The Award Won by Talk Fusion Video Chat in 2016

The Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award has gone to Talk Fusion Video Chat for 2016. This is a highly revolutionary product. It is a platform that allows for cross-communication.

This is an award that is coming from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is the second award that is coming in this year from this media giant.

The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award is a highly prestigious award. It honors products as well as services that are able to facilitate data, voice, along with video communications which are already present in the market or have been able to improve upon them over the past year.

Rich Tehrani is the CEO of Technology Marketing Corporation. He has announced the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award for 2016. He further mentioned that all these awardees were the true leaders who had excelled within their chosen fields. They are honorees who are representing the best products along with solutions that are available in the market currently.

Talk Fusion Video Chat makes use of WebRTC technology. These way users are able to communicate with anyone face-to-face. This can be done at any place and through any device. These would include a smartphone, desktop computer or even a tablet. This Video Chat app is easily available for anyone to download. It is available on the iTunes as well as Google Play Stores.

The award won by this product indicates the momentum that has continued behind this highly revolutionary platform. It has been facilitating cross-communication for its users since March 2016 after its full version came out.

The Founder & CEO of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. He indicates that this Video Chat is just the start of their offerings. They have a highly talented IT team with them. The company has big plans already for the future. There is a lot to come in terms of its All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. This is because the company is dedicated to staying much ahead of the others. Talk Fusion is a company that is all about being far ahead of its competitors always.

ClassDojo Raises $21 Million To Expand Parent-Teacher Communication Platform

ClassDojo has raised $21 million to expand their app that connects teachers and parents. The ClassDojo app is currently being used in 2 out of 3 schools in the country. The company will use this round of funding to expand their team and develop content for the app that parents can use year round.

According to co-founder Sam Choudhury, the main focus of the app is to guide conversations between parents and teachers. The company is creating a positive culture and creating community between parents, teachers, and students.

The app is being used in 85,000 schools, with most of the teachers in the K-8 grades. The educators use the app to keep parents up to date with the work being done by the student on a daily basis. The app interface is very similar to that of many social media platforms. Teachers are able to post lesson plans, photos, and videos to the app and parents are aware of their child’s progress.

The app is designed to keep the parent involved in the student daily activities so there are no surprises when it comes to parent-teacher conference time.

Going forward, ClassDojo is coming up with ways to monetize the app. There are many ideas they are considering, but one thing the company will never do is try to earn revenue off the user’s data. Currently, the company is considering offering custom made lesson plans as a way to earn revenue.

Many analysts believe the company could also build transactional features into the app. Parents could pay for school supplies or field trips with the app instead of sending a check to school with their child. The future is very bright for ClassDojo.

Founded in 2011, the San Francisco-based company has raised $31 million to date and they continue to gain a larger share of the education market.

Portia Kersten CFO Skout

This is a summarized article from Huffpost Business entitled: Women in Business: Portia Kersten, CFO, Skout.

Portia Kersten is the Chief Financial Officer of the largest universal internet platform for initiating new acquaintances called Skout.

For over a decade she has played an integral role in a variety of industries to increase their revenues, inflate advancement probabilities and attain favorable existence.

She states that she has read many books in her life while growing up which ultimately,inspired and convinced her to set her sights on bigger and better things than just on the obvious,simple and ordinary.

She concentrated and focused on those exceptional and prominent historical figures that created an impact on her, such as Charles Dickens and the characters portrayed in his books who reached his goals in life and furthermore she says that her first name Portia which comes from the Shakespeare play “The Merchant of Venice” was truly a major stepping stone of encouragement for her.

In her life’s journey she has discovered that each company regardless of its size has their own endeavors to accomplish however,common signs commence to arise and it is those familiar signs that she utilizes at Skout.

From Portia Kersten’s personal experience she comments that possessing a lack of confidence is the biggest hindrance factor of women in the workplace, especially for those women who strive to climb the ladder of success, and she further points out that confidence has three valuable and theoretically proven components,logic, politeness,and repeat.

Mentorship has embedded in her the stamina and the inner strength to endure, persevere and ultimately overcome difficulty,jump over hurdles and to pick herself up when she falls.

Among her respect,promotion and admiration for women leaders,in her opinion Margaret Thatcher is a perfect example of a determined prestigious woman that stands out as a unique and exceptional icon, because she had deep and keen perception who profoundly and boldly brought about a relevant transformation to a country in despair.

Her future expectations and visions on the unknown wide horizon for Skout is to continue prospering and steadfastly,relentlessly pursuing uniting people globally in all walks of life to have a splendidly wonderful time.

She is extremely proud and elated of the Skout interrelations,the support,teamwork and dedication of her skillful and confident staff is immensely fulfilling and exhilarating in every sense of the word for her.

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Talk Fusion Bringing New Options For Businesses

Talk Fusion is a new company that was founded by Bob Reina. A unique aspect of Reina’s company is that it is utilizing the direct selling marketing method. The reason Talk Fusion is likely using this method is because of Reina’s previous experience in the field of direct selling. Before deciding to go out on his own, Reina served as a police officer and he also partnered with several direct selling companies and had quite a bit of success.

Reina got the idea for starting Talk Fusion a direct selling business when he was emailing some friends. He was attempting to sent them a short video that he had filmed. He did not just want to attach it as a file to the email, he rather wanted to embed the video in the email so that his friends would not need to download it. He could not figure it out. After calling his email provider and finding out it was not possible, Reina called a friend. The friend had extensive experience in the information technology industry and he and Reina worked to create a way to embed videos into an email. They figured it out. When they managed to get it to work, Reina realized that there were probably a multitude of other people, and potentially businesses, that would be interested in the same information. With this idea, Reina started Talk Fusion

According to a recent article, the company is now the top communication application in Indonesia, fifth in Japan and twentieth in Switzerland. The article went on to say that the company’s programs are only becoming more popular and it is likely that Talk Fusion will only grow. The convenient aspect of the video chat application that the company also provides, in addition to the ability to embed videos in emails, is that it can be used on any device, whether it is Windows, Apple or Android.