Anil Chaturvedi is a banker with an extensive experience level of more than four decades with a number of the leading worldwide banks. Chaturvedi had a possible involvement in private, corporate and investment banking. He was also involved in corporate business advisory with a single spotlight surrounding transactions across the border of India and Europe. Currently, Anil Chaturvedi is the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank, and he started working in this bank since November 2011. It is located in Switzerland, in the area of Geneva. Anil is in charge of creating corporate business advisory that incorporates encouraging vital cross-border partnerships among corporates around Europe, India, Asia and USA, acquisitions and mergers, the rebuilding of assets which are distressed and sale, credit syndication, raising of capital from international organizations and institutional investors.

Anil Chaturvedi was previously the International Managing Director of Merrill Lynch since October 1993- July 2011 located in areas of New York. While at Merrill Lynch, Anil represented private investors, he covered Indians situated in parts of Europe, USA, India, and Asia. Chaturvedi spends a significant amount of time specializing in investments solutions which were tailor-made for individuals with a massive total assets level.

Anil was amongst the best advisors among the most prominent wealth management organization in the world, and up to date, he is still the best. He is an individual from a champions circle. In 1991 to 1993 he was the Senior Representative and Vice President of US Operations (Bank of Grindlays ANZ, New York). Ail Chaturvedi managed the bank’s operations. He was in charge of marketing, product development, compliance and regulatory issues, creating skills of leadership and development of a profitable banks model.

Between September 1987- July 1991, Anil was Planning and Development Manager at India State Bank located in the City of New York. He was tasked with leading the implementation and strategic planning of market strategies for the capture of business among Indians who were not residents in the United States of America. His effective implementation and marketing strategies brought about new business of five hundred million dollars in around four years. Anil Chaturvedi was given the Man of The Year honorable award for his excellent work. Anil Chaturvedi went to the University of Meerut in India, where he got a B.A. in 1971. With Economics Honors. He, later on, went to Delhi Economic School at the University of Delhi, where he obtained his M.B.A.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Exudes Commendable Leadership Skills At Banco Bradesco

For decades, there has been a hullabaloo regarding the actual traits of a good leader. A deeper look into this subject trace back to the 19th century in the era of industrial revolution. As such, researchers have continued to invest in leadership studies and even categorized in three key areas namely;

  • Traits
  • Behaviours
  • Contingencies


As illustrated by the leadership structure at Banco Bradesco, leadership highly contributes to the growth of an institution. Recently, the bank experienced tremendous reshuffling when Brandao de Mello resigned and left room for a youthful leader. As the former president, he had worked hard to streamline operations by maintaining upholding certain values. Even as he left, he insisted on upholding internal recruitment; a wish that the board of directors granted by electing a new president who has equally been working for the bank.


Nevertheless, before the election of the new president, the legendary Luiz Carlos Trabuco held the position and streamlined entire operations. With that in mind, it is right to deduce that Bradesco’s management upholds the value of leadership despite the impact that comes with it.


Background Data


Octavio de Lazari is the new president of Banco Bradesco. He joined the company when he was fifteen years old. Before that, he aspired to be a footballer. However, with his father’s influence, he pursued banking by joining Banco Bradesco. At the tender age, he worked as an office boy. However, he still gave his best to the bank. More than ever, he aspired to climb up the leadership ladder by investing in formal education and focusing on receiving a better appraisal.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco


Similarly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined the company as a teenager. He first served as a clerk and was committed to earning better appraisals that contributed to his growth.


Coupled with exemplary leadership skills, Luiz Carlos Trabuco managed to bag top executive positions in the banking sector.


During his tenure with Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has held several positions. He was once the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Odontoprev, South America. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of ArcelorMittal Brasil. He further gained experience by serving different places such as the Strategic Committee of Vale South America where he was a member. He was named the President of Marketing and Fundraising Commission of Associação.


Supplementary Information


Bradesco has been undergoing tremendous transitions that have left people wondering what the next step is especially for clients involved. While the employees have been worrying about the possible next move for the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has carefully crafted the portfolio of the firm to ensure that service delivery is not interfered with. As the interim president, he put in a lot of work to the development of Bradesco’s shares and over time, the shares multiplied, giving him an added advantage to the bank’s leadership docket.


What to Expect


After the election of Octavio de Lazari, he cited his interests in emulating Brandao and his predecessors after that they had set the right pace for leadership. Alongside competency, Octavio de Lazari has to ensure that the legacy is upheld. Read This Article for additional information.


Explaining the Pension Reforms


Luiz Carlos Trabuco is inclined to give insight on pension reforms. In his explanation, he states that there is a need to implement public reforms in light of cutting the rates of government spending in public utilities. He goes on to say that implementing public reforms will contribute to the development of the country’s financial system. His insights are geared towards the understanding of how useful public reforms are in a nation’s financial system.




With Only A Year to His Retirement as Bradesco President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco can Look Back On His Time at the Helm With Pride

Every year, millions of people across the world get employed to entry positions in various organizations and companies. However, only a select few of them ever get to spend their entire careers at these companies. For such a rarity to happen, the employee must consistently offer great value to the company, and the company offer great satisfaction to the employee. Such is the case between Brazilian banking giant Bradesco, and its current president and executive vice president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The two parties have been together for close to six, very productive, decades. In that time, Bradesco has benefitted from Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s determined and strategic leadership while he has, on the other hand, benefitted with an opportunity to learn and grow as a banker. The relationship between the two has particularly been productive since 2009 when Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as the bank’s overall President.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born and raised in the city of Marilia, Brazil. While he has an enviable education background, it is not in any way related to banking. He holds an undergraduate philosophy degree from the University of Sao Paulo and a graduate degree in Socio-Psychology from the Fundacao School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paolo. With the banking industry demanding a lot of networking and close interactions, it is plausible that his academic background, while peculiar, has contributed towards making him a better manager.

As alluded to earlier, Luiz Carlos Trabuco career began at Bradesco. Aged only 18, he was employed at the bank’s branch in his hometown of Marilia in 1969. He then earned quick promotions at the bank which eventually led him to assume the marketing director position in 1984. He held the position for a total of eight years, leaving a strong legacy improving the bank’s relationship with members of the press. A seven-year stint as the executive director of one of Bradesco’s subsidiaries, Bradesco Previdencia then followed. In 1999, after coming close to being named the bank’s president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was promoted to the position of executive vice president at another of the bank’s subsidiaries, Bradesco Seguros. Then, in 2003 he took on his most challenging responsibility yet when he assumed the position of president of Bradesco Seguros.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s time at the helm of Bradesco Seguros gave the world a glimpse of the time of banking executive he was capable of becoming. By 2003, Bradesco Seguros was already the largest insurance company in the country. However, it was still under pressure from a number of its competitors in the highly saturated market. Over the course of his six-year tenure, Luiz Carlos Trabuco grew the market share of the company to about a quarter of the entire industry, thus making it a more dominant market leader. The company also doubled in size while he was at the helm.

Owing to his consistently high performance at Bradesco Seguros, and his extensive four-decade experience at the bank, he was in 2009 named Bradesco’s fourth president. While the Brazilian economy was afflicted by the global financial crisis in his first year at the helm, he managed to start on a high note by organically adding 200 new branches to the bank’s network. Six years later, he oversaw the bank’s largest ever acquisition – the R$ 18 billion purchase of HSBC’s Brazilian subsidiary. The purchased pushed Bradesco’s total asset value to almost $400 billion and got it back within the ranks of the largest banks in the country.

All in all, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has done his predecessors and himself proud.

Residents of Southern Dallas Will Benefit from the New Affordable Housing Loan Program

Dallas Neighborhood Homes, a prominent nonprofit that offers mortgage services in partnership with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, has officially announced that it will provide an Affordable Housing Loan Program to various families that reside in Southern Dallas area. The aim is to offer 100 or more loan per year in a five-year span to economically disadvantaged residents in selected zip codes in Southern Dallas area.

NexBank SSB will provide about $50 million in loans to sustain the growth of the program in the next five years. Dallas Neighborhood Home will utilize the funds to lend to needy homebuyers with restricted access to mortgages and provide counseling to ensure the individuals are ready for home ownership. The Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity will focus on offering the financial counseling services. Other than offering mortgage-lending capital, NexBank will also cover all title charges for closings completed via its subsidiary as well as $2,000 in closing fees for each loan.

Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity is a Dallas-based nonprofit homebuilder that constructs over 50 homes each year. The nonprofit has constructed 1600 homes in over 24 regions in the Dallas community in a span of 30 years. It established a non-profit licensed mortgage banker called Dallas Neighborhood Homes to help homebuyers with all legal aspects of getting a mortgage.

NexBank Capital, Inc.

NexBank, Inc. is a competent financial service firm, which serves its customers via three major businesses – Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking, and Investment Banking. It provides personalized banking and financial services primarily to top financial institutions, corporations, corporate clients, and high net-worth individuals. Its mission is to offer its customers unparalleled access to innovative and custom-tailored solutions availed by experts with an excellent record of accomplishment.

NexBank SSB is a Dallas-based regional financial institution with assets totaling to $3.5 billion and a charter dating to 1922. The bank is a subsidiary of NexBank Capital, Inc., an established financial services firm. It forges a strong relationship with the community by participating actively in community initiatives.

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