organizations as well, including the Building Trades Association and the National Roofing Contractors Association. The Better Business Bureau gave Aloha an excellent rating as well as an industrial certification.


On top of the companies great craftsmanship and professionalism, they are dedicated to improving the community through philanthropic projects as well. Dave Farbaky, Aloha’s President and Chief Executive Officer, has had a longtime goal of building up the communities all across the region. They even joined in on a campaign to fund Camp One Step, which is an organization dedicated to helping children that are fighting cancer. On top of this, Aloha has been actively involved in sports and provides sponsorships for student-athletes fat various different schools.