All About Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most successful investment advisers in modern times. His constant research of market trends and economies all over the world has helped him stay on top of his game and make great investment decisions for himself and his clients.

Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil in the year 1947. He attended engineering school in 1965 at the Federal University of Parana and Santa Catarina. Igor studied engineering for two years until he decided to switch his major to economics. This decision would forever change the course of his life and lead to a long and prestigious career as an investment adviser.

Upon graduating from University in 1970, Igor was hired for his first ever professional position in a banking environment. The bank had hired him because of his engineering background and ability to solve complex mathematical equations. He quickly rose to the top of the company which led to his first job as a professional investment banker at Multibanco in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He became the CEO of Multibanco in 1976 where he held the position for two years. Multibanco would be acquired by Bank of America in 1978, which prompted Igor to seek employment opportunities elsewhere. Igor went on to have a successful career with other employers, and always excelled no matter where he went. After a long career as an employee, he decided to open his own investment firm in 1995.

While running his own investment firm, Igor prided himself on always being able to have great foresight into what would happen in the market. He relied on hard facts and data to drive his business and that is what always made him successful. Igor Recommends using unbiased news sources when performing market research. He uses the website Reuters every day to conduct all his research, which has always served him well.

Igor Cornelsen is an amazing example of what education and hard work can do for a person. His constant efforts to stay on top of his profession and willingness to go the extra mile have paid off in dividends. Therefore, anyone who wants to become successful at what they do should follow his philosophies, and never stop learning about their industry.

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Sujit Choudhry knows the problem

Sujit Choudhry is a professor and Director of the Center for constitutional transitions at the University of California, Berkeley – school of law. Before this title, he used to be the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law at New York University as well as the Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto. He is a well-known authority on comparative constitutional law and politics. For over twenty years, Sujit Choudhry has been a constitutional advisor. Sujit Choudhry’s research has brought to light a countless amount of problems in comparative constitutional law and politics, such as constitutional building processes.   Read more details about the professor, hit

Sujit Choudhry has written numerous articles, books, reports, and papers. Professor Choudhry is apart of many different organizations. He is the Editorial Advisory Board for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, the Scientific Advisory Board of the International Journal of Constitutional Law (ICON), the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review, a member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Public Law (ICONS), and an Honorary Member of the Advisory Council of the Indian Constitutional Law Review, check also

Sujit Choudhry visited Kiev, Ukraine in July to discuss the constitutional challenges and the semi-presidential government. The workshop was held by the Center of Policy and Legal Reform, and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA). Additional article on  Professor Choudhry was accompanied by Thomas Sidelius of Dalarna University and Sumit Bisarya from the International IDEA. Sujit Choudhry stated that “Ukraine’s democratization has been unstable for the past two decades due to several factors, such as the concentration of power in the presidency, weak political parties, the electoral system for the legislature, and the separation of powers within the dual executive between the Prime Minister and President.” This statement lets you know that Choudhry is fully aware of the different causes of the problems. We all know that recognizing the problem is the first step in fixing the problem. “It is critical for today’s constitutional thought leaders to gather and discuss evidence-based policy options to support the constitutional reform process.” stated Sujit Choudhry.

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Ted Bauman tears into Bitcoin’s ability to function as a mainstream currency

A few weeks ago, financial experts and seasoned investor Mr. Ted Bauman penned an article in which he expressed his reservations on what it will take for the most popular digital currency platform known as Bitcoin to make it to the mainstream market as the currency of choice. He said that when Bitcoin hit the market several years ago, it was hailed as a cure to the current currencies’ limitations especially when it comes to matters security since it cannot be counterfeited and more importantly is the fact that it cannot be manipulated by government authorities like the central banks given that it is a decentralized type of currency.

After a number of years in operation, some of the unforeseen challenges have come to the fore. One of the most common challenges that most users of the currency have often reported is how painstakingly long a user has to wait for a single transaction to be successfully processed raising fears whether Bitcoin is really ready to go mainstream as a currency of choice. Read more about Ted Bauman at Bloomberg

The function of a currency should be to enable parties to transact securely and conveniently. Even by current standards, Bitcoin still performs way dismally when put head to head with the most popular transaction platforms currently. For instance, for the case of Visa, the electronic transaction processing platform, they currently process almost 2,000 transactions each second. Visa’s platform is built with the capacity to handle a further workload of more than 20,000 transactions per second meaning that they are currently working at just a tenth of their capacity.

On the other hand, Bitcoin is currently built to handle a paltry 6.5 transactions each second, however, there have been several reports of users having to wait for more than 10 minutes to have a single transaction with the situation expected to deteriorate as more and more people join the digital currency platform.

However, this is not to say that there have been no efforts that have been made in a deliberate and conscious effort of trying to salvage the situation. The biggest drawback is the tradeoff that exists between sacrificing safety and security in an effort to improve transaction processing speeds. As the engineers try to find a workaround, Bitcoin will remain to be a currency for the few.

About Ted Bauman

Mr. Ted Bauman is the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing and the editor of the Bauman Letter and Plan B Club newsletters.



Securus Technologies Secures Acquisition of GovPayNet

Securus Technologies has recently announced that they have reached an agreement to purchase government payment giant, GovPayNet. This acquisition is just the latest in a number of acquisitions that the inmate technology company has made in the past several years. President and CEO of Securus, Bob Pickens, is excited about the move, saying that it will now allow the company capability to process over 40 million transactions annually. It will allow the company to provide their existing customers with a wider suite of products. GovPayNet CEO, Mark MacKenzie, will stay on as the leader at the company and is excited to see their growth potential expand.


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and provides inmate technology services to prisons, correctional facilities, and government public safety agencies. They currently serve over 3,500 agencies across the United States. The company is headquartered in Dallas, with three other regional offices nationwide. This acquisition is the latest in over 20 different transactions that Securus has completed in the past several years. GovPayNet provides payment processing solutions for debit and credit transactions to over 2,300 government agencies. Some payment services they provide are tax payments, traffic fines and fees, probation fees, and bail payments. They have a market share that covers over 36% of counties in the United States. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has been in business since 1997.


Matt Badiali Is Working To Keep Investors Informed And Up To Date

Matt Badiali is an investment professional who also works as a contributor to the financial newsletter published by Banyan Hill. He began working in the field of investment because he originally worked in the field of earth science and geology, and a friend had approached him for some advice about major investments in the field of natural resources. He began working in the industry and traveling the globe overseeing and advising investments and maneuvers related to mining and oil production.

In 2017, Matt Badiali began supplying his expertise in the financial publication known as Real Wealth Strategist. He creates articles related to construction, oil, metal, and agriculture. In his career, he has traveled to countries such as Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, and Mexico while meeting with the industry leaders to help make the endeavors more successful. Being in the line of work, allows him access to key information that helps investors make strategic moves. Read:

For Matt Badailai, his love of science and skill in investing has allowed him to have an exciting and lucrative career in the world of natural resource investments. His insight has helped him multiply his client’s investments. Matt began working in his career field in 2004 after he graduated from Florida Atlantic University. He was approached by a friend who was looking for creative solution s for people who wished to invest in natural resources. He has enjoyed his time traveling the world and helping others see the potential in the industry related to their investments. While in the field, Matt uses his scientific knowledge to analyze core sample and other key scientific information to help monitor the project as well as to inform those with an interest what to expect as far as performance.

Matt Badiali is excited about the future and looks for changes in the near future, such as the demise of Kerosene as a fuel source. He continues to work in a field where new and exciting developments are taking place. In his spare time, he loves to keep upt to date on current events, write about finances, and spend time with his daughter. Read more about Matt Badiali at Freedom Checks.


Matt Badiali Started His Life Working As A Scientist Before Moving On

Those who are interested in the life and work of Matt Badiali will find it interesting to know that he started to work as a scientist before he became involved in the world of finance. His first interest was in science, and he received a degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University. He also has a degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He spent a lot of time learning about the world of science and focusing on his scientific education.Learn more:

Matt Badiali started to work as an investor after a friend wanted his help, and he went on to gain an education in the world of finance. He worked hard to make it as he started to do new work. He is someone who writes a newsletter and who has a loyal following. He is someone who knows what he is talking about and who understands the world of finance just as he understood the world of science.

When he was asked how he got the idea to start up a newsletter, Matt Badiali shared that it was a natural fit for him. He shared that he has knowledge in the areas of both science and finances and that he can use all of that knowledge as he writes his newsletter. He has information that he can share for those who are looking to invest in natural resources, and he started up a newsletter so that he could get that information out to those who would benefit from it.

Matt Badiali was given the chance to share one habit that he has that has helped him to be successful. Different people can reach their goals in different ways, and this man shared that he has to focus on one single task at a time in order to accomplish all that he is trying to accomplish. He shared that he has managed to find success because he is able to focus on just one thing and accomplish that before moving on to focus on something new. This habit of his has helped him in the scientific world as well as the world of finance. Check more reviews at For Exceptional Investors about Matt Badiali.


Why Your Kids Need Rocketship Education

If you are currently sending your kids to a public school, they might not be receiving the education that they need. This is due to the fact that they are not getting the education that is going to be given to them by teachers. Most public schools are run and governed by the state, and so the curriculum might be lacking because of this unfortunate fact. This is why a lot of parents are beginning to send their kids to charter schools. Charter schools are much better because of the fact that they help kids to learn in a more private manner without it costing parents a thing.

In fact, Rocketship Education is one of the best charter school systems out there, so you can feel confident knowing that this is a school that you are going to be able to trust. Parents also have a say in the education that their kids get with Rocketship Education because you choose who gets hired and what teachers stay on for your kids’ benefit. This is why a lot of parents are choosing Rocketship Education and are finding this charter school to be a prime choice for their children’s growth. If you would like to learn more about Rocketship Education, you can either contact them directly or you can visit their site for more information.

One of the best things about Rocketship Education is that you are able to have a say in how your kids receive their education. Plus, because it is a charter school, you are not going to spend any money just to be able to get your kids the education that they deserve. This is the reason Rocketship Education was created in the first place, and they have worked with well over 15,000 students since the program was launched well over a decade ago. Because of the work put into Rocketship Education, you can feel confident knowing that your kids are receiving a good education and that you know exactly what they are going to need for themselves when they are going to school each and every day.

Sujit Choudhry Tackles Tough Constitutional Issues in Kiev

Sujit Choudhry is an expert in comparative constitutional law who is recognized as a leading authority by legal scholars around the world. Mr. Choudhry has excellent academic credentials. He was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and graduated from Oxford University. He earned law degrees from the University of Toronto, Harvard University and Oxford University. After he graduated from law school, Choudhry gained valuable legal experience while he served as a law clerk for Antonio Lamar, who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. Sujit Choudhry later taught law at the University of New York and the Berkeley Law School in California.

Sujit Choudhry has over 20 years of experience at helping countries transition from dictatorships and authoritarian type governments to ones based on constitutional principles and democracy. Choudhry has extensive research experience in comparative constitutional law. He also has years of hands-on practical experience working with leaders around the world to help them build constitutions based on democratic principles. Choudhry has lectured in countries around the globe. In addition to lecturing, Sujit Choudhry has also worked as an advisor to help countries such as Libya, Jordan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Tunisia transition to governments based on democracy. Refer to for a related article.

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Sujit Choudhry attended a meeting with other constitutional and political experts in Kiev on July 10, 2017. The experts gathered to discuss various solutions to the problems that the government of the Ukraine was currently experiencing. Choudhry said that he thought that the Ukrainian government was unstable. He thought that one of the causes of the instability was that the executive branch had too much power compared to the other branches of government. He also identified problems with the way legislators were elected. Choudhry also said that weak political parties also added to the government’s instability. The experts then discussed various remedies to the tough constitutional problems the government of the Ukraine was experiencing. Additional article on

In addition to his other work, Sujit Choudhry is also an active writer. He has published over 90 articles on legal issues in various authoritative publications. He has also written several books on constitutional law. Check  Sujit Choudhry continues to take on the difficult constitutional problems in the Ukraine and in countries around the world.

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Matt Badiali Sees Increasing Prices for Platinum in 2018

Matt Badiali, the famous investment advisor and editor of the investment advisory magazine, Real Wealth Strategist – a Banyan Hill Publication. He says that post-2010 the metal industry experienced some of the most struggling years, but 2017 saw some level of recovery. Matt Badiali says that the condition of demand superseding the supply is creating the condition for the price hike, and this is the reason copper showed a hike of 27% in price since 2016. Similarly, due to the lack of investment, Zinc fell below demand, and the price went down. He continued that platinum would see surging prices in 2018 due to the increasing demands per World Platinum Investment Council.  Read more at to know more about Matt Badiali

The precious metal went through steady decline during the period 2011-16, and in January 2016, it touched the bottom by going down lesser than half of 2011 prices. Then, it started slowly rebounding with two collapses in the early December 2017. The reason Badiali asks people to see surging prices is its deficit in supply of nearly 15,000 ounces in 2017 by the World Platinum Investment Council. The demand is expected to expand to 8 million ounces with a 2% increase. Similarly, the supply will go down to 7.75 million ounces with a drop of 1%. It will create a deficit of 250,000 ounces, which creates the possibility of higher prices this year. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali

While this is expected to bring platinum sellers out, the price of platinum is still at the bottom. Without generating a significant price rise, the sellers would not find the profits soaring. Also, the platinum mines are old, deep, and slowly running out of metal. Since it is not widespread and not many new mines around the corner, an increased gap between demand and supply is expected in the case of platinum. Current lower prices and the strong European economy is expected to fuel platinum in 2018 and may produce a hike of 25% in the year.

Matt Badiali is geologist and investment specialist who advises his audience on opportunities in the mining sector. He traveled to many countries including Turkey, Hong Kong, Iraq, Singapore, Haiti, Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, and more and visited many mines in an attempt to find the potential investment opportunities for his readers. Badiali is not someone who sits inside the office and does the analysis based on others’ finding. Instead, he visits the mines in person and comes up with accurate findings and analysis. He also collaborated with a drilling company as a geologist before joining Banyan Hill.



What Are The Best Steps To Follow If You Want To Invest In Brazil? Igor Cornelsen Recommends These

If you’ve not gotten serious about investing, you should because the length of time till retirement is always shorter than you think, and investment expert Igor Cornelsen says you would be missing out on a big opportunity by not considering investing. Yes, investing is a risk and yes people have lost money doing it, but that’s usually because they went about it all wrong. Cornelsen says that investing shouldn’t just consist of one big investment that you sink all your money into, but instead should have small investments in diverse funds to balance out the risk. But Cornelsen also says you can diversify investments into foreign countries and expect some great returns if you do your homework right. Read more at to know more about Igor Cornelsen

The country Igor Cornelsen is most excited about bringing investors into is Brazil because it has one of the world’s most diverse economies and Cornelsen is from there. He managed many accounts at Brazil’s largest banks and was commended for his work many times, and he also had the privilege of working with several government officials. Cornelsen is retired now, but he’s more than willing to give pointers on investing in Brazil since he follows developments down there very closely.

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One thing Cornelsen says is that foreign investors looking to break into Brazil need to watch out for red tape. That’s because the former President Dilma Roussef nearly ruined the economy with her policies and it’s going to take some time to recover. But Cornelsen says there has been progress with Joaqim Levy now taking over as Minister of Finance. Investors need to get to know Brazil’s five biggest banks and learn which ones can deal in foreign exchange funds and which ones have the most open investment policies. And Igor Cornelsen says investors should make friends and communicate constantly with the locals because they can usually offer good pointers as well.

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