Tips for Selecting a Lip Balm

A lip balm in hand, means chapped, dry and cracked lips kept at bay. A good lip balm will help you moisturize. Therefore, helping you maintain supple, healthy and beautiful-looking lips at all times. However, not every lip balm can do this for you. Some actually, accelerate your lip problem in the long run. This, it is important that you consider the following key issues when selecting your ideal lip balm.

First, you have to be keen on the ingredients used. Look at the ingredients and ensure that no harsh chemicals are used. I am a big advocate for natural lip balms. Especially, those containing shea butter or beeswax. These two ingredients do more than just maintain beautiful lips. They moisturize and even protect them from harsh weather. Plus, if your lips are already dry or chapped, they help in healing them.

You also need to check the reputation of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers will lie about the ingredients used just to make sales. However, manufacturers who have a reputation to uphold will ensure that only the purest ingredients are used.

If you are currently searching for a good lip balm, I would recommend Evolution of Smooth.

About Evolution of Smooth

Evolution of smooth ( is one of the top- rated lip balm brands. They produce and sell natural lip balms, in a variety of flavors on Wal-Mart and Target. The main ingredients used in their lip balms include shea butter, natural Vitamin E and jojoba oil.

The EOS lip balms are all free of petro- chemicals, such as, petrolatum and paraben. Therefore, they are very easy on your lips. Additionally, they are hypoallergenic, hence can be used even by people with allergies. And, to prove on their quality, they are approved by dermatologists.

WEN By Chaz Does Not Disappoint For Shiny Big Beauty Blogger’s Hair

Emily McClure’s fine, sad hair was crying out for help, and as a beauty blogger, she had access to a ton of products. She desired that healthy, shiny, full mane that she admired on the heads of major stars.
So, Emily decided to sample the famous WEN hair by Chaz no lather shampoo line to see if any miracles could occur. She kept a daily hair log and even snapped hair selfies for her readers at

WEN by Chaz has thousands of fans around the globe who prefer the no-poo method, the true original. WEN features special cleansing conditioners that are made from pure substances in nature. These rich and lovely-scented formulas have zero sulfates and other nasty chemicals, which ensure a healthy experience for the user. No matter what type of hair you have or condition it is in, WEN by Chaz will transform your hair.

Iconic celebrity stylist Chaz Dean invented the no lather shampoo concept, because he wanted to offer women and men a different alternative. His star clientele remain faithful to the brand, and they have some of the most beautiful heads in the business.

Emily ordered the FIG cleansing conditioner from eBay for added body and moisture and decided on a daily morning cleanse in the shower. Emily’s hair seemed to adjust to the new routine and formula, developing new shine, strength and movement. She blow-dried and then used her favorite styling tools on her medium length locks. She looked incredible, and her hair selfies prove that WEN creates gorgeous tresses.

Even Emily’s best friends saw the difference immediately, complimenting her on her new, shiny tresses. She loved getting the compliments and enjoyed this unique hair care experience.

To get the most out of WEN by Chaz, stick to a hair routine and follow bottle directions. Visit for more info.

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Korean Skin Care Tips

There are some people who wonder how Asian women have such beautiful and clear skin. Wengie offers a few tips that viewers can use to get the same clear complexion while having the soft skin that is desirable to touch.

When Wengie would go to Korea, she would notice that women didn’t have pimples or blemishes on the skin. She has always made it a point to find out how they have such beautiful skin. An important thing to remember is that skin is hereditary. You will have similar skin as your parents. Those who live in colder climates have smaller pores, which can make the skin clearer and lighter. Living in a warmer climate means larger pores and a darker complexion.

Korea is about 3 years ahead of the western world when it comes to beauty products. One of the first things to talk about is the standard of skin care. Koreans have a high standard for skin. They care about the size of the pores and the moisture content of the skin. Many women carry a small bottle with water so that they can refresh the skin during the day. The routines of Koreans are very long when it comes to skincare. They usually double cleanse to get the pores as clear as possible. They exfoliate and tone. On top of toning, Koreans use moisturizing creams and face masks. They also work a facial massage into the day so that the skin stays as refreshed and youthful as possible.

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Although she was born in Russia, she grew up in New York City. Her business, Lime Crime, was first launched in 2008. She started this business simply because she was unable to find any makeup that was bright enough to match up with the clothing that she was sewing and selling on Ebay. Her makeup gives people the chance to be themselves. Her makeup line is not just for girls but for boys as well. She stated, “I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapolegetically, Lime Crime is freedom to be you.” (Doe Deere, Founder/CEO). Doe Deere believes that beauty goes beyond natural looks but what the person feels at that exact moment. It is also not about what may look best.

The first product that she launched was the Unicorn Lipsticks. She was the first to introduce the different and unique lip colors on the market. What’s even more unique about her products is that they are cruelty free and they are completely vegan products. The other products in her line are eye shadows and nail polishes but are really bright in colors. She is an inspiration and she is big on trying to inspire other females that are in business for themselves.

However, she waits for inspiration to come along so that she can come up with another idea for a new product, but when she does come up with a brilliant idea, she will usually act really fast on it, but when she develops her new product and before she sells it, she will try the product out herself just to make sure that the product she is selling is completely ready to be put on the market for her customers. By testing her own product, it is the only way that she will know it is authentic. As an entrepreneur, she always recommend trusting your gut and going for what you want to do. Your gut will more than likely lead you to where you want to be.

Her days are typically busy as she has meetings with different people such as her directors and president so that they can go over new ideas and projects. Doe Deere’s husband was a big influence for her. They were first apart of a rock band 16 years ago and they’ve been connected to each other ever since. Her husband is actually the president of Lime Crime

Doe Deere’s website Lime Crime displays all of her different and unique colors of her lipsticks, and eye shadow palettes. The colors are bright and vivid. Her colors appear to be unlike anything on the market today.

Wengie – Famous Beauty Guru

Social media has allowed us as humans to share information with each other at an alarmingly fast rate. If you have knowledge on a subject simply open up the internet and share, watching as people flock to your video or website. One platform that has grown tremendously popular is YouTube, a video sharing platform with millions of user created videos on any subject you can think of.

One of the hottest niches on YouTube is beauty vlogging. Tons of video producers, primarily young females, get behind the camera and share their beauty tips and tricks. Some flop quickly, getting lost in the sea of videos that are uploaded daily. Others, like an Australian beauty vlogger named Wengie, are a success.

Wengie, who runs not only a successful YouTube channel, but also a website, has over one million subscribers who tune in to her videos. She posts popular tutorials, like how to whiten teeth instantly and how to dye your hair lilac. In addition to basic and advanced beauty tutorials, she also posts more personal types of videos to switch things up a bit. A few examples include her morning routine and an apartment tour.

Many women look up to famous Youtubers like Wengie and others who craft similar videos. By watching these channels women learn to grow in their self confidence and learn to play with their looks in a safe environment. For girls who’d like to get common sense, but often unshared, beauty advice, bloggers and vloggers like Wengie are a good place to go.  All this because of the huge world of social media!