Waiakea Water – Giving Clean Water and Sustaining the Environment

Waiakea is bottle Water Company with origins from Hawaii. Established in 2012, this company produces water in a one of a kind and suitable processes that emphasize the positive impact on the environment and the people. This has seen it rank top among companies that produce bottled water. Ryan Emmons was the founder of the company and got the inspiration of stating by the Hawaiian culture. The culture values the environment and the people around than only accumulation of wealth. His family had access to the Mauna Loa volcano which inspired him to come up with healthy bottled water that also upheld the ethics of the society. It is from this volcano that the water is derived from.

The brand is founded on sustainability where Ryan says the company takes only a small amount of water produced naturally at the Mauna Loa aquifers to come up with the volcanic bottled water. Their commitment to sustainability goes beyond the water they produce. They have incorporated their exercise of providing water with efforts to reduce carbon emissions where possible. These initiatives they have undertaken of reducing carbon emission has seen them being the first bottled water company to be awarded certification of CarbonNeutral.

Selling bottled water comes with various questions as to whether they observe sustaining the environment. Waiakea addresses this by using bottles made from a material that is entirely recyclable – polyethylene terephthalate. The material also uses low energy in its manufacturing.

The company also partakes in charitable activities where they donate 650 liters of clean water to areas that are in need. They do this by partnering with Pump Aid a company, a charity company that is aiming to supply clean water to needy communities in Africa and other parts of the world. That initiative has seen them donate hundred millions gallons of water up to now and they do not seem to stop carrying out the donation any soon.

The company supplies their water all over the world to countries or supplies interested in tasting their quality water. Just like their name stands for in Hawaiian, Malama i ka ‘Aina meaning care for the land, the company is truly committed to caring for the environment as seen in all the activities involved in packaging their water.