How Certain Is Anthony Constantinou?


At Queen Mary University, Assistant Professor and Lecturer, Anthony Constantinou also serves as Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Head. He also does freelance consulting dealing with developing rating systems and using Bayesian Networks. The research of Anthony Constantinou is applied to many areas including sports, medicine, and gaming, as well as finances and economics.


He claims an interest in “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence For Causal Discovery And Intelligent Decision Making Under Uncertainty”. Constantinou collaborates globally with academic and industrial organizations, especially the sports betting industry of football, tennis, and darts.


Constantinou has put many years into training for his current position. He attended the University of Hertfordshire where he received a Bachelor of Science in 2008, while studying Computer Science and specializing in Artificial Intelligence. He then went on to study Artificial Intelligence With Robotics, and earned a Master of Science Degree in 2009 from the same university. For the next three years, Constantinou focused on using Bayesian networks to make predictions, analyze risk assessment, and the use of the data in decision making at Queen Mary, and earned his Doctor of Philosophy Degree in 2012.


Anthony Constantinou also has a long work history. He served two years as a soldier in the Greek Cypriot National Guard. He was involved as a Ph.D. researcher during his graduate work at Queen Mary, and also served as a teaching assistant during those years. Anthony Constantinou worked as a Decision Scientist for AgenaRisk for a few months following graduation, and returned a couple of years later as an Associate Consultant.


Constantinou provides Bayesian network models that gives a graph of the probability of events taking into consideration both objective and subjective uncertain variables. This data is then used to make predictions about events, such as the outcomes of sporting events. The predictions are published online before the scheduled event. This represents the science behind the bet. View Additional Info Here.


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Anthony Constantinou Applies Machine Learning And Data Mining To Many Disciplines


Anthony Constantinou teaches Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. He is an Assistant Professor and lecturer at Queen Mary University of London. Artificial intelligence analyzes the process of how decisions are made in times of uncertainty and chaos. The process often eliminates the use of common mathematical equations and methods that have proven to always work.

Often making decisions based on science means that people are taking a chance. Science is based on hypotheses and, this often means the information needed to make a decision is not available. This often leads to using information at hand leads that lead to bad decisions.

Anthony is a lecturer in machine learning and data mining. He is in charge of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lab. He does research that is applied to sports, economics, gaming, medicine, and finance. He works with other academic leaders and industry officials from around the world.

He presents model to clients in sports industry that predict the outcomes of games using metrics. This method predicts the outcome of European football matches. In the medical field, he uses his talent to help them determine possible conditions and treatments to avoid mishaps. Anthony’s research predicts the cost of projects and the financial risks of undertaking them.

Anthony Constantinou has a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and MSc in Artificial Intelligence in Robotics. He received a PhD in Bayesian Networks from the Queen Mary, University of London. He has worked as property investor and portfolio landlord, post-doctoral research assistant, consultant in rating systems and Bayesian networks and research fellow.

Mr. Constantinou is also a Turing Fellow of The Alan Turing Institute, a national institute for data science and artificial intelligence whose mission is to make huge progress in artificial intelligence and data science research so as to transform humanity in a positive way. Its headquarters are based at the British Library in London. Go Here to learn more about Anthony Constantinou.


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