How Victoria Doramus is Helping an Animal Shelter in New York

Victoria Doramus may be known for marketing, but now she has conversation swirling around her work for an animal shelter in New York. Her position is that yes, the world can be beautiful, but at times it can still be cruel. This was all in reference to an animal shelter located in New York that she is helping.

Animal shelter volunteer Victoria Doramus remembers what it was like to be an addict. Her long journey through addiction and then through recovery taught her that everyone needs a little a help sometimes. While it is true that people need help everyday, animals do too. This is why she has been helping a beloved animal shelter in New York.

The Best Friends Animal Society has been in need of help for quite some time. Their primary goal is to prevent the killing even if the animals are there for an extended time period. How they managed to do this is by creating programs that educate others, including programs that involve the community as a whole. They are also work to link arms with others who are willing and able to partner with them around the world.

The story about Best Friend’s all started back when it was routine to kill cats an dogs as a result of the number of unwanted pets. Sadly, cats and dogs alike were being killed daily, totaling around 17 million each year. This is why Best Friend’s Shelter began. Their goal was to save all pets by getting the community involved, and by being proactive within the community. Animals that were elderly or had health problems were the first to go.

The shelter acquired its name when a group of friends decided that animals needed a safe place to go and heal while they were ill. Many of the individuals involved took pets home with them, and the rest of them were able to call this new shelter home. The Best Friends Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to giving these animals the love and care they need and deserve. It’s no surprise that Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) chooses to personally help support this shelter.