How Gregory Aziz Has Contributed To Business

Gregory J Aziz is the Chief executive officer of at National Industries. He is the president of National Steel Car Limited. He engaged himself in various investment opportunities in the banking sector during his early times in New York.

The company is one of the best railroad car engineering and manufacturing companies in the world. Since its foundation, the company has modeled and fashioned freight cars that overshadow and meet the expanding and demanding needs of its customers and the railroad industry at large.


The company has continued to hire new employees and making remarkable speculations and investments in order to improve the quality of its production process. Technological developments in the company systems has led to a tremendous increase in the safe production of railroad products.


The company has been selected by Canpotex to manufacture 700 railcars that are specially designed to transport potash from Saskatchewan to the coastal ports. This company has previously invested with National Steel Car that has seen it design over 7000 rail cars for Canpotex.


Strong positive relationships exist between National Steel Car and Canpotex for over 20 years courtesy of one Mr. James Aziz. Through Greg Aziz leadership, the company has funded numerous charity institutions such as the Hamilton Opera, the United Way and the Salvation Army amidst others. By giving back too charity, the company has demonstrated its willingness to give back to the community.

The company treats its employees to positive team buildings and parties all in the effort of motivating them to unleash their full potential. The company has continued to expand its engineering capabilities, strong relationships between the members of the company and also establishing positive human and capital investments. Get More Info Here.


National steel car has greatly contributed to government revenue through tax from its employees and exporting of the rail cars. It produces freight cars such as the box cars, flat car and the gondola car among others. The company continues to stay relevant through structuring of new rail car models despite of the increased technological advancements in the industry.


National Steel Car operates on a strong sense of purpose where it honors its past, moves forward with determination and keeps on performing with untiring focus on significant excellence and quality beyond quantity. It focuses on leading always as the rest follow. Greg Aziz is a role model and serves a very good example to other top executives in the rest of the rail car industries.


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The Journey of Gregory Aziz at the National Steel Car Company

Success is not given, it is taken. You have to work hard to make your plan a successful venture. Only individuals who are ready to sacrifice and remain discipline make it through prominent. Gregory Aziz, the chief executive officer of the National Steel Car, is one of these individuals.


Gregory Aziz was born on April 30, 1949. No one knew, the kind of person he was about to become. Greg Aziz attended Ridley College. Here he specialized in Economics. This was crucial to him if he was going to be a successful investor. This knowledge would equip him with the fundamentals of running a business.


After his education, he joined the family business. After running the business for 16 years, the company became the most prestigious fruit business. It was the greatest importer of fresh fruits and exporter as well. Check Out This Article.


This success did not erase his dream. In the 1980s and 1990s, he ventured into the banking business. This was part of his plan to fund the National Steel car business. After hard work and determination, he raised enough money to buy the National Steel car.


In 1994, he finally purchased the company. This was a dream come true Gregory J Aziz always wanted to make the small Canadian Company, the leading freight car and tank manufacturer in North America.


By the time he took over the company, it was not in good shape. It was time for Gregory Aziz to put into practice the economics knowledge he had. This transformed the company into something prominent. He utilized all the resources he had, to avoid any losses. This effort did not go drain. In 1999, the production increased to 12000 from 3500 Cars. Subsequently, the employment posts increased to 3000 from 600.


Under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, the Company has made significant steps. He has transformed the National Steel Car to the leading company in the freight car business. This is through his dedication. Thanks to him, the company is celebrating being in the market for 100 years. Since the firm was formedin 1912, it has been producing customized freight cars for their clients.


Gregory J Aziz has made a lot of changes to improve the National Steel Car. The National Steel Car aims to always be in the lead. This is why they keep innovating new products for the customers. Gregory Aziz says that the company can only promise continued production of goods and services.



Tony Petrello; A Lawyer, and Mathematician Conquers the World of Business

To say that Tony Petrello has enjoyed a successful career would be an understatement. Note that we are talking about a guy who was rated among the highest paid chief executive officers in the United States in 2015. In 2014, Tony earned $68.2 million from his work at Nabors Industries – a leading oil and natural gas drilling company. One cannot help but feel admiration and envy for this level of success. Anyone who has interacted with Tony Petrello will tell you that he is not only an honest man but also one full of humility. He is the kind of man who deserves this amount of success and much more. The majority of his accomplishments have been attributed to God-given talents, consistent industriousness, and creative thinking.

Within the international business community, Tony is mostly known as the president as well as the CEO of Nabors Industries. Ever since he joined the company in 1991, Tony has been serving in executive capacities and has done nothing but steer the firm towards growth and profitability. He is the man behind the wheel as far as the recent expansions at Nabors Industries are concerned. Tony has been instrumental in maintaining the dominating role that the company enjoys in the market for off-shore oil drilling. Under his leadership, Nabors Industries now offers top of the line offshore drilling services all over the world and some of the most significant and safest drilling rigs in nearly all the markets.

You cannot turn a blind eye to the things that Tony Petrello has done in his endeavors of giving back to the community. In particular, he has been very committed to helping children with neurological disorders. For example, just recently, Tony and his wife announced an initial donation of $5 million to the Neurological Research Institute, Texas Children’s Hospital. An additional $2 million has been slated to be delivered to the hospital in the coming years. The donation will help children with neurological disorders to receive first class treatment from the world’s best doctors and surgeons who are dedicated to eliminating the exhausting and deadly neurological disorders.

Tony Petrello grew up in Newark, New Jersey. He studied in public schools and was famous during his high schools because of his exemplary mastery in mathematics. His outstanding abilities in maths saw him get a scholarship opportunity at Yale University where he obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Tony had the privilege of being mentored by Serge Lang – a gifted mathematician, professor, and author.

His classmates and professors were surprised when he enrolled at Harvard Law School. He then worked with Baker & McKenzie (a prominent American law firm) where he specialized in business law, particularly taxation and arbitration. He became a managing partner of the firm’s NY division. At the time, Nabors Industries was a client of the law firm. Tony’s excellent analytical skills impressed his clients, and they eventually poached him. That is how Tony Petrello became a business executive.

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Gregory Aziz’s Role In National Steel Car Success

The National Steel Car is a Canadian company that engineers and manufactures freight and rail car. The company headquarters and location are in Hamilton, Ontario. It is among the largest railroad companies in the world and is under the chairmanship of Gregory James Aziz who is also the CEO.

When Gregory Aziz bought the company in 1994, he was led by some economic insight which he had as an investor in various banking companies in New York. Having specialized in Economics at University of Western Ontario, Gregory Aziz saw a chance to improve National Steel Car since it had the capability and strengths to become a leading company in the railcars production. Greg Aziz ensured that all resources were utilized maximally as used the strong engineering and team-building capabilities to improve the company’s performance. Using extra human resource and capital combined with an array of skills, National Steel Car nearly quadrupled its production from 3,500 rail cars annually to 12,000.


With over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing, the company boasts of unmatched excellence which Greg Aziz attributes to a dedication to producing high-quality cars. This has earned National Steel Car a name across North in the building of ranks, railroad, and freight cars. James Aziz attributes this success to the innovative and diverse workforce that adheres to values and is self-driven to achieve them. The company has been improving over the years since they give a keen consideration to customer needs and requirements when manufacturing products. Gregory Aziz notes that the relationship between the company and its customer, as well as the reliability of more than 2,000 workers at National Steel Car, have propelled the company to success. See This Article to Learn More.

1Apart from the foundations that make the company have a good reputation, Gregory J Aziz observes that the National Steel Car keeps on challenging itself to enhance productivity and effectiveness of their products and services. Key strengths are upheld, as well as remaining purposive to the main core values of the company. The constant need to improve and deliver quality products has made the company gain and build a trusting relationship with its clients, as the products are manufactured timely and have with expected performance standards.


Under Gregory Aziz, the company has received a couple of awards in the last 10 years such as the TTX SECO awards. Due to its quality in standards, National Steel Car is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified railcar manufacturer in North America.

Leadership And Success Under Gregory Aziz

The success of National Steel Car can be attributed to Gregory J Aziz. As the CEO, Gregory is in charge of all the company’s operations and the company’s finance in a bid to expand the business. The president and CEO was born in Ontario in 1949 and went on to attend Ridley College and later at the University of West Ontario where he pursued economics.

After the completion of his studies, Greg Aziz joined his family business that involved the transportation of fresh foods from Europe to South and Central America. Greg’s exceptional managerial skills for over sixteen years saw the business expand and grow to be an internationally recognized and certified food importer.


Greg Aziz experience from venturing into the banking industry led him to buy National Steel Car in 1994. His aim in acquiring the company was to grow it into a major railroad and freight car manufacturers in North America. Upon acquiring the company, James Aziz utilized the engineering potential, workforce, and investments and in a short period, the company raised its output from 3500 cars to 12000 cars a year in 1999.

To further expand the company, Greg Aziz came up with a team of experts in charge of the innovation department. The team seeks to come up with new ideas that will enable the company to compete better in the market. As a leader of the company, Gregory J Aziz values much innovations that bring dynamism to the business. National Steel Car is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. The dedication of Aziz and other leaders has led this company to open up branches across South America and Europe. See This Page for More Info.


As the National Steel Car quested to become a leading car manufacturing company, the company has embraced hard work and dedication in the operations of the business. The persistence has made it the only ISO certified freight car engineering and manufacturing business in North America. The company has retained its reputation for over two decades and has been awarded the TTX SECO award dating 1996.


Apart from its exceptional engineering and manufacturing services, the company is also a large part of the Hamilton community. It has accorded its support to Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius, United Way amongst many more community projects. Gregory Aziz invites his employees and entire Hamilton community to the yearly Christmas festivities. Thanks to Greg and his wife Irene, the most famous agricultural event all across Canada stands up to date due to their support.

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Vincent Parascandola Road to Financial Success

The business world recognizes Vincent Parascandola for his excellent leadership skills. As the vice president of AXA advisors has the responsibility of recruiting, management development and producing protégées. Over the years he has drafted some of the best financial practitioners in many parts of the world. He is an alumnus of Pace University New York graduating with a bachelor of science. His career started at Prudential; it’s where he earned national rookie of the year award, from there he moved to Mony life insurance where he served the responsibilities of management positions. After more than a decade in the insurance firm, he moved to AXA group where he has been recruiting personnel.

Parascandola transformed the company into a significant player in the market for financial protection. With the company’s vast network; the group offers strategies and goals for its customers. The team also serves as a middleman to financial institutions through AXA Equitable Life Insurance. The firm provides investment management depending on the demand of the clients. The advisers at AXA focus on offering advice that the seekers may have overlooked, along with their set objectives. Along with streamlining strategies AXA, creates a good environment for nurturing young careers. The atmosphere is competitive and hardens the employee to the extent of tackling hard assignments.

Along with helping the clients with financial advice, the organization establishes a close relationship with the client. It helps the company to understand them more and offer suitable tools, experience, and training to help clients set their objectives. Vincent keeps to himself that it’s never later to plan, with the client’s goals the organization works tightly, creating a strategy and plan or a financial assessment. For more details visit Pocomuseum.

In his career path, Vincent Parascandola has received several awards in his field. He won the GAMA development award and master agency. He’s also been a member of GAMA, president of Florida chapter and chairperson of field officer committee of LMRA. Regularly he serves as a motivational speaker to impact those who seek to thrive in the business world, among the forums he has given talks include his Alma Mata school and GAMA LAMP meetings. His mastery and broad experience in business are his most outstanding qualities. Follow his Facebook page to know more.

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Gregory Aziz Makes an “Old-Fashioned” Business Work

For decades, the business press has covered and glamorized the entrepreneurs and founders of such high-tech companies as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google.


These companies operate on the cutting edge of new developments in technology. They have changed the economy by disrupting older business models. However, as much as we honor Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other such pioneers, we must also acknowledge they owe some of their success to swimming with the current, not against it. That means computers were inevitable. Computer technology would have advanced with or without these great leaders.


Really great leaders recognize and use opportunity in older businesses such as manufacturing freight railroad cars. That’s what Gregory James Aziz did. In 1999 he raised the money to buy National Steel Car, a Canadian company with a history of over one hundred years of producing freight cars for the railroads that built Canada and the United States. He transformed it into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America.


When Gregory J Aziz took over, the company employed just 600 people. It produced just 3,500 cars per year. Since then, it has grown to 3,000 people making over 12,000 freight cars every year.


Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario, Canada in 1949. He attended Ridley College, and graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics. In 1971, after graduating, Aziz joined his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. He helped his family grown Affiliated Foods to a leading importer of fresh foods. He took foods from Central America, South America and Europe, and brought them to wholesale markets in Eastern Canada and the United States.


No doubt the experience is transporting fresh foods across continents made James Aziz acutely aware of the importance of keeping those foods fresh. He learned what forms of both sea and land transportation worked well and which methods did not. He learned as a customer of transportation companies how much his family’s business depended on depended on keeping goods fresh while in transit over thousands of miles. Read This Article for related info.


Aziz went on to practice investment banking in New York City. In 1994, he arranged for the financing to purchase National Steel Car from its owner, Dofasco.


Today, Aziz’s company not only has a high reputation for quality and innovation, it is the only freight car company in North America certified ISO 9001:2008. And it has held that honor for the past 18 years.


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“Gregory Aziz: A Time-Honored Tradition Of Excellence At National Steel Car!”

Located in Ontario, Canada National Steel Car has been successfully operating the railroad freight car industry for well over a century and is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of its kind from all over the world. National Steel Car was founded one hundred and five years ago in 1912 and the standard of excellence in operational performance and growth has been a time-honored tradition ever since. Thanks to innovative engineering technology and resources, National Steel Car has not only met all AAR requirements, but has continued to surpass the expectations and necessities of their committed clients with continual investment and application in the most up-to-date information and operational equipment available.


Their standards are so morally high and environmentally sound they are the only rail car company in the industry to hold the notable ISO 9001:2008 certification. They also have been recognized with the TTX SECO honor continuously for over ten years in a row. The TTX SECO, better known as the Supplier Evaluation Committee, is a graded evaluation recognition or accolade that hosts an annual event to promote companies with the highest business standards and practices. The TTX SECO has been in service for over twenty-five years, dating back to 1992. The SECO course of procedure is unquestionably the most inclusive and rigid supplier appraisal in the rail manufacturing trade. The merchants are graded on value, price effectiveness, distribution, customer and facility service and capital dispensation. Visit This Site for related info.


Gregory J. Aziz is the CEO and owner of National Steel. When Gregory Aziz first acquired the company, if truth be told, production was at an all-time low, but with his incredible business insight was able to increase sales and production to an extraordinarily high amount. One of the strategies James Aziz employed to accomplish this great feat was to cease all production of anything that did not pertain to freight car or freight car parts. Today the company manufactures several kinds of rail freight automotive and a few of them are included in the following list:


  • Boxcar – Has a rail capacity load of 286,000 pounds
  • Coil car– Has a load capping off at around 221,000 pounds
  • Flat car– Has a 103-ton capacity and a sixty-two-ft. long car deck
  • Gondola car– Has a gross116-ton car capacity
  • Hopper car- The total rail load capacity of 286,000 pounds
  • Intermodal Spine Car- The well and spine varieties weigh 353,400 pounds


Gregory James Aziz Changes the Corporate Culture

Gregory James Aziz is only 68 years old as he was born on 30th April 1949. He is an entrepreneur and investor, who borrowed most of his business skills from his father, the owner of Food Affiliate Company that deals with importing food from other regions and distributing it in Canada and America. Greg Aziz constantly offered minor services in the firm; therefore, he was acquainted with business from an early age. However, James Aziz’s parents were also hesitant to let him take major roles in the company until the time he graduated from campus. They then felt that he was ready for business, making him the general manager of Food Affiliates Company in 1984. In Greg’s tenure as manager, the firm expanded to import food from Europe, Central and South America, and distributing it to regions of Canada and United States. The profitability and employment level of the firm highly rose during the season, earning Greg several recognitions and awards. However, in the late 1980s, he decided to pursue a career in the investments and banking industry where he stayed until 1994. As he quit the industry, he bought the National Steel Car Company from its previous owner Dofasco. His vision was to improve the quality and quantity of production from the company. He also wanted to make the customers of the car company more satisfied. Find More Information Here.


Greg Aziz put in ample effort so that the production of the company rose from 3500 cars annually to 9000 cars each year. To match the risen quantity, Greg employed more workers with the workforce rising from 600 to 3000 employees. The corporate culture was also interfered with as Greg asked the workers to be the customer and not profit oriented. To achieve the above, Greg asked the workers to manufacture all products according to the customers’ specifications. The above demanded extensive research to be conducted to tell what the needs of the customers were; it helped in making certain that new products were customized. Because of the above, the company also enjoyed more sales and profitability as customers flocked the premises in larger numbers.

The secrets of Greg Aziz are love and respect of all stakeholders. First, the values and treasures his workers as he says that the company cannot progress without them. At the same time, he says that their combined effort makes the firm profitable. Secondly, he loves the customers without whom he says there would be no sales. He also works respectfully with the company suppliers.



How Gregory Aziz Has Contributed Towards The National Steel Car Company’s Success

National Steel Car Inc. is one of the most famous railroad and car engineering in Hamilton, Ontario. Gregory J Aziz is the current Chief Executive Officer and the president of the company.


Gregory J Aziz was born in the year 1949. He attended Ridley College. After college, he enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. After graduating, he joined decided to accede to the family business. It is during this period that the company grew to become one of the biggest importers of fresh fruit from South and Central America. They would then break the bulk into smaller quantities and sell as retail and wholesale across the United States. It is the experience that he garnered while working in this family business coupled with economics training background that enabled him to be a successful CEO on the globe.


Gregory Aziz has contributed to various activities on the globe. He has made massive investments in different sectors of the economy. However, the biggest achievement that he has done is the decision to buy the National Steel Car Company. By the time he was purchasing the firm, he had the vision to transform the Canadian company to be the best at railroading and car freight manufacture.


When Greg finalized the deal, he decided to capitalize on the best qualities of the firm to propel it to success. Some of these virtues include strong engineering capacity and team building. After maximizing on these features, the company was able to register a greater output. The massive investment in human resource and huge capital oversaw over 600 people on a gainful employment on the firm. The advantage of these economic benefits having a possibility of multiplier effects on the economy.



Today, National Steel Car Industry is the base of inventions and innovations. In the entire world, National Steel Car Company is the only manufacturing that has received an ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company has held this position continually for 20 years. In the last few years, the company has won various trophies and awards. All these benefits can be attributed to better management skills by Gregory Aziz. Greg has a significant commitment towards achieving excellence, the primary virtue that has enabled the company to meet its current state. Related Information can be found Here.



As the president and CEO, Gregory Aziz is highly concerned with the conduct of the Hamilton community. The firm has been in a position to generate revenue to fund various organizations in the country.