Luiz Carlos Trabuco Exudes Commendable Leadership Skills At Banco Bradesco

For decades, there has been a hullabaloo regarding the actual traits of a good leader. A deeper look into this subject trace back to the 19th century in the era of industrial revolution. As such, researchers have continued to invest in leadership studies and even categorized in three key areas namely;

  • Traits
  • Behaviours
  • Contingencies


As illustrated by the leadership structure at Banco Bradesco, leadership highly contributes to the growth of an institution. Recently, the bank experienced tremendous reshuffling when Brandao de Mello resigned and left room for a youthful leader. As the former president, he had worked hard to streamline operations by maintaining upholding certain values. Even as he left, he insisted on upholding internal recruitment; a wish that the board of directors granted by electing a new president who has equally been working for the bank.


Nevertheless, before the election of the new president, the legendary Luiz Carlos Trabuco held the position and streamlined entire operations. With that in mind, it is right to deduce that Bradesco’s management upholds the value of leadership despite the impact that comes with it.


Background Data


Octavio de Lazari is the new president of Banco Bradesco. He joined the company when he was fifteen years old. Before that, he aspired to be a footballer. However, with his father’s influence, he pursued banking by joining Banco Bradesco. At the tender age, he worked as an office boy. However, he still gave his best to the bank. More than ever, he aspired to climb up the leadership ladder by investing in formal education and focusing on receiving a better appraisal.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco


Similarly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined the company as a teenager. He first served as a clerk and was committed to earning better appraisals that contributed to his growth.


Coupled with exemplary leadership skills, Luiz Carlos Trabuco managed to bag top executive positions in the banking sector.


During his tenure with Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has held several positions. He was once the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Odontoprev, South America. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors of ArcelorMittal Brasil. He further gained experience by serving different places such as the Strategic Committee of Vale South America where he was a member. He was named the President of Marketing and Fundraising Commission of Associação.


Supplementary Information


Bradesco has been undergoing tremendous transitions that have left people wondering what the next step is especially for clients involved. While the employees have been worrying about the possible next move for the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has carefully crafted the portfolio of the firm to ensure that service delivery is not interfered with. As the interim president, he put in a lot of work to the development of Bradesco’s shares and over time, the shares multiplied, giving him an added advantage to the bank’s leadership docket.


What to Expect


After the election of Octavio de Lazari, he cited his interests in emulating Brandao and his predecessors after that they had set the right pace for leadership. Alongside competency, Octavio de Lazari has to ensure that the legacy is upheld. Read This Article for additional information.


Explaining the Pension Reforms


Luiz Carlos Trabuco is inclined to give insight on pension reforms. In his explanation, he states that there is a need to implement public reforms in light of cutting the rates of government spending in public utilities. He goes on to say that implementing public reforms will contribute to the development of the country’s financial system. His insights are geared towards the understanding of how useful public reforms are in a nation’s financial system.




Military and Businessperson- Ronald Fowlkes

Ronald Fowlkes is a prominent business person and a former marine. His mission has been saving and protecting beings ever since he began his career and he knows that he was called for that purpose. Mr. Ronald is currently the Director of Business Development at Eagles Industries. Fowlkes does not hold the position of the Director but he is also the co-founder of the organization. After his high school graduation, Ronald enrolled into the Army school; Jump School before starting his career working at SWAT group member at St. Louis Police Department. While still serving in the marine department Ronald found something special about the Eagles Industries group.


Ronald Fowlkes was interested in equipment manufactured by Eagles Industries and his interest even grew wider when he learned that the equipment was being manufactured in his home city. When he joined the manufacturing company, the former marine brought his experience and skills from the marine and the police department as well as his marketing and sales skills. With his military background, Ronald is able to help the group to design and manufacture tools needed for military and the law-enforcement sector. The company has entrusted Ronald Fowlkes to not be the Director, and the co-owner but also as the spokesman who has the responsibility to push the company’s product into the market. The firm has been working hand in hand with NATO which is its subsidiary to make money through trade marketing, contracts from the department of defense, as well as other deals they get from the field.


Ronald Fowlkes is not experienced in the marine, the manufacturing of gears, but he is also passionate about sports. Anyone visiting his medium blog they get what Ronald is good at as well as his passion in life. Mr. Ronald has been manging OpenSports is a sports group with a mandate of organizing sports in North Carolina to specific Hockey which is organized weekly. Ronald knows that he is living his passion and every day he does what he loves to keep his life balanced. He loves people that is why he is devoted to training more than 150 individuals at his workplace Eagles Industries. Ronald has been a go-getter ever since he began his career in 1989 in the military industry and with hard work and devotion, he was promoted. While serving in the military together with his colleagues they took part in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.


Mr. Ronald continued to help his fellow military men even after his mission, and that is what he still does for his country United States of America. When he is manufacturing gear for the military, or training his staff, Mr. Folwkes is always busy training his son how to play hockey.


Adam Milstein- Jerusalem Author

Adam Milstein has a passion to help many Jewish young people understand where they come from, who they are. He is motivated to promote only positive images and stories to the Jewish Communities. Adam and his wife Eva created the Milstein Family Foundation for this purpose. They both are committed to helping Jewish families from around the world have access to as many reading materials as Adam can write which are written in Hebrew. Adam and Eva also provide other products that will help these families build happy lives with one another.

Adam Milstein does spend much of his free time writing about opposing viewpoints and working with a variety of groups who are passionate about showing the world how the Jewish people want peace and prosperity for everyone just like everyone else in this world should. Some of his writings reflect how the Jewish communities can and should fight back against hatred and prejudice that seems to be growing more and more each and every year.

Adam Milstein on Jpost

Adam Milstein recently wrote an article on Jpost titled “Why I’m Optimistic About the Jewish Future in America.” In this article, Adam goes on to explain that antisemitism is on the rise. There is campaigns dividing Israel and Jewish families all around the world.

He goes on to state that “We need leaders who will ensure the Jewish future in America by engaging and inspiring the next generation to be courageous Zionist leaders, fight antisemitism and support the Jewish people in America and the Jewish homeland, which will always be Israel.”

Adam Milstein wants to give the next generation what they need to help them learn, understand, and succeed at joining the American Jewish communities and the Israel Communities in Israel by understanding their heritage and the people who fought for what they have.

Michael Burwell – A Key Leader At Willis Towers Watson

Michael (‘Mike’) Burwell believes that where you work are the next entrepreneurs if you take the time to look and listen. Mike said that the next great business and talent is within your organization which is why he sheds light on his staff’s skills especially in the digital industry which is your company’s latest digital weapon.


Mike is known as a great financial mentor and leader with more than 31 years of corporate financial success. Mr. Burwell graduated with a BA from Michigan State University in Business Administration followed by receiving a CPA certification. Michigan State University honored Mike with an Alumnus of the Year award in 2010.


Michael Burwell’s great financial acumen began with his rising financial and auditing managerial positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Mike was made partner in the Detroit office of at PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Transaction Service Practices Department; he held the titles within a year of each other of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Office in the company’s United States Business Practices Division.


Continuing his corporate rise, in 2017 Michael Burwell was asked to assume the position of Chief Financial Officer at the global multi-financial services firm of Willis Towers Watson. Mike is replacing the former CFO who has retired. Mr. Burwell is very familiar with how Willis Towers Watson operates because after he left PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in 2012 he was asked to join Willis Towers Watson.


His managerial position began as a senior partner overseeing national and international client portfolios and the company’s varied fiscal interests in innovative technology ventures, human capital, global sourcing, and other adept financial platforms. Willis Towers Watson is known to attract the top experts from varied platforms in the financial industry and Mr. Burwell is no exception.


Willis Towers Watson is global advisory financial firm that had its beginnings in 1828 and today is a global advisor for global company’s both large and small. Willis Towers Watson is known for their fair dealings with clients and their ability to produce successful business service proposals, advising their clients on brokerage, financial/actuarial, investment risk solutions and much more. See This Article to learn more.


Willis Towers Watson is built on a foundation of intelligible analytical skills and state-of-the-art IT software technology. The Director and CEO of Willis Towers Watson stated that he looks forward to working with Michael Burwell because he brings key leadership skills and vast experience to continue to grow the varied financial platforms of the company.



Why Shervin Pishevar Thinks Silicon Valley Is Losing Their Edge

Shervin Pishevar recently released a lot of thoughts he has about Silicon Valley, the economy, and more across Twitter. The angel investor and venture capitalist actually tweeted 50 times in 21 hours, shocking many people due to his previous silence.


What’s happening in Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is where a large number of major businesses sit. Facebook, Microsoft, and others are based in Silicon Valley, California. However, it is no longer simply a physical place as Shervin Pishevar explains. Businesses that thrive no longer need to come out of this ZIP Code.

With innovation hailing from all sorts of other areas around the globe, the competitive edge that Silicon Valley used to have is lost.


Where is the innovation coming from?

Innovation isn’t limited to Silicon Valley anymore. Instead, it is coming from everywhere. Even China is being seen as more innovative due to their ability to increase their speed of execution. Shervin Pishevar provides the example that a train station was built in nine hours using 1500 Chinese construction workers.

There are plenty of competing zones for innovation. Entrepreneurship has become a movement and it is borderless. For years, the United States used immigrant talent. However, the talent no longer needs to enter the United States. Instead, there are plenty of businesses being created throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and beyond. The talent is staying put as a result of physical borders being created. See This Page to learn more.

Countless new businesses are creeping up and proving that they are far more innovative than the startups coming out of Silicon Valley. Ultimately, consumers don’t care where the innovation comes from as long as it is innovative and truly disruptive technology.

Shervin Pishevar has experienced a number of retweets and comments as a result of his comments. The ones regarding Silicon Valley begin with tweet number 25. Seeing as how he numbered all of his tweets, it makes it easy to follow everything that he said in order.



Michael Burwell, From One Global Company To The Next, Innate Success

Michael Burwell was officially named Willis Towers Watson’s CFO in October 2017. Michael Burwell replaced Roger Millay, the previous CFO who was with the company since 2010. Michael Burwell received a warm welcome from Willis Towers Watson’s CEO John Haley, as Haley assures Burwell’s previous experience in the enterprise services sector and with money handling will bring the company great leadership and successes.


Michael Burwell was previous CFO, and later Global Leader of Pricewaterhousecoopers or PwC LLP, one of the top four biggest accounting firms in the world. As a following into Willis Water Watson, a global top insurance broker, Michael Burwell is sure to brand progress into the future. Burwell is a certified public accountant. He graduated from Michigan State University with an accounting degree. In 2010, the university recognized him as the year’s top alumnae in the accounting and Information Systems fields of study. Burwell was brought into the Detroit area as a transaction partner for PwC in 1997. Because of Burwell’s achievements in Detroit, he was brought to become a Global Leader for the accounting firm and as the face of PwC inside the U.S in 2009.


Michael Burwell’s recent interviews since taking place as Willis Tower Watson’s CFO have portrayed him to believe in hard work and determination, and always look towards the future. PwC’s previous outlook on introducing technological mobility to their customers and company characterized Burwell and his own beliefs. Burwell was part of the transformation committee for the company during his last years at PwC, including PwC’s partnering with Google in 2014 to expand its electronic communication use inside the company via Google’s Apps and features.


The company’s decision to do so brought an innovative quality to other professional service companies. Burwell’s own current views on technology inside companies appear welcoming. Michael Burwell believes every company must keep their eyes open on ways to introduce technology inside the company’s values. Burwell also stresses a company’s reflection on its past failures and wins and their causes is vital to moving forward.


Refer to This Article to learn more.

UTC’s former CEO Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is the former Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation. Louis became the company CEO in April 2008. In 2010, he became the chairman. He has operated as the company’ CEO and president as well as United technologies director since 2006. From April 1999 to March 2006, Louis worked as Pratt & Whitney company president. Prior to working with Pratt & Whitney, Chenevert worked with General Motors for 14 years. He was the GM Company’s Production General Manager.


Louis Chenevert led to the coming together of Pratt v& Whitney and UTC. Chenevert has devoted his attention to innovations. Moreover, he is concerned with investing in employees of a company. His dedication and efforts led to the creation of jet engine. The engine has brought tremendous changes to the aerospace industry. For instance, the engine is used with so many airlines as well as a number of aircraft. The engine is able to reduce emissions up to 60 percent as well reducing fuel consumption. Chenevert is behind all these incredible changes to the aerospace industry. (More Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes Past, Present and Future)


Chenevert is the executive committee member of the Business Roundtable. He serves as the chairman of the tax and Fiscal Policy committee. He is also a member of US India CEO Forum. In addition to this, Chenevert has served as Cargill board of directors’ member. Moreover, Louis is also Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board Chairman. He was initiated as the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Fellow in 2005. Chenevert has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from HEC Montreal. Louis is the chairman of the university’s international Advisory Board. Louis Chenevert has received several recognized awards. Find Related Information Here.


In 2009, Chenevert was awarded the honorary award by the National Building Museum. Besides, Chenevert was named by Aviation Week & Space technology, aviation trade magazine as the person of the year for the magazine in 2011. HEC Montreal also honored Louis with a doctorate degree in 2011.


Louis Chenevert’s vision has brought a lot of growth to American companies. Louis Chenevert’s vision and devotion to people and innovations have seen UTC rise to international standards. Louis’s vision is creating more jobs in America. For example, in the next three years, Pratt v& Whitney is looking forward to creating 25,000 jobs in America.


Follow him on Twitter.

Shervin Pishevar Recently Distilled His Thoughts on 2018’s Economy into 50 Tweets

Shervin Pishevar recently distilled his thoughts on 2018’s economy into 50 tweets posted over 21 hours. Anyone interested in America’s economic future should consider his tweet storm’s highlights.


A Dow Drop


Pishevar’s impetus to tweet on February 5 and 6 was the early-month’s roller-coaster stock market sessions. In the storm’s first tweet, he wrote, “I expect a 6000-point drop in aggregate in the months ahead.” That drop would consume more than 20 percent of the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s record close of 26,252.12 points, which it hit in January 2018.


Several Causes


A sage venture capitalist, Shervin Pishevar saw multiple culprits. “Rising interest rates, increasing credit account deficits and tax giveaways without matching service cuts lead to a descent into panic,” he stated.


A Potential Recession


Pishevar also warned of a long trough in the U.S. economy that could be caused by the stock market’s volatility indices. “Such financial instruments’ sole purpose is loopholes to risk-taking for institutions to uncontrolled leverage,” wrote Pishevar. He then stated that similar conditions caused 2008’s Great Recession. Go To This Page for more information.


A Competitive-Edge Loss


Reiterating remarks he had made in an essay published in 2009, Shervin Pishevar tweeted, “Silicon Valley is no longer a physical place but an idea that’s gone viral.” Also, he commented that modern tech created entrepreneurs who are not restricted by borders.


An Astonishing Feat Abroad


Pishevar additionally compared the infrastructures of two superpowers.


Shervin Pishevar shared a news story from early 2018 that detailed the nine-hour construction of a large train in China. “Meanwhile, our infrastructure is in tatters,” he continued.


A Looming Shift


Next, Pishevar forecast a once-in-many-lifetimes shift that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will produce. He called the shift “a revolution in stateless digital currencies unleashed across the globe over the next couple decades.”


A Few Monopolies Crushing Upstarts


Pishevar also decried U.S. policies that have created modern Ma Bells, which are Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. He lamented, “Just like Ma Bell, these 5 giants have too much power and are stifling startups.”


The U.S. can likely right its long-term economic ship. Heeding Shervin Pishevar’s tweets would be a good start!

Sahm Adrangi, King Of The Short Sell

Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company run by Mr. Sahm Adrangi, managed to raise about $100 million dollars from a number of different investors, which will be bet against a single stock. Although it is common for these kinds of investments to be made, the sheer size of this one is definitely abnormal. Sahm Adrangi explains this great fundraising success is due to his company having “struck a chord” with the market.


Although hedge fund managers sometimes raise money in this way, this “co-investment” fund is the first one of its kind. rather than focusing on securities, Kerrisdale plans to use the money for short-selling. The company to be shorted has yet to be revealed, but Kerrisdale has said they will reveal that information in mid-May. According to the same source, the Kerrisdale fund has begun buying stock in the unnamed company to bolster their position.


Although Kerrisdale is a relatively small company based in New York, it manages about $150 million as of July 2017. This is impressive, as the company started in 2009 with about $1 million. Its founder and CEO, Sahm Adrangi, first came into the public eye for exposing a number of fraudulent chinese companies and shorting their stocks. In 2010 and 2011, a large number of chinese companies were exposed by his activities, including China Marine Food Group, China-Biotics, and Lihua International. Some of these companies received stiff penalties for their illicit activity. Before that, Mr. Adrangi received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University, and worked for Deutsche Bank in the credit and finance sector.


Kerrisdale, and its CEO Sahm Adrangi, have published a lot of research on a wide variety of different companies as well. In recent years, the company has focused especially on biotechnology, mining, and telecommunications companies. Most of this research has been of an activist nature, working to educate the public about bad investments and social issues. Certainly, this has contributed to the respect Mr. Sahm Adrangi enjoys among his peers. For instance, last year his company exposed a mining company called Northern Dynasty. Northern Dynasty was selling stock in an exploratory mining project in Alaska, referred to as the Pebble Mine. This project was expected to have a very large environmental impact and was opposed by many activists and native tribes. Sahm Adrangi authored a report on this mine, in which he showed potential investors that the project would actually cost more money than it was likely to make. Read This Article for related information.


Activism and investment seem like unlikely bedfellows, but Mr. Adrangi has made the mix work very well.



Sahm Adrangi – Savvy Investor and Consumer Advocate

Sahm Adrangi earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University (1999 – 2003). Following his graduation from Yale, Mr. Adrangi began his career by advising creditor committees in bankruptcy and restructuring strategies at Chanin Capital Partners. He also worked on leveraged loan debt financing at Deutsche Bank. Mr. Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in 2009. He started the company with less than one million dollars in funding and has grown the firm to the point that it now manages over $150 million in assets. Mr. Adrangi continues to play an active role in all aspects of running the firm and holds the title of Chief Investment Officer.


One might say that in addition to being a savvy investor, Sahm Adrangi is an advocate for the public at large. Mr. Adrangi gained recognition early in his career for his work in exposing fraudulent activities within a number of Chinese companies including Lihua International, China Marine Food Group and China-Biotics.


While Kerrisdale Capital Management researches the marketplace for critical information on a variety of industries, under the leadership of Sahm Adrangi, the firm has recently focused on the potentially high-yield arena of biotechnology. Kerrisdale’s expertise in this market sector has been evidenced by the publication of research papers on a number of emerging growth stage companies such as Sage Therapeutics, Pulse Biosciences and Unilife among many others. Get More Information Here.


Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital Management have been the focus of media attention in the biotech world recently. Kerrisdale analysts had researched the company Prothena and its lead biotech product, NEO001 (an AL amyloidosis drug). This research found that the Phase I and Phase II studies of this drug had proven that NEO001 would be ineffective. The Kerrisdale analysts consulted with experts in the field who have concluded that the upcoming Phase IIb and Phase III studies will show the potential biotech drug has no value whatsoever. See: ENDPOINTS NEWS, “Under pressure to perform, Woodford counterattacks against Sahm Adrangi’s latest short assault” by: John Carrol, January 26, 2018.