Jose Auriemo Neto- JHSF’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

JHSF is a leading real estate firm in Brazil. Founded in 1972, JHSF specializes in commercial and residential development, airport business, high-end hotels, and in the administration and development of shopping centers. With many years of experience, JHSF is highly acknowledged for its ability to identify emerging prospects in the market where it undertakes its activities. JHSF is a huge company with employees ranging from 1001- 5000.

The JHSF operating system is characterized by its ability to innovate, pioneer, dare, and to offer excellent sustainable solutions in its ventures and developments. It has continued to cement its existence in Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador capitals in Brazil as well as internationally in Miami and New York, and in Punta del Este in Uruguay. In respect to the emerging market economy in Brazil, two more constructions are under development in Sao Paulo locality. With 42 years in operation, JHSF was in April 2007 listed among the Bovesta’s highest Corporate Governance Segment.

Auriemo Neto Success in Real Estate Sector

JHSF’s success cannot be complete without mentioning Jose Auriemo Neto. Auriemo Neto is JHSF’s chairman and chief executive officer. He is a former student of Fundacao Armando Alvares PenteadoUniversity in Sao Paulo. Auriemo Neto began working for JHSF in 1993. After 4 years as a potential executive, he aided in creating management company parking lot by founding Department Service Group. In 1998, Neto was licensed to develop the Shopping Santa Cruz as the group’s first shopping destination and managing its prosperous developments.

Neto’s Leadership Skills

Auriemo Neto also helps in the administering of the groups wide-ranging retail portfolio and shopping. In conjunction with Sao Paulo’s Cidade Jadrim shopping complex, it includes Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus, Metro Tucuruv, and the Bela Vista in Salvador. In the year 2009, Jose Auriemo Neto in partnership agreements with Pucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo witnessed the exclusive signing of company’s first venture into retail and inaugural of the first JHSF’s retail outlets luxury brands in Cidade Jadrim shopping center. Under Neto’s leadership, the firm initiated the first R.E.D. Valentino and Valentino stores in Brazil through partnership with Valentino in 2012.



Marc Sparks: A Heart like no other

In this life, you can succeed on your own, or you can seek the counsel of experienced and successful people. According to Marc Sparks, successful and knowledgeable people have a duty to train the less fortunate so that they can climb the ladder. He has learned that a lot is expected from people who have been blessed with a lot of resources. For this reason, Marc Sparks has dedicated his life to helping other people in his many ventures. Whether its business, venture capitalism or philanthropy, Marc Sparks is always doing something to help the people around him.


Perhaps his greatest way of passing information that other people can succeed in life is through his publishing. He is the proud author of a book called They Can’t Eat You that details his path to success. It’s his hope that other people can also succeed in life despite falling short of education. Having graduated from college with a C grade, Marc Sparks didn’t despair. Instead, he focused on business and has recorded remarkable success since then. He concentrates in real estate and telecommunication industries where he runs several ventures such as Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media, and Cardinal Telecom. As of today, he is involved with a company called Timber Creek Capital where he is recognized as the chairman and chief executive officer.


Marc Sparks is a person who listens to other people’s ideas and decides whether they deserve funding and hence the term venture capitalist. He believes that before you can turn to a venture capitalist, you must show some dedication and commitment to your idea. Also, you must have faith in your idea. Finally, Marc Spark has the notion that to be funded by a venture capitalist, you must show them you have a business strategy in your mind at all time. Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, Marc Sparks has funded many ideas through the Spark Tank initiative.


Beyond business, entrepreneurship, and publishing, Marc Spark is a renowned philanthropist. Over the last few years, he has paid great attention to human plights such as hunger, homelessness, and illiteracy. There are several causes where he devotes his time and resources to fight these disasters, and they include Habitat for Humanity, American Can! Foundation and the Samaritan Inn. With the Samaritan Inn, he has been with the institution since the year 1981 and has helped deal with homelessness and hunger in Dallas. His involvement with Habitat for Humanity involved building homes for the homeless. Finally, he plays some role with the American Can Foundation by providing learning materials such as books and laptops to needy children from Dallas. Not only does he provide learning material but he also covers tuition for the needy children of this initiative.


Education, Faith, And The Arts Rise To The Top Of The Philanthropic Work Of Dick DeVos

A large number of us know the name Dick DeVos because of the many years he spent as the leader of the AmWay Group and because of the short, but successful period of time the Grand Rapids, Michigan resident spent as the President and CEO of the NBA’s Orlando Magic franchise. However, I have been impressed over recent years by the work of Dick himself and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation in providing funding and support for various philanthropic causes and charitable groups; for myself, I was most impressed by the revelation that Dick and Betsy DeVos have provided charitable donations reaching over $139 million in the course of their lifetimes.


Just how does Dick DeVos divide his charitable giving over the course of a year; let’s begin with education, an area I feel I am not alone in already understanding Dick and Betsy DeVos have played a key role for a number of decades. In 2013 alone, Dick DeVos and his foundation provided over $3 million in support for education reform programs, and continued to back a number of groups supporting education reform across the nation. Education reform has always been a major part of the philanthropy of Dick and Betsy DeVos, but I was happy to read Dick has now looked to include his own children in the philanthropy the DeVos family continues to undertake that has led to a more diverse range of programs being backed by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. One area I believe is close to the heart of Dick DeVos is his financial backing of the Willow Creek faith based religious charity the Northwood University graduate believes can play a key role in returning the U.S. to traditional values and promoting various leadership qualities among the people of the nation.


There are many aspects of the philanthropic work of Dick DeVos to admire, and I believe their are too many to list here, but an area of financial support I believe may be smaller than other contributions but remains just as important to the family as a whole. The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital has been a major success in providing care for those children who are suffering with certain forms of cancer attending the hospital; Dick himself has provided a major level of financial support for the hospital in making sure top physicians and researchers are always employed on a full time basis to raise the success rate in battling some forms of brain cancers in children.


The Success of Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the study of the different forms of law that there are in the world and the analysis on their function as well as how they work in different societies across the world. Despite the fact that many legal systems come in the form of government policies, the study of comparative law also studies many religious laws as well as many cultural laws that are recognized in different countries around the world. Comparative law is often fascinated by early legal systems in the ancient times where laws created order despite the fact that the laws were often unconventional laws. The importance of this area of study has grown exponentially over the years especially as there have been an increase in initiatives to promote globalization all over the world. This phenomena has been popular for some time and gained recognition during the 18th century as more and more individuals from different countries from around the world were interacting with one another.

This form of studying legal systems has branched off into several disciplines that are currently growing in popularity. Of the many academics around the world that have continued this study, one individual stands out not only for his achievements in the field of research, but also due to his inspirational background as well as the way that he is able to inspire both peers and students to follow his path in research. This individual is Sujit Choudhry who is many things including an academic as well as an individual who is interested in the growth of globalization.

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned individual with several degree in law as well as the foremost expert in several disciplines that continue to grow in present day thanks to his passion and to his hard work. Sujit Choudhry believes that globalism is inevitable and has worked hard to make sure that it continues in a correct manner. Sujit Choudhry is known for his intelligence as well as his passion in research and will continue to be remembered that way as he continues to inspire others to study and to analyze comparative law.

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Great Perks For Luxury Real Estate Deals

Investors who think the real estate industry is just a staid type of business have had a bit of a wakeup call of late. The reality is that as the luxury real estate market slows down (due in part to instability overseas that is tightening up access to funds, as well as stricter regulations on all cash, completely anonymous purchases) realtors are going to great lengths to lure in big investors.

Some crazy perks are finding their way into big real estate deals, and some truly defy any sense of logic. Some of the most wildly amazing perks we’ve seen for the purchase of luxury properties include a Roll-Royce Phantom (part of the deal for the Atelier condos in Manhattan), a yacht, and even a private restaurant inside a building. A luxury building in Miami Beach is offering chauffeur service via Tesla, and another home in Miami has its own art gallery. Other amazing perks to go with purchase of a luxury property include designer furniture, a water slide that goes directly from the upper story of the residence and into the pool, and a wall of floor-to-ceiling candy dispensers, all stocked with $200,000 worth of candy. Now that’s living!

In the midst of a crazy time in the luxury real estate market, what’s certain is that a firm comprised of top-level real estate professionals is the key to success. The professionals that manage TOWN Residential’s NYC properties are now very much in demand, as this firm has made a name for itself since its launch in 2008 due to the quality of its realtors and for their knowledge of the intricate New York luxury market.

Is it time to invest in a property that has everything you’ve been looking for? If it’s time, call TOWN.

How Talk Fusion and Bob Reina Helps With Success


One of the best ways someone can help someone else is to help them succeed at their goals. Bob Reina is someone who has made sure that the people he helps have the right tools for success. He does not just give people handouts, he helps them find something that they can do in order to improve their own circumstances. He believes that all types of people could use help. This is why he tries his best to help entrepreneurs. In order to help entrepreneurs, he takes the time to make sure that they have the tools that make it easier for them to succeed.

One tool that Bob has created for people is Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is video software that helps entrepreneurs in the marketing process. Entrepreneurs can now market their products in an easier manner with the use of video in order to make sure people get the point. They could more easily show the type of product or services that they are offering. Therefore, people know what to do with it. They can also answer questions more easily with the use of video chat. Talk Fusion makes it easier for marketers to connect with their customers.

Talk Fusion comes with a lot of features that not only make it more fun to use, but also make it more effective for marketing purposes. A lot of people are enjoying the benefits of being able to see as well as hear the person they are talking to. There are plenty of other features and tools that Bob Reina has put into his product. Bob Reina believes so much in this product that he offers people to use it for 30 days at no charge. When people get a feel for the product, they will want to use the product more and pay for a full service.

Manse On Marsh, Working Hard To Be The Best

The wonderful things about senior assisted living facilities are the chances of making new friends and having someone make sure you are doing good. This means you have someone that cares if you are eating. You have someone that cares if you are taking your medications. You have someone that cares if you are up or not each day. People that live at the Manse on Marsh facility are happy to know that they have people watching out for them. This is one of the benefits people receive when they live where people care.

The staff at the Manse on Marsh care deeply about the facility and their lives. The staff works hard to make sure that they are cleaning the facility like it should be cleaned. The staff works hard to provide the most delicious food. They provide the residents with foods that are nutritious as well as delicious. The Manse on Marsh is working really hard to be the best at providing a good life for seniors.

The Manse on Marsh was recently voted one of the best facilities in the nation. The amenities and care all makeup for a great community. Housing is clean and meets the needs of the seniors living in the community. Manse allows the individuals to have their own opinions as well as have the things they need. Each person that works at the Manse knows that they will need to go through some training. They know they will need to care about people. They will help the residents to have the best of the best. Activities are provided for individuals that live in the community. Transportation is provided when needed. The staff helps the residents remember to take their medications. They are there to help the community as they need help.

Being the best means you work hard to provide the best. The Manse on Marsh is always striving to be the best and provide the best for the clients and their families. Each person that lives in one of the flats or suites is going to receive the best of everything without worry or giving up their independence.

Devco hotel project struggling

The New Brunswick Development Corp. (Devco) project, The Heldrich, a hotel and conference center in New Brunswick, NJ, continues to falter. In April, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority (MCIA), missed its scheduled $1 million principal and interest payment to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority for a $20 million revitalization loan made in 2005. The loan partially financed The Heldrich’s renovation, part of a $107 million package.

MCIA fell behind in payment five years ago. It’s now behind in repayment by nearly $7 million, according to an April news article in The Press of Atlantic City.

“CRDA will be paid, but it’s just going to take a couple more years,” said attorney Chris Paladino who heads Devco and its Atlantic City sister organization.

The 235-room hotel, open since 2007, has failed to draw the expected number of guests with a 63.5 percent occupancy rate in 2015. Devco financed $776,000 for essential capital expenses for the hotel including replacement of carpet and mattresses, said Paladino.

“We continue to be engaged in the project, and we want to make it healthy,” he said.

Founded in the mid-1970s, the private non-profit DEVCO, marshals urban real estate developments to further revitalization of New Brunswick and foster the city’s economic growth. The non-profit organized $1.6 billion in investment for the city, so far.

Paladino said Devco continues to support the Heldrich project for its numerous positive impacts like the 235 unionized workers it employs, its annual $1.2 million in real estate taxes and its 100,000 visitors in 2015.

“We took a really crappy block and turned it into something special,” Paladino said. “Will I be happier with the project once it pays all its debt? Yes.”


Lime Crime’s New Website Upgrade

During the years of 2015 and 2016, the hair coloring game changed tremendously. Pastel and multicolored neon hair became insanely on trend. Some of the people who have jumped on the pastel and neon hair train have began to notice that their makeup does not look as great as it used to. Because of this struggle that many men and women are facing, a very famous makeup brand called Lime Crime has worked up a solution. On the Lime Crime website, there is a new widget addition that allows for customers to select products that go along with their hair color perfectly.

The widget focuses mainly on two products, which are lipsticks and eye shadows, since the lip and eye area have such a great effect on one’s overall facial appearance. Whenever one goes to the Lime Crime website and selects the new website addition to figure out what makeup colors will look good with their complexion and hair color, they will be required to do two things. First of all, the person will obviously have to select their hair color or the closest thing they can find to it since there are so many different hue options whenever it comes to the neon and pastel hair trend. After the hair color and hue has been selected, next the potential customer will select their skin tone, which is the final step. Whenever these two simple steps are completed, the person will click the submit button, which will trigger the generator to start searching for lipstick and eye shadow colors that will compliment each of the components.

Whenever asked about this new website feature in a recent press conference, Lime Crime said that they were very excited to finally be able to offer something to their clients that will help them select colors that are perfect for them. There are so many lip and eye options out on the market today, but many of them are not produced with this new pastel and neon hair trend in mind. That is why Lime Crime is extremely satisfied in knowing that their unicorn and mermaid hair colored customers will be taken care of and introduced to colors to keep their style alive.  Doe runs their official blog which has up to date information about what Lime Crime is doing next.

Mike Baur’s Work to Build Startups

Currently the CEO of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has been making an impact on the finance world for quite some time. A native of Fribourg in the Switzerland region, Baur has well over twenty years of experience working with Swiss Private Banking. Beginning his career as a simple commercial apprentice, Baur worked his way up to being one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world.

Mike Baur‘s journey in business began at a young age. As a teenager he showed great interest in banking and finance. His interest would grow over time and by age 39 he created the Swiss Start up Factory with a partner. His company eventually became the number one independent start up in Switzerland. This company has had tremendous impact across Switzerland. Baur and his company currently invest a lot of time encouraging Swiss youth to pursue entrepreneurship. He supports numerous startups not only with his money but by serving as a mentor. Baur’s credentials prove he is worthy to do such work, holding an MBA from University of Berne. Furthermore he is currently working as Co-Director of the Swiss Startup Association.

The Swiss Start Up Factory is an independent accelerator company in Switzerland. The company supports and encourages young entrepreneurs providing mentor ship. Swiss Start Up Factory has a firm belief that young entrepreneurs can realize their visions. Ultimately they need some kind of platform to guide them in order to reach their milestones. It’s the companies passion in this belief that pushed them to start their company in the first place.

Because of it’s independent formation, the Swiss Start Up Factory has great desire to produce fast development and growth of their start-ups. Entrepreneurs who enter their program go through a quick, rigorous 3 month program. Participants receive money and guidance in areas such as finance, technology and strategy With a plethora of resources, the startups gain incredibly valuable input, that helps them to grow their young business.

Mike Baur and his company The Swiss Start Up Factory are making a tremendous impact on young entrepreneurs. Their work across Switzerland is giving birth to many future business and products.