Sujit Choudhry – Highly Respected Personality in the Field of Comparative Law Globally

The government of Ukraine has been suffering from many different ongoing conflicts for years, and it has halted the country’s growth completely. The country that was not only surviving but thriving well in the past is now suffocating due to the weak governance and the range of other political conflicts that the country has been suffering from for long. Center for Policy and Legal Reforms, one of the premier think tanks of Ukraine, based in Kiev, recently partnered with the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance to organise an international seminar in Kiev. It was attended by many of the noted personalities from the field of law would be invited to discuss the way ahead for Ukraine.

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Among the many personalities that participated in the event, Sujit Choudhry was also present. He is one of the top most figures in the world of law and is known widely as an authority on international law and comparative law. Sujit Choudhry is also among the founding directors of Center for Constitutional Transitions, which acts as a centralised institution on comparative law. The Center for Constitutional Transitions carries out extensive research in partnership with many international experts and organisations on comparative law and mobilises its finding across the globe to help develop a unified view of the importance of comparative law and its applications.  Related article on

In the workshop held in Kiev, Sujit Choudhry said that the country’s primary problem is the weakness in the leadership of the country and the imbalance in power shared by the country’s President and Prime Minister. Another issue noted by Sujit Choudhry included the absence of any major political party that can dictate the policy is making for the good of the country and implement long-term policies for the country’s growth in a strong and unifying manner.

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Sujit Choudhry said that the electoral system of the country is also in dire need of modifications, and added that comparative law has the solution to offer for the peaceful transition of the government. According to, Sujit Choudhry currently serves at Berkeley Law College as the I, Michael Heyman Professor of Law, and has in the past also worked as Law Professor at New York Law College. For added reading, hop over to

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The Ever Growing Craft Industry in Canada- How Eli Gershkovitch Adds His Input

Among the most consumed beverages in Canada is craft beer. Although the consumption of other commercial beer has gone down, the small commercial brewer has continued to register an increase in sales. Craft brewing started gaining momentum in the late 1990s. In Canada, this kind of brewing was common in Ontario and British Columbia. Since then, craft brewers in Canada have picked up current trends to produce different flavors, which are of high quality. Though beer was first introduced in Canada by Europeans back in 17th century, Canadians have adopted the beer drinking culture, a trend that has made the country’s beer industry grow rapidly over the years.

Some of the best craft breweries include The Grizzly paw, which is located in Canmore; Alberta; Garrison Brewery, located in Halifax; Nova Scotia; and Yukon Brewing, located in White horse, Ontario among other breweries.


Among the best craft beer served in Canada is Propella IPA, which has a smooth strong caramel flavor; Pump House Blue Berry Ale, which is lightly hoppy and whose smell is that of blue berry muffins; St Ambroise Stout; and Lafin Dumonde, which is a tasty beer with a fruity flavor. There are many other flavors of craft beer that are enjoyed daily by Canadians. The Canadians enjoy local craft beer more than they enjoy exotic beer.


Canada is able to produce world class craft beers because it is located in areas producing high-quality malt barley. The fact that the country has constant fresh water supply is yet another reason why it is among the leading producers of craft beer. Craft brewery industry is often called microbrewery industry. The industry stands out by packing its products in aluminum cans, unlike other brewers who pack their beers in traditional bottles. The cans offer great resistance to light and oxygen, thus increasing the shelf life of craft beer as well as lowering packaging cost.


Eli Gershkovitch is not only known as the CEO of Steamworks group of companies, but he is also known for his expertise in the craft beer industry. According to Eli Gershkovitch, you either grow to meet demand or demand will shrink to meet you. Under his leadership, Steamworks expanded with the opening of a world class full scale back in November 2013.


Despite Eli Gershkovitch graduating with a degree in law, he was more interested in making something tangible. It is through his traveling adventure in France and Germany that he got exposed to a microbrewery ( Eli Gershkovitch’s law degree has helped him maneuver the rules that govern business operations in the liquor industry.

An Interview with Sujit Choudhry, a Constitutional Expert and Adviser

Sujit Choudhry is renowned internationally for his authority and experience on constitutional comparative law and politics. Through a keen research, Sujit Choudhry is an advisor to the various constitutional building process of countries such as Libya, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, and Ukraine among others. Apparently, Professor Choudhry is the director of the Constitutional Transitions Center which particularly mobilizes knowledge and generates support for constitutional building. The Center partners with other centers such as multilateral organization, NGOs, and think tanks.

In an interview with CEOCFO magazine, Sujit Choudhry revealed that the idea behind the Center of Constitutional Transitions is to generate and mobilize relevant knowledge in the effect of assembling and directing global experts to realize policies based on evidence.  For the full interview, click on The organization also implements research in a global network to enhance performance. Sujit worked for several years as a constitutional expert for emerging democracies, drafting and amending the Constitution. He identified a gap in the constitutional research sector that hampered effective constitutional framework construction. For this reason, Sujit Choudhry set up his own firm to mitigate this challenge with credibility.  For more of his insights, check on

Sujit Choudhry has law degree from three distinct institutions. As an immigrant, he navigated new political and legal entities for most of his life. Sujit Choudhry confesses that the knowledge he gained has been very paramount in his line of work and career. He recognizes the effort of his parent who afforded premium education for him to become a professor like them. In essence, Sujit’s academic contribution to various liberal democratic challenges is clear from enhanced understanding of the comparative constitutional law.

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In his career, Sujit has worked with a variety of cultures. This has widened his ability to perceive generic laws holistically. His experience as a lawyer has enabled him to view failure as an attempt of making his visions more valid. Being able to manage limited resources that include time and money is also a challenge that has mostly shaped his career. His major accomplishment is consolidating experts from different countries and getting them solve problems mutually. Finally, Sujit noted that the Center of Constitutional Transitions is overly set to complete various collaborative projects and other three large thematic.  Additional article on

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Women Feel Good About Themselves

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an accomplished plastic surgeon who has a solid eight years of experience. Her focus is fully on cosmetic surgery, which includes breast augmentations, face-lifts, eyelid lifts, and rhinoplasties. She also performs liposuction in certain areas of the body as well as Botox injections and soft tissue fillers.

She really stands out not only for her dexterity and skill when performing surgery, but also for the fact that she’s a woman. Very few women enter the field of medicine in cosmetic surgery. Only about ten percent of the board certified plastic surgeons in the country are women. Dr. Walden is also a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which is the most prestigious professional organization for her chosen field.

She postulates a plausible theory on why there are so few women in the surgical fields. Due to the extensive training that is required to become a surgeon women are forced to delay motherhood. Many of them aren’t willing to make the sacrifice. There are also issues in which women aren’t encouraged to become surgeons, but she relays that this is changing for the better. She has to prove herself every year that she is the equal of males in her profession and she accomplishes that. Click here to know more.

One advantage that she sees as a female plastic surgeon is the fact that 9 out 10 plastic surgeries are performed on women. She is easily able to relate to women and their concerns which give her great satisfaction in helping them. Many women are simply embarrassed regarding some body part and aren’t trying to win some beauty contest.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews has spent over seven years practicing in New York. She has since relocated her practice to Austin TX. She considers it an honor to help women achieve a greater sense of self-esteem and in some cases for the first time ever.

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Creator, Public Figure, More

     Neogama’s Alexandre Gama studied at Brazil’s best institutions for higher education, such as the renowned AAPF – or Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He has proven his mettle countless times in providing the finest quality of essays, news stories, headlines and other copywriting pieces for the press and even for himself. He loves to write, and he recalls that any day in which he does not exercise his creativity and writing skills is a day in which he is ultimately a lesser copywriter and copyeditor.

Gama has even written many pieces for his country’s BAM – Brazilian Art Museum. He notes that his impression of the BAM changes with every visit and that he’s always able to find a new story or “spin” whenever he writes on this topic. This takes a high level of skill as any copywriting expert or source – heck, or even Wikipedia – will agree with.

Sujit Choudhry Attends Constitutional Workshop to Help the Ukraine

Many countries around the world have transformed their governments. Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union rejected communism and, in some cases, changed their geographic borders. Many other countries went from being authoritarian dictatorships to democracies.

In all these cases, one vital issue is the new or transformed country’s constitution, the foundation for the government’s structure and how it serves the interests of its citizens.

The Constitution of the United States is an example that has lasted for over 230 years despite numerous changes in the country and many crises, including a full-scale armed conflict, and many alterations. Despite its current political conflicts, the Constitution remains in effect. Everybody argues about it and what parts of it mean, but no mainstream politician in the United States questions its validity.

Sujit Choudhry is an expert in constitutional law. He works with countries undergoing legal and governmental transitions.  Check this recently written post of Sujit on

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In July 2017 he attended a workshop in Kiev on how to write a constitution that encourages governmental stability such as the United States has achieved. The Ukraine declared independence from Russia after the fall of communism in the Soviet Union, but it has failed to achieve the solid democracy its people hoped for. At the workshop, Sujit Choudhry and other experts in comparative constitutional law discussed how the Ukraine could modify its current constitution to achieve a more reliable democracy. It has gone from crisis to crisis.

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Sujit Choudhry and the other experts discussed the Ukraine’s semi-presidential system. Under the constitution the Ukraine adopted upon its independence, it has had a dual executive branch of government. It has both a president and a prime minister. However, the president has the most power. And the president has a lot more power than the legislature and the courts. Therefore, it’s too easy for a dishonest president to get away with corruption or wielding power against the will of the people.

Sujit Choudhry serves as director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which works with experts to help guide countries such as the Ukraine to write effective constitutions. He also is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law.  To read more about Sujit, click

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Comparative law- Sujit Choudhry

Recently Sujit Choudhry conducted an interview with CEOCFO and during the interview Sujit who is a lawyer by profession had some questions to answer. Sujit is the founder of Centre for Constitution Transitions he told CEOCFO that he created the organization to organize, as well as generating skills for Constitution construction by gathering and leading global networks of experts. The primary objective of the organization is to produce a proof based strategy for law makers. Since its establishment Center for Constitution Transition has worked for hand in hand with Non-governmental organizations, multilateral firms, and think tanks. They have been working with more than 50 experts in over 25 countries world over. More to read on

The law maker told CEOCFO that for many he had been employed with constitutional advisors all over the world, and he was responsible for making and writing a new constitution as well as amending the existing ones.  For the full interview, click on   Sujit gained knowledge and skills and he also saw an opportunity for a gap he needed to fill that is the reason why he established his firm. Being an immigrant and having a law degree from three different nations offered Mr. Choudhry a chance to learn and gain skills of the various countries something he mentioned that it had been key to his successful professional. Working with people of diverse background and cultures, Mr Sujit has learned to listen and be receptive to people on the ground.

Sujit Choudhry can well be described as the I. Michael Heyman professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law. At the school of law, Sujit served as the Dean of the legal institution. Before his appointment as the Dean at California University, he worked at New York University as the Cecelia Goetz Professor of Law, and as a Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto. Sujit Choudhry is globally recognized as an expert in comparative law and international politics. He is also a motivational speaker who has spoken at events all over the world on law making as well as politics.  Check on for a related article.   Sujit Choudhry has been part of constitution making of various nations including; South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Libya, and Ukraine among others.

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The professor of law has been conducting research tackling issues on comparative law as well as politics. Some of the problems he has been putting emphasis on include; a constitutional design which acts as a tool to manage and transit conflict to peace in the world. Mr. Sujit is not an only a law maker, but he is also an author who has written and published several articles, reports, book chapters, and working papers. He is committed to promoting in the world through his organization and profession.  Check this recent authored article of Sujit on

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A Heart For Service

A mental health professional must be a safe place in which patients feel nurtured and accepted. For over 20 years Patty Rocklage’s office has been that safe place for the citizens of the greater Boston metropolitan area. Her accepting and warm style encourages patients to open up and work on their struggles. Over her two decades of service she has tirelessly dedicated herself to helping both individuals and her community.

Patty graduated from the University of Southern California in 1981. She has helped countless families through couples and family counseling. She helps them realize the root cause of their difficulties and gives them strategies to help them interact in a better fashion. Throughout her years of experience she has developed unique and important skills such as;

  • Coaching
  • Public speaking
  • Teaching
  • Team building

Patty Rocklage also contributes to the community she loves so much. In 2016 Patty and her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, gave a large donation so that MIT could update their nanotechnology and nanochemistry labs.

Patty also volunteers for the Sudanese Education Fund (SEF). The SEF focuses on helping Sudanese men and women who have relocated to the Boston area. The fund helps them find jobs, educational stability, and financial stability. Patty’s philanthropic efforts show that her dedication to the community is admirable and creates valuable change.

Patty Rocklage has dedicated her life to public service. Her profession is a testament to her service minded spirit. Her warm and inviting nature helps people to open up and discover how they can change their lives for the better.

Her philanthropic spirit provides new resources and aid for a community that is eternally grateful. Patty Rocklage is a perfect combination of a life of achievement and a heart for community service.

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Dick and Betsy DeVos’ Make an Impact through their Philanthropy Work

Dick and Betsy DeVos $139M in Philanthropy

When it comes to generosity, Dick and Betsy have mastered the art. The couple is famous for their big political donations. Their donations have added up to $139M. I know for most of us, we only dream of having such kind of money. Dick and Betsy give through their foundation. It is not every day that you find people who are willing to spend their money donating to charities. Humans tend to be selfish by nature. However, the DeVos’ have defied this law of nature when it comes to giving. They have a very high regard for education, and that’s why the couple concentrates most of their giving to education.


The DeVos’ Family Donations

The DeVos is not your normal couple. They have dedicated their lives to giving back to the community. I looked at the 2015 reports and, the couple contributed $11.6M. They have political interests as well since they have also been known to donate to the Republicans campaigns. Through their Foundation, the DeVos hope to improve the education system in the U.S. They believe that the current education system does not help fulfill the American dream. In 2015, the DeVos spent more than $3M to help education causes. They seek to improve the education system by equalizing education to all. I believe the world has caused a rift in education between the rich and the poor. The DeVos are trying to bridge that gap and provide an equal education platform to all students, regardless of their backgrounds.


Dick DeVos Bio

In 1984, Dick was the acting Vice President of Amway Corporation. In 1991, he became the president & CEO of Orlando Magic Amway Center. Then later, in 1993, he became the president of Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation was a family company and he worked for it until 2002. Dick DeVos studied at Northwood University where he got his bachelor’s degree in business administration. He, later on, met his wife Betsy DeVos. Betsy once served as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party and is now serving as the secretary of education.


Betsy has contributed in the push for successful expansion of charter schools. Dick was not left behind. He worked tirelessly to put into place the 2012 law that saw the rebirth of Michigan from organized labor to a right-to-work state. This is a couple that we all envy. When we speak about power couples, the DeVos should be on top of the list.


This couple is not only visionary but is a living proof that change starts with each one of us individually. They have not only inspired me, but also millions of others who benefit from their charity.

A Look At Arthur Becker’s Career

The chairman of Zinio Company, Arthur Becker, has had a successful career in the technology industry. The entrepreneur worked for Vera Wang Fashion Company for many years. After rendering his services for NaviSite and many other corporations, Becker finally settled on establishing his company, Madison Partners ( He believes that this real estate corporation will give him a competitive edge in both the technology and real estate spaces.

Today, he invests in different properties where he has developed magnificent townhouses. His idea is to renovate the buildings and sell or lease them to the public. This business model has set him apart in the competitive industry. He has expanded his business to Florida and New York. Notably, for 23 years, the investor was married to the proprietor of Vera Wang Fashion, Vera Wang, who is also a respected fashion designer.

According to Huffingtonpost, Arthur posits that he has never doubted his abilities as a businessman. He contends that he knew that he wanted to do build houses and sell them at a profit. In addition, Becker asserts that people should seek to understand the businesses that they would like to invest in before diving in, as it may be confusing in the future. He goes on to say that people doubt themselves because they are not sure of what they are doing.

In a report by Curbed, he urges new entrepreneurs to zero in on enhancing their brands by investing in innovative marketing strategies. Becker says that when he was starting his business, he did not need to invest much in such promotional campaigns as his name was already known in the market. However, he says that businesspersons should focus on persuading people about their vision and talent, as this strategy may help in popularizing their brands in the market. Check out Bloomberg for more info.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is almost finishing his townhouses, which are located on Sullivan St. in New York. He is also planning to build a luxury residential property in Tribeca. When he was 16, he worked in the Parks Department where he mowed rock-filled and steep roadsides.

He says that the difficult job and low pay of $1.60 per hour motivated him to think of how he could find better work that was more lucrative and interesting. He believes that entrepreneurs should strive to listen to their colleagues, follow market trends and devise flexible strategies.