Anthony Petrello Is Passionate About Charity Work

Anthony Petrello would be the first to tell you that he has been very blessed in his life. He makes more money than any other CEO in America. However, his life also has a lot of tragedy as well. For example, his daughter has an affliction of her brain that is rare. There is no cure for it as of right now. Petrello and his wife have vowed to help find a cure in any way they can. They realize that research will need to be done for there to be any hope of the disease being cured. This is why Anthony has become a philanthropist and donated huge sums of money to various hospitals where research to cure the disease is currently being conducted.

Petrello has admitted on numerous occasions that finding a cure for his daughter’s disease and helping her to live a normal life is all that matters to him. He has also said that he would gladly give away his entire fortune in order for that to happen. Anthony Petrello knows that research can take many years. Therefore, he needs to be patient in order for his big donations to pay off.

Anthony Petrello was a shy kid. He focused on Petrello’s studies because his goal was always to become a lawyer. He made that dream a reality by graduating from the legendary Harvard law school and immediately being hired by one of the top law firms in New York City. He would go on to work at that firm for a dozen years. He made a reputation for himself as being fair and honest with all of his clients. He also proved that he had the skills to lead a large and powerful law firm in biggest city in the United States.

These qualities got the attention of executives who were working for Nabors Industries. They needed a new Chief Executive Officer because profits for the company were dropping steadily over the previous several years. The company was in a complete free fall and the executives needed someone to step in and save the day. Anthony Petrello was the man they decided was right for this very difficult task. They turned out to be right. Petrello put his leadership skills on display by returning Nabors Industries to its former glory. This surprised many business experts because Petrello had no prior experience in the oil drilling industry.

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How Gregory Aziz Has Contributed To Business

Gregory J Aziz is the Chief executive officer of at National Industries. He is the president of National Steel Car Limited. He engaged himself in various investment opportunities in the banking sector during his early times in New York.

The company is one of the best railroad car engineering and manufacturing companies in the world. Since its foundation, the company has modeled and fashioned freight cars that overshadow and meet the expanding and demanding needs of its customers and the railroad industry at large.


The company has continued to hire new employees and making remarkable speculations and investments in order to improve the quality of its production process. Technological developments in the company systems has led to a tremendous increase in the safe production of railroad products.


The company has been selected by Canpotex to manufacture 700 railcars that are specially designed to transport potash from Saskatchewan to the coastal ports. This company has previously invested with National Steel Car that has seen it design over 7000 rail cars for Canpotex.


Strong positive relationships exist between National Steel Car and Canpotex for over 20 years courtesy of one Mr. James Aziz. Through Greg Aziz leadership, the company has funded numerous charity institutions such as the Hamilton Opera, the United Way and the Salvation Army amidst others. By giving back too charity, the company has demonstrated its willingness to give back to the community.

The company treats its employees to positive team buildings and parties all in the effort of motivating them to unleash their full potential. The company has continued to expand its engineering capabilities, strong relationships between the members of the company and also establishing positive human and capital investments. Get More Info Here.


National steel car has greatly contributed to government revenue through tax from its employees and exporting of the rail cars. It produces freight cars such as the box cars, flat car and the gondola car among others. The company continues to stay relevant through structuring of new rail car models despite of the increased technological advancements in the industry.


National Steel Car operates on a strong sense of purpose where it honors its past, moves forward with determination and keeps on performing with untiring focus on significant excellence and quality beyond quantity. It focuses on leading always as the rest follow. Greg Aziz is a role model and serves a very good example to other top executives in the rest of the rail car industries.


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The Journey of Gregory Aziz at the National Steel Car Company

Success is not given, it is taken. You have to work hard to make your plan a successful venture. Only individuals who are ready to sacrifice and remain discipline make it through prominent. Gregory Aziz, the chief executive officer of the National Steel Car, is one of these individuals.


Gregory Aziz was born on April 30, 1949. No one knew, the kind of person he was about to become. Greg Aziz attended Ridley College. Here he specialized in Economics. This was crucial to him if he was going to be a successful investor. This knowledge would equip him with the fundamentals of running a business.


After his education, he joined the family business. After running the business for 16 years, the company became the most prestigious fruit business. It was the greatest importer of fresh fruits and exporter as well. Check Out This Article.


This success did not erase his dream. In the 1980s and 1990s, he ventured into the banking business. This was part of his plan to fund the National Steel car business. After hard work and determination, he raised enough money to buy the National Steel car.


In 1994, he finally purchased the company. This was a dream come true Gregory J Aziz always wanted to make the small Canadian Company, the leading freight car and tank manufacturer in North America.


By the time he took over the company, it was not in good shape. It was time for Gregory Aziz to put into practice the economics knowledge he had. This transformed the company into something prominent. He utilized all the resources he had, to avoid any losses. This effort did not go drain. In 1999, the production increased to 12000 from 3500 Cars. Subsequently, the employment posts increased to 3000 from 600.


Under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, the Company has made significant steps. He has transformed the National Steel Car to the leading company in the freight car business. This is through his dedication. Thanks to him, the company is celebrating being in the market for 100 years. Since the firm was formedin 1912, it has been producing customized freight cars for their clients.


Gregory J Aziz has made a lot of changes to improve the National Steel Car. The National Steel Car aims to always be in the lead. This is why they keep innovating new products for the customers. Gregory Aziz says that the company can only promise continued production of goods and services.



Sujit Choudhry Talks About Constitutional Challenges

Sujit Choudhry is the current director for the Center for Constitutional Transitions, and has held the position since 2012. The Center works to produce and disseminate information in support of constitutional making. Sujit is also a professor of law at the University of California. He is known to be an expert in constitutional law and politics. He serves as an advisor to the processes of building constitutions in various countries including Ukraine, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, South Africa, Jordan and many other countries.  Read more about his advisory work on

On July 10th, Sujit Choudhry joined other high-ranking constitutional experts in discussing several issues including the semi-presidential system of governance in Ukraine and the constitutional challenges facing the system. During the workshop, Choudhry recognized that it was a privilege to converse matters relating to executive powers in the presence of professionals. He proceeded to openly point out the instability the instability in the democratization of Ukraine. He attributed the uncertainty to several factors including the concentration of presidential powers, weak political parties, and the electoral system of the legislature system among others.

Various notable participants took part in the workshop. Among them was Thomas Sidelius, Sumit Bisarya (International IDEA), Vladimir Vasilenko (Ukraine’s representative on human rights), Sergyi Holovatyi (from theConstitutional Commission of Ukraine) and Viktor Musiaka (representative of the president in the Supreme Court) and Ihor Koliushko (advisor to the president). These people are highly knowledgeable with regards to the subject at hand, and their input was vital in the workshop.  Hop over to to watch his acceptance speech to an award accorded to him.

Sujit did not leave out the topic regarding the participation of the transitional democracies in the decisions of the making the constitution. Concerning the same subject, he urged leaders to deliberate on policies that will aid the constitutional reform process. He pointed that the topic on constitutional making attracts the interest of many scholars. The scholars look at articles and case studies and use these to gather information on the subject of making a constitution.  Additional reading on

For updates on his recent timeline activities, check this.

Sujit also mentioned the critical role played by The Center of Constitutional Transition in generating and rallying information that supports the making of the constitution. The center achieves its mandate by gathering and leading a global team of experts tasked with producing policy options based on evidence. The international experts help the choice makers and research to set the agenda. The decision makers together with the think tanks, Non-governmental organizations and a global network of multilateral groups have been able to achieve their task. The partners have input at each step of the Center for constitutional work; from project conceptualization, recruitment of experts, organizing conferences and workshop, to publication and dissemination of research results. The team of experts entails senior policy experts and leading scholars with field experience. The achievement of the center is attributed to the involvement and integration of experts from over 25 countries. These experts share ideas and come up with solutions to various problems including constitutional, security and democratic challenges faced by various countries.  For further reading, click on

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The Growth of OSI Group from a Humble Butcher Shop

Sheldon Lavin was recently interviewed about his career, from his humble beginnings to being the chief executive officer of the leading food processing companies. Sheldon, during the interview, talked about his leadership skills, OSI Group and how he rose through the ranks to become the CEO.

OSI Group has a rich history, spanning over ten decades. Otto Kolschowsky founded the food processing company in 1909. At that time, it was a meat market and humble butcher shop in Chicago known as Otto & Sons, USA. Currently, the company is a leading and one of the largest companies with over 65 locations and with partnerships across the globe. Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer. Lavin has a primary focus on green practices, food safety, and sustainability. He has well-put and realistic plans to continue with the growth of OSI Group with the help of strategic market-focused approaches. The growth of OSI Group in recent years has included several acquisitions.

OSI’s early growth

Otto & Sons started its growth in 1995 when it was selected as the first supplier of hamburger to McDonald’s. Consequently, the company opened a unique facility in 1973 that was committed to serving the McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin joined the company during the 19070s as a partner of the two brothers who were Otto Kolschowsky’s sons. Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Group in 1975, and it expanded its facilities into Spain, Austria, Germany, Taiwan, and Brazil as the 1980s passed. It also opened two other plants in the US. It expanded into China, Mexico, Poland, and the Philippines in the 1990s.

The new millennium saw OSI Group become aggressive in expanding poultry operations on several continents. The acquisitions began in the 2000s when it ventured in China in 2002 after breaking into the fresh produce market. The Group also ventured into the Australian market through an acquisition that enabled it to enter into the country’s beef industry. OSI Group developed an interest in 2006 in an American poultry company in the US with the aim of meeting the growing demands. The Group, in 2010, expanded its markets to Japan when it opened a beef production company. It also expanded into Canada and India after 2010 and even began many other facilities in the US before 2015.

Acquisition of Tyson in Illinois

The Chicago Tribune indicated that the Group bought an existing Tyson production facility in Chicago at the cost of $7.4 million. OSI Group purchased the facility since it was near another one of its primary facilities; therefore, it was a convenient acquisition. The Tyson plant has a 200,000 square-feet space, which offers an abundant storage space and allows added growth in the future.

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Investing With Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an accomplished businessman and the founder of the Profits Unlimited newsletter Profits Unlimited is considered the investors’ guidebook to stocks and the stock market. This is because he has earned his stripes in the investments industry. He has acquired a wealth of knowledge from his years of working in the finance sector in Europe and America. In 1991 Paul was a fledging banker with the Deutsche Bank. After his tenure at Deutsche Bank, he became an accounts manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Having served in two banks only and left an impression, he made his debut into the world of hedge funds when Kinetics International Fund saw his managerial acumen. The company decided that Paul Mampilly would be valuable for them serving in a managerial position. Paul Mampilly took over the hedge fund and got the company a profit of 2000% from the sale of shares. This benefit was realized after he invested in Sarepta Therapeutics. He invested in Netflix in 2008 which helped the streaming site stamp its mark in the entertainment industry.

Paul Mampilly has an almost intuitive knowledge of investments for which he has been recognized and awarded. The Templeton Foundation investment competition awarded him after he made an investment of $50 million which yielded $88 million during the economic recession. He then rose to global prominence as he became a regular visitor on international news channels. Having earned a broad platform to share his knowledge, Paul Mampilly then launched his Profits Unlimited Newsletter. He is currently dedicated to sharing his expertise on stocks and stock markets that he garnered during his 25 years in investment.

Paul’s newsletter has grown to earn over 60,000 subscriptions in just under a year since it was launched. Paul Mampilly has a portfolio of stocks on his website among which he advises investors the ones to invest in. 85% of the stock in this collection have done exceptionally well; consistently making profits. Paul Mampilly decided to retire at the relatively young age of 42 years. He decided to dedicate his time to his family and his new venture at Profits Unlimited. Paul Mampilly advises investors on where to put their money and reasons why they should invest in the said companies. He also suggests to shaky enterprises and when to sell shares at a profit rather than wait and make a loss. Watch Investing with PaulMampilly at Youtube.

Tony Petrello; A Lawyer, and Mathematician Conquers the World of Business

To say that Tony Petrello has enjoyed a successful career would be an understatement. Note that we are talking about a guy who was rated among the highest paid chief executive officers in the United States in 2015. In 2014, Tony earned $68.2 million from his work at Nabors Industries – a leading oil and natural gas drilling company. One cannot help but feel admiration and envy for this level of success. Anyone who has interacted with Tony Petrello will tell you that he is not only an honest man but also one full of humility. He is the kind of man who deserves this amount of success and much more. The majority of his accomplishments have been attributed to God-given talents, consistent industriousness, and creative thinking.

Within the international business community, Tony is mostly known as the president as well as the CEO of Nabors Industries. Ever since he joined the company in 1991, Tony has been serving in executive capacities and has done nothing but steer the firm towards growth and profitability. He is the man behind the wheel as far as the recent expansions at Nabors Industries are concerned. Tony has been instrumental in maintaining the dominating role that the company enjoys in the market for off-shore oil drilling. Under his leadership, Nabors Industries now offers top of the line offshore drilling services all over the world and some of the most significant and safest drilling rigs in nearly all the markets.

You cannot turn a blind eye to the things that Tony Petrello has done in his endeavors of giving back to the community. In particular, he has been very committed to helping children with neurological disorders. For example, just recently, Tony and his wife announced an initial donation of $5 million to the Neurological Research Institute, Texas Children’s Hospital. An additional $2 million has been slated to be delivered to the hospital in the coming years. The donation will help children with neurological disorders to receive first class treatment from the world’s best doctors and surgeons who are dedicated to eliminating the exhausting and deadly neurological disorders.

Tony Petrello grew up in Newark, New Jersey. He studied in public schools and was famous during his high schools because of his exemplary mastery in mathematics. His outstanding abilities in maths saw him get a scholarship opportunity at Yale University where he obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Tony had the privilege of being mentored by Serge Lang – a gifted mathematician, professor, and author.

His classmates and professors were surprised when he enrolled at Harvard Law School. He then worked with Baker & McKenzie (a prominent American law firm) where he specialized in business law, particularly taxation and arbitration. He became a managing partner of the firm’s NY division. At the time, Nabors Industries was a client of the law firm. Tony’s excellent analytical skills impressed his clients, and they eventually poached him. That is how Tony Petrello became a business executive.

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Bruno Fagali, Founder Fagali Advocacia

Bruno Fagali: How To Choose A Powerful Attorney

Are you facing a complex or complicated legal issue and need one of the top attorneys to represent you? Do you want to enlist the services of a highly experienced attorney in Brazil? Perhaps you’ve heard about Bruno Fagali and want to learn more about this reputable attorney.

If your case requires the expertise of a competent attorney, then check out Bruno Fagali for proper guidance. Bruno Fagali has been addressing tough legal matters for many years and is considered a leading attorney in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has a prominent law office, which serves clients across the nation and comes recommended in the Brazilian legal community.

Before hiring a lawyer or law firm for representation or legal advice, it is crucial to do your research and be sure that the lawyer has the experience and expertise to handle your type of case effectively.

Getting an attorney with the right legal background is very important, but it is also crucial to know whether your lawyer has experience with the jurisdiction where your case will be heard. The lawyer’s courtroom experience matters a lot and can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case. A competent lawyer has the ability to evaluate the likely outcomes in his client’s case and provide advice that the client can rely on.

Bruno Fagali is well versed in handling a wide variety of cases and his clients come from a wide variety of industries. His clients include high-profile individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations and multinational establishments.

Bruno Fagali focuses on Administrative Law, Compliance, Ethics, Regulatory Law and Urban Law and he works hard to get the best outcome possible for his clients. Anyone who needs powerful representation in Brazil should contact Bruno Fagali. Many clients rave about the outstanding legal service he provides to them. Learn more

Creativity Redefined: Bridget Scarr

The vibrant Bridget Scarr is a force to reckon. She has over the years accomplished so much. Bridget is an entrepreneur. She heads Colibri Studios and is in charge of Content Development, Strategy, and Partnerships.

Bridget is a real definition of a superwoman. Her interests are in creating creative content, singing, songwriting and writing books. So far, she has been working on writing an epic novel. On top of that, she has massive experience in broadcasting, advertising, and TV and Digital production.

She has also had experience in creative production involving animation, lifestyle and factual entertainment. Bridget has rubbed shoulders with other well-established producers in creating innovative content. Her docket requires her to look for partnerships that help Colibri Studios stay ahead of their competitors.

Bridget has grown from managing a group of only 5 people to over 200 people. She is involved in content production. After identifying a viable idea, she runs it through her team where they discuss in details and see what modifications they make. Bridget understands how crucial it is to have a group that shares the same vision as herself. This makes work easier and makes the production more likely to succeed.

Her team comprises of experts who are talented and are capable of making the production a success. Bridget partners with people who she believes bring in unique ideas to the table. Together with her experience, any production is bound to succeed. She’s a talented, influential figure who has a keen eye for perfection.

Bridget Scarr understands that for an idea to be actualized, it needs feasibility. Therefore, her morning routine involves her researching on her thoughts. Extensive research helps in assessing if the idea is worth giving a short or not. For the company to be competitive, it needs to have unique content that people can relate to. The idea requires patience as some of them can take even years before actualization.

On a more social side, Bridget values her partner and son very much. Since her home is not so far from work, she makes sure that she takes lunch with them every day. Even in the evening, after work, she and her partner take an evening stroll with their son. Meditation is also an integral part of her routine. She believes that it helps her feel rejuvenated and get psyched up for the day. It gives her some level of focus for the day as she gets to plan on what she needs to do.


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Gregory Aziz’s Role In National Steel Car Success

The National Steel Car is a Canadian company that engineers and manufactures freight and rail car. The company headquarters and location are in Hamilton, Ontario. It is among the largest railroad companies in the world and is under the chairmanship of Gregory James Aziz who is also the CEO.

When Gregory Aziz bought the company in 1994, he was led by some economic insight which he had as an investor in various banking companies in New York. Having specialized in Economics at University of Western Ontario, Gregory Aziz saw a chance to improve National Steel Car since it had the capability and strengths to become a leading company in the railcars production. Greg Aziz ensured that all resources were utilized maximally as used the strong engineering and team-building capabilities to improve the company’s performance. Using extra human resource and capital combined with an array of skills, National Steel Car nearly quadrupled its production from 3,500 rail cars annually to 12,000.


With over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing, the company boasts of unmatched excellence which Greg Aziz attributes to a dedication to producing high-quality cars. This has earned National Steel Car a name across North in the building of ranks, railroad, and freight cars. James Aziz attributes this success to the innovative and diverse workforce that adheres to values and is self-driven to achieve them. The company has been improving over the years since they give a keen consideration to customer needs and requirements when manufacturing products. Gregory Aziz notes that the relationship between the company and its customer, as well as the reliability of more than 2,000 workers at National Steel Car, have propelled the company to success. See This Article to Learn More.

1Apart from the foundations that make the company have a good reputation, Gregory J Aziz observes that the National Steel Car keeps on challenging itself to enhance productivity and effectiveness of their products and services. Key strengths are upheld, as well as remaining purposive to the main core values of the company. The constant need to improve and deliver quality products has made the company gain and build a trusting relationship with its clients, as the products are manufactured timely and have with expected performance standards.


Under Gregory Aziz, the company has received a couple of awards in the last 10 years such as the TTX SECO awards. Due to its quality in standards, National Steel Car is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified railcar manufacturer in North America.