Julia Jackson: A Charming Connoisseur of Wine

Julia Jackson is a fine wine connoisseur born in 1988 in Sans Francisco, California to a family who excelled in winemaking. Julia Jackson owns her family’s renowned wine brand, Jackson Family Wines. Raised by winemaking parents, Julia Jackson’s interest in wine is natural. Eventually, her interest in wine led her to carry the family business of winemaking as her career. Julia Jackson did her BA from Scripps College and later completed a summer certification course in General Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business. After completing her studies, Julia traveled to France in a bid to garner new techniques in sales and distribution. She also worked hard to harvest at her family owned wineries in France. Julia also went to the famous French town of Champagne where she learned advanced techniques on winemaking. Julia Jackson’s hard work and her interest in winemaking coupled with her wine-production education enabled her to rebrand her family’s wines and to introduce these to a greater consumer base.

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Julia works with Aurora Consulting, a non-profit organization which closely works with other non-profit organizations to foster a culture of community empowerment and sustainability. Her own family business gives in charity a huge amount of money to different universities and several non-profit organizations.

Jackson Family Wines has wineries in all the major parts of the world known for their remarkable winemaking industries such as the North America, Australia, France, Chile, Italy, and South Africa. The Sonoma County in California has been the Julia Jackson’s favorite winery where her company produces some of its top wine brands. One of the wine brands the company produces is Anakota, whose history runs deep in the Sonoma Valley. Julia Jackson won an award her Cambria Winery’s Kendall-Jackson, a variety of wine Julia describes as the best variety of wine in Sonoma County.

Marc Sparks: A Heart like no other

In this life, you can succeed on your own, or you can seek the counsel of experienced and successful people. According to Marc Sparks, successful and knowledgeable people have a duty to train the less fortunate so that they can climb the ladder. He has learned that a lot is expected from people who have been blessed with a lot of resources. For this reason, Marc Sparks has dedicated his life to helping other people in his many ventures. Whether its business, venture capitalism or philanthropy, Marc Sparks is always doing something to help the people around him.


Perhaps his greatest way of passing information that other people can succeed in life is through his publishing. He is the proud author of a book called They Can’t Eat You that details his path to success. It’s his hope that other people can also succeed in life despite falling short of education. Having graduated from college with a C grade, Marc Sparks didn’t despair. Instead, he focused on business and has recorded remarkable success since then. He concentrates in real estate and telecommunication industries where he runs several ventures such as Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media, and Cardinal Telecom. As of today, he is involved with a company called Timber Creek Capital where he is recognized as the chairman and chief executive officer.


Marc Sparks is a person who listens to other people’s ideas and decides whether they deserve funding and hence the term venture capitalist. He believes that before you can turn to a venture capitalist, you must show some dedication and commitment to your idea. Also, you must have faith in your idea. Finally, Marc Spark has the notion that to be funded by a venture capitalist, you must show them you have a business strategy in your mind at all time. Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, Marc Sparks has funded many ideas through the Spark Tank initiative.


Beyond business, entrepreneurship, and publishing, Marc Spark is a renowned philanthropist. Over the last few years, he has paid great attention to human plights such as hunger, homelessness, and illiteracy. There are several causes where he devotes his time and resources to fight these disasters, and they include Habitat for Humanity, American Can! Foundation and the Samaritan Inn. With the Samaritan Inn, he has been with the institution since the year 1981 and has helped deal with homelessness and hunger in Dallas. His involvement with Habitat for Humanity involved building homes for the homeless. Finally, he plays some role with the American Can Foundation by providing learning materials such as books and laptops to needy children from Dallas. Not only does he provide learning material but he also covers tuition for the needy children of this initiative.


Thor Halvorssen: Human Rights Activist

Thor Halvorssen is a well-known human rights activists and a film creator. He is recognized as a defender of the powerless in the society. Currently, Thor Halvorssen is the chief executive officer of the Oslo Freedom Forum that usually holds global assemblies every year. In addition, he is the head of the Children’s Peace Movement; On Own Feet that is situated in Prague. He was born in Venezuela and has also lived in Norway. Halvorssen started fighting for human rights in 1989 in the United Kingdom. He began by creating resistance to the South African apartheid.

He established the Human Rights Foundation that is situated in New York subsequent to the shooting of his mother amid a political demonstration in 2004. In fact, his mother’s shooting and the imprisonment of his father is what led him to be a human right activist. Halvorssen’s father was detained at the time that he was examining the Medellin cartel for potential money laundering activities and financial institution fraud.Halvorssen’s father was tortured and almost killed within a period of seventy-four days in a Caracas prison. Halvorssen was at the forefront fighting for the freedom of his father with the assistance of Amnesty International. Later, Halvorssen’s father was released and offered a job by the United Nations.

Halvorssen’s mother was shot and injured amid a peaceful demonstration that advocated for the Venezuelan recall referendum of 2004. There were pictures of government supporters shooting the people that were against the government’s views. These government supporters were arrested and later sentenced to three years in prison.

There are very many projects that Halvorssen has been involved in such as the creation of a short movie of Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron that is called 2081. This film portrays a dystorian future that as a result of the 212th Amendment to the Constitution and attentiveness of the American Handicapper General, all individuals are ultimately equal. Also, he led a movement within the Lucent Technologies yearly shareholder assembly asking for the development of an anti-slave labor regulation. This regulation required China to confirm that Lucent’s merchandises were not contaminated by slave workers.

Halvorssen is well knowledgeable on issues related to dictatorships, human trading, bondage, and intimidation to democracy. He was given talks on the topic of human rights in different areas of the world such as Harvard Law School. Moreover, he has given a talk at the United Kingdom Parliament.


José Henrique Borghi: Hiring a Renowned Advertising Professional

Advertising is an important part of a company’s marketing strategy. Advertising agencies provide essential marketing and promotional services in the business world. Targeting the right audience for your business or product is something that can be effectively accomplished only by marketing or advertising specialists.

José Henrique Borghi has been around for many years, providing superior marketing and advertising solutions to many different businesses, entrepreneurs, establishments and organizations. His firm, Mullen Lowe, provides services that serve clients efficiently, build brands effectively and grow businesses.

When you need to promote your business or launch a new product or service, it is extremely important to have a reliable ad agency on your side. A reputable and experienced advertising professional like José Henrique Borghi will make sure that you receive the best possible service.

José Henrique Borghi has his own way of approaching an advertising campaign. He can help you to generate interest in your offers, get more customers and boost sales. He is fully aware of what it takes to get attention of the consumer and present appealing message to compel them to respond to your offer. José Henrique Borghi uses different techniques and strategies to help clients grow their business.

José Henrique Borghi works with his team to create enticing ad message, plan the project, and implement effective campaign management strategy. Large businesses and establishments often hire José Henrique Borghi to handle their special advertising projects.

José Henrique Borghi and his team of marketing consultants and advertising specialists come highly recommended in Brazil.

Once you hire José Henrique Borghi, you can concentrate on running your business or managing your organization and leave the advertising tasks to them. His sophisticated method of marketing and business promotion has produced numerous success stories, and he can help achieve the results you desire.

Anthony Petrello Gives Hope To Children With Neurological Disorders

Anthony Petrello is at the helm of Nabors Industries as Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer. He has gained recognition for his strategic initiatives, which has positioned the company as one of the best oil and gas drillers in the world.

Nabors Industries prides itself in owning and operating the most advanced and sophisticated drilling rig fleet, making it a leader in offshore drilling rigs. High levels of automation coupled with highly skilled workers has enabled Nabors to provide fulfilling directional drilling services, performance tools and innovative technologies in the oil and gas markets.

Anthony Petrello has served various capacities both in Nabors Industries and in other companies. Before being appointed to his current position, Tony served as Nabors’ President and Chief Operating Officer for over two decades. He joined the company in 1991 from Baker & McKenzie, where he served as a managing partner dealing with corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. Petrello earned both B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. He is also J.D. graduate from Harvard Law School.

The birth of a child is a source of joy for any parents, but for Anthony and his wife Cynthia Petrello, the birth of their daughter Carena -born with periventricular leukomalacia- completely changed their lives. This condition is common in premature infants, and is caused by insufficient oxygen to the brain. Although Carena was born successfully at 24 weeks and weighing 8 ounces, she later developed cerebral Palsy. Her condition motivated Tony to invest a lot of money in research of childhood neurological diseases. He has donated over $70 million to Texas Children’s Hospital where he also serves as member of the Board of Trustees. The hospital also houses The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, which mainly focuses on child neurological disorders.

Source: http://www1.salary.com/Anthony-G-Petrello-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-NABORS-INDUSTRIES-LTD.html

Education, Faith, And The Arts Rise To The Top Of The Philanthropic Work Of Dick DeVos

A large number of us know the name Dick DeVos because of the many years he spent as the leader of the AmWay Group and because of the short, but successful period of time the Grand Rapids, Michigan resident spent as the President and CEO of the NBA’s Orlando Magic franchise. However, I have been impressed over recent years by the work of Dick himself and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation in providing funding and support for various philanthropic causes and charitable groups; for myself, I was most impressed by the revelation that Dick and Betsy DeVos have provided charitable donations reaching over $139 million in the course of their lifetimes.


Just how does Dick DeVos divide his charitable giving over the course of a year; let’s begin with education, an area I feel I am not alone in already understanding Dick and Betsy DeVos have played a key role for a number of decades. In 2013 alone, Dick DeVos and his foundation provided over $3 million in support for education reform programs, and continued to back a number of groups supporting education reform across the nation. Education reform has always been a major part of the philanthropy of Dick and Betsy DeVos, but I was happy to read Dick has now looked to include his own children in the philanthropy the DeVos family continues to undertake that has led to a more diverse range of programs being backed by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. One area I believe is close to the heart of Dick DeVos is his financial backing of the Willow Creek faith based religious charity the Northwood University graduate believes can play a key role in returning the U.S. to traditional values and promoting various leadership qualities among the people of the nation.


There are many aspects of the philanthropic work of Dick DeVos to admire, and I believe their are too many to list here, but an area of financial support I believe may be smaller than other contributions but remains just as important to the family as a whole. The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital has been a major success in providing care for those children who are suffering with certain forms of cancer attending the hospital; Dick himself has provided a major level of financial support for the hospital in making sure top physicians and researchers are always employed on a full time basis to raise the success rate in battling some forms of brain cancers in children.


How Eric Lefkofsky’s Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy Distinguishes Him

Eric Lefkofsky is a distinguished entrepreneur and humanitarian. The Michigan native founded and runs Tempus, Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake among other companies. These are highly successful firms with diverse interests in several industries. Eric graduated with honors from the University of Michigan in 1991. He undertook further studies at The University of Michigan Law School where he holds a postgraduate degree in law.

Entrepreneurial Career

Eric had entrepreneurial ambitions from a young age. During his campus days, he ran a profitable carpet business. In 1993, he founded his first company, Brandon Apparel with a college friend. In 1999, he cofounded an Internet firm called Starbelly with Brad Keywell. The company specialized in selling promotional products. After the company was acquired, he started InnerWorkings, a firm that offered print procurement services to mid-sized companies. The company’s success was followed by the establishment of Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean, Goupon, Uptake LLC, and Tempus.

Lefkofsky’s Motivation to Start Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky cofounded Tempus in 2016. This is a technology firm that enables medical practitioners to provide personalized care to cancer patients. Mr. Lefkofsky serves as the company’s CEO. Cancer research and therapy has been an area of great interest to him. Tempus recently partnered with Northwestern in a deal that will incorporate the use of data to provide customized treatment. This deal is part of the company’s strategy to build infrastructure in a bid to modernize cancer therapy.

Tempus uses genomic sequencing to enable doctors to make personalized and real-time treatment decisions. Its objective is to provide precision medicine to cancer patients. Eric points out that the company intends to merge powerful analytics with the help of cutting edge bioinformatics. Hundreds of clinical trials are already being conducted in various research centers and hospitals to test the effectiveness of this biotechnology. Tempus hopes to provide its proficiency in technology infrastructure and bioinformatics so that targeted therapies can come into fruition.

Eric’s Humanitarian Ventures

Since 2006, Eric and his wife have been active philanthropists. They use the Lefkofsky Foundation to support different initiatives. The couple’s objective is to back scientific, educational and charity organization around the world. A lot of emphasis is put on children since they are most susceptible to hunger and disease. To date, the foundation has provided funding to over 50 organizations. In 2013, Eric became part of The Giving Pledge, which is a group of humanitarians who hope to give away all of their wealth by the time they die.

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Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare Health Shares Some Invaluable Lessons She Has Learnt Over the Years

InnovaCare Health is a managed healthcare service provider in North America. It has an excellent track record in the healthcare field and has always provided high-quality services. InnovaCare’s exceptional performance is largely attributed to its excellent leadership that has continually steered the company in the right direction over the years.

Rick Shinto, CEO

Mr. Rick Shinto is the president and CEO of InnovaCare. He has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry and this has proved instrumental in the successful running of InnovaCare. Before joining InnovaCare, Rick Shinto served as the president and CEO of Aventa Inc. He was also Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California and Medical Pathways Management Company. These and other positions he held in various healthcare management companies over the years helped him gain extensive experience in the field. Mr. Rick Shinto has written a number of articles on healthcare management. He holds a medical degree from the State University of New York and an MBA from the University of Redlands.

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InnovaCare Joins HHS Initiative to Reform Payment Models
Penelope Kokkinides – CAO of InnovaCare

Penelope Kokkinides, CAO

The Chief Administrative Office, Penelope Kokkinides, has more than two decades’ experience in the managed healthcare industry. She rejoined InnovaCare in 2015 after working for Centerlight HealthCare and Touchstone Health among other healthcare institutions in various high-profile positions. While at this, she gained a lot of invaluable experience which makes her well suited for her position at InnovaCare. Penelope attributes her good work to her great team at InnovaCare Health which helps her implement her ideas. She believes that having a good team to work with is critical for the success of any project as there will be goal congruence and synergy among the team members, making achievement of the goal possible.

Penelope takes the time to set her goals and priorities and come up with strategies on how she is going to achieve them. She believes in making the best of every situation, no matter how difficult it may seem. Penelope advises young entrepreneurs to always stay abreast of the industry goings-on and developments as this is crucial for the success of any business. This means reading a lot on the industry and doing a lot of research to learn the business and market trends. Such information can then be used for the business’s advantage. These are some of the things that have made her successful as an entrepreneur.


InnovaCare Health has set the bar high for other players in the healthcare management industry.Its excellent leadership and their winning customer-focused strategies have seen it grow to become one of the leading healthcare management service providers. Patients are always given first priority. InnovaCare Health is committed to providing its clients with consistent and affordable services.

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Eric Lefkofsky: A Man That Seeks Higher Ground

Most people have heard of Groupon, but some may not know that Eric Lefkofsky is one of the founders of the company. There is no doubt that this company was a major cornerstone in Lefkofsky’s life, but there is more to learn about this young entrepreneur.


Groupon’s Success and Lefkofsky


Groupon is considered an e-commerce site, and it is one of the largest of its kind. Google, one of the largest online companies, thought Groupon was so valuable that it sought to purchase the business. Google went as far as offering $6 billion for the company, but Lefkofsky refused the offer. Still, many people thought this offer solidified Groupon as a giant in the e-commerce world.


The company started as something much smaller. All Eric Lefkofsky wanted to do was connect small and big businesses to customers through the internet. The company is now used to help customers grab deals while learning about new services or products. Many small businesses use Groupon to build recognition or gain new loyal customers.


Most people can see why Groupon became one of the fastest growing companies online, since it appealed to both businesses and customers at the same time. Lefkofsky saw this as an opportunity to grow more than he thought imaginable. He invested time and money in this concept because he believed in it, but now Lefkofsky knows that he has good ideas. Groupon proved to be his certificate. This certificate reminded him that he is capable of building a successful business.


Beyond Groupon


This business man loves to try new things. This hunger lives inside of him, which drives him to try bold new businesses. This hunger started as a young man when he got his feet wet in the entrepreneurial industry. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a law degree, yet he decided to start his own business selling t-shirts online. It was clear to Lefkofsky that his life was going to revolve around business. It seems there is something exhilarating about watching a company grow from small beginnings.


This drive was not only used in the business world. Lefkofsky and his wife also started a charity group that he named The Lefkofsky Foundation. The foundation has raised and given away money to more than 50 organizations around the world. The organizations that The Lefkofsky Foundation focuses on deal with children’s education and health. Lefkofsky and his wife, Liz, feel like children are the key to the future. This is the reason why they dedicate themselves to causes that benefit children.


This entrepreneur also started a few more businesses after Groupon’s success. He left that company and started from scratch, even though he is now worth about $1.7 billion. Lefkofsky (brainyquote.com) does not need the money, but he is seeking the thrill of starting a business from the ground up. The one that he is concentrating on is called Tempus. This company uses smart big data technology to help doctors analyze and recommend specific treatments to cancer patients. It may not sound like much, but it helps reduce the necessity of excessive appointments, which is important for cancer patients who do not have the energy to travel as they did when they were healthy. Tempus is beloved by many physicians and may revolutionize the industry, just as Groupon revolutionized the e-commerce industry.

More information for Eric Lefkofsky: http://www.accelerateddisruption.com/

The Success of Darius Fisher

The online reputation management industry has become a popular industry within the past decade as the reliance of a positive internet reputation has continued to increase and has continued to become more and more important for both businesses as well as for individuals that are constantly within the eye of the public. The online reputation management industry is an industry that has been exponentially growing and has become a requirement for growing businesses to invest in. Not only does a positive reputation bring in more customers to the business, but it also encourages loyal customers to continue to purchase the goods and the services from the business. Online reputation management services not only build a positive reputation, but they also offer up to date information to the public about the company that is being marketed as well as the benefits of purchasing both goods and services from the company.

With countless reputation management firms making their mark in present day, one company in particular currently stands out. This company is known as Status Labs, a company that is known for their excellent services and a company that has already gained 1,500 loyal customers that stretch across over 35 different countries around the world. Status Labs is a company that was founded by Darius Fisher, an individual that understands that negative comments or reviews can be detrimental to a company and that every single business deserves a second chance. With experience in both the private sector as well as within the public sector, Darius Fisher is dedicated to what he does.

In recent news, the dedication of Darius Fisher and his company has recently been recognized with an award which was given to Darius Fisher for his innovation within the marketing industry. Darius Fisher, though a young individual, has already shown great initiative and has reached great success. What makes Status Labs stand out from other companies is the fact that Darius Fisher is a boss that encourages growth. Each employee feels a part of the company and truly strives to make their mark within the company to encourage further growth.