Ted Bauman Shares the Hard Lessons He Learned About Productivity

Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, Ted Bauman has taken on the role of editor, managing his own “The Bauman Letter,” as well as the “Plan B Club” and “Alpha Stock Alert” newsletters. His work focuses on issues such as privacy and asset protection, low-risk investments, and international migration concerns.

When asked about the average work day, Ted revealed that he starts working straight from home, after shuffling his daughter off to school. He heads down to his basement office and starts working as soon as he’s able. Ted finds that he’s most productive in the mornings, so he wants to take advantage of those early morning hours. Visit Ted Bauman at stocktwits.com

Some days, Ted is feeling especially ambitious and will get up to work earlier than usual. The quiet of those very early hours enable him to knock out a few tasks, even before the real work day begins. Regardless of what time Mr. Bauman starts his day, he never stops working before 5:00 p.m.

His days stay busy, but, in between, Ted tries to stay up to date on current events. He pays particular attention to news that affects those topics covered by his newsletter, because he knows those issues will be of interest to his readers.

A large part of Ted Bauman’s day is writing about financial news and events. He admits that can include some rather dry information, so he tries to be creative with it. Often, he looks for ways to relate the information to his readers’ lives, because it will have personal meaning in that way.

Speaking of his readers, Bauman says he’s really excited by the awakening that the public is beginning too go through. People are questioning the economy here at home and internationally. The practice of governments has always been to cater to big business, clinging to the trickle down theory made popular by Reaganomics. Now, people are questioning the wisdom in that and are beginning to demand greater accountability. Most people now doubt that such a system can benefit anyone, other than banks and businesses.

Even though Ted Bauman has never liked to see much government regulation in finances, he does feel that the current system is failing. He says he’s interested to see what the public will do with this awakening. This questioning from regular people is something new, so Ted says he’s interested to see where it leads. Whether or not it leads to a financial revolution, it will definitely be worthy of an edition of “The Bauman Letter”.
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Brian Torchin: Pioneer of Medical Office Management

“HCRC Staffing® was founded with the mission to incorporate years of medical and staffing knowledge to enhance the hiring experience. We use a consultative, direct, ethical, expedient, and detail-oriented approach to staffing.” – hcrcstaffing.com

All medical practices, whether they be chiropractic, dentistry, podiatry or physical therapy all have one thing in common. They require dedicated, qualified individuals to staff their offices to provide the services that patients and customers need and depend on. Visit postings.com for more info.

After years of working to create and maintain medical offices and practices across the east coast, Brian Torchin decided to make use of his experience as both a practicing physician and in management to establish HCRC Staffing, a service that provides recruitment counciling to medical practices. HCRC Staffing works with healthcare employers, including on nights and weekends, to find qualified physicians, and coordinate interviews and organize contract negotiations.

As president and founder of HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin has revolutionized the industry by providing vital staffing services globally, as well as across the United States. He also speaks at healthcare recruiting events, and has been addressed as the “Number one recruiter in the USA”. Even his social media accounts are filled with referrals and employment offerings for physicians across the US.

HCRC Staffing went from an idea to 200 clients and companies worldwide, providing recruitment services to medical offices across the globe. As CEO at HCRC Staffing and as a medical professional, Brian Torchin is leading healthcare recruitment into the future, meeting the growing demands for physicians everywhere. Check: http://www.slideshare.net/BrianTorchin


Matt Badiali and Instructional Prowess

Matt Badiali likes to give people high-quality suggestions. He’s particularly keen on giving people suggestions that can motivate them to make fantastic investment decisions. Good investment choices can practically make or break an individual these days. It’s no surprise that there are so many people who like listening to what Matt Badiali has to share about the investment realm. He’s constantly discussing metals that can potentially do good for investors. Zinc is one of his big topics at the moment. He genuinely thinks that people should zero in on this chemical element. It’s a metal that he thinks is going to be worth it. It’s also one that he thinks is going to be hard to locate not long from now.

Zinc isn’t the only metal option out there that Badiali relishes discussing. He also frequently talks about both lead and copper. He has a lot of insight that revolves around base metals. He’s noticed that base metals are a subject that people should prioritize.

Matt Badiali is an efficient Banyan Hill Publishing aficionado. He employs Banyan Hill Publishing as a means of getting his thoughts out to the world. He writes detail-oriented online newsletters that are suited to people who want natural resource investment guidance. He talks about natural resource investment and how people can utilize it. He talks about natural resource investing changes that are worth concentrating on, too. Anyone who has ever talked to Matt Badiali for a second can say easily that he loves natural resource investing as a topic. They can also say that he adores instructing people. Giving people information that they wouldn’t find otherwise means anything and everything to him.

Matt Badiali used to be a geology professor. He shared his geology wisdom while at both Duke University and the University of North Carolina. Badiali is familiar with some of the United States’ most respectable learning institutions. Although he has a penchant for instruction, he didn’t stay part of that world for too long. A widely known investment wizard sought Badiali’s assistance. That was the beginning of a marvelous journey for him. He never ever turned back since that time.

Getting knowledge from Matt Badiali on the Internet is a walk in the park for people who want to gain investment strength. They can look at Banyan Hill Publishing and its choices. They can check out Matt Badiali’s pages on social media networking websites like Twitter and Facebook.

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Matt Badiali’s Amazing Investment Strategies

Matt Badiali is famous for establishing Real Wealth Strategist. Matt pursued earth sciences and geology from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University respectively. Additionally, he attended North Carolina University where he attained his Ph.D. In 2004, a close friend of Matt wanted to partner with him on developing effective investment methods for average entrepreneurs. His friend knew that Matt’s knowledge in sciences could play a significant role in giving invaluable investment advice. Learn more at crunchbase.com for more info.

The two partners had a common goal of crafting investment advice that could be of help to average people. As a result, Matt Badiali uses his father as the ideal average American. Matt Badiali recalls how he watched his father make wrong investment decisions. He later discovered that he could apply his father’s experience and blend it with education to advice people on investments.

After strategizing on different ways of giving advice, Badiali decided to specialize in offering investment advice on natural resources and energy. Most of the people who have applied his strategies have made more than double-digit gains. In May 2017, he launched Real Wealth Strategist where he partnered with Banyan Hill to give recommendations to investors.

Matt Badiali highly values real life experiences. He has traveled in different countries all across the world. Some of the destinations include Singapore, Iraq, Peru, Turkey, and Hong Kong among others. Matt has visited thousands of organization headquarters, oil projects, and mines to get insights and to give advice as well.

According to an interview by Ideamensch, Matt Badiali states that he loves starting his day early. He takes his children to school and reads the news. When Matt gets to his office, he starts writing in the morning to take advantage of the high focus during the morning hours. Matt adds that real-life experiences give him the best ideas. Most of the topics he addresses are based on experiences.

Matt finds energy consumption an exciting trend. To stay productive, Matt focuses on a single thing and blocks all sorts of distractions. This strategy helps him to carry out tasks within a short time. Working as a geologist was his worst job. The worst part of his career as an environmental geologist was collecting contaminated samples from polluted areas.

Matt Badiali highly values internships because he sees it as an excellent opportunity to get the necessary experience. Matt also advises people to read because it gives him insights on how to handle different things in life. One of his critical working principles is delivering the best quality services. Matt also values being trustworthy and honest in his profession. Related: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/freedom-checks-scam-or-real-deal/


Taking a Look at Where Bernardo Chua is Going From Here

Bernardo worked with multi-level marketing for several years and was from the Philippines. He acted as an executive of Gano Excel in the Philippines at first. Three years after, Bernardo aided the expansion of Gano Excel to Canada and Hong Kong and later to the United States. He acted as the president of Gano Excel in U.S.A after he moved to California. The products marketed by Gano Excel had Ganoderma in them. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

Bernardo in the preceding decade focused his determinations on teas, coffees, and other products used every day. His main aim was to introduce people all over the world to Ganoderma. Bernardo undertook key roles in two companies which were successful: the Organo Gold and Gano Excel. Bernardo brought Ganoderma into the lucrative market of North America. Bernardo marketed polypore mushroom genus the first one with teas and coffees. When he set up a business model, he saw the advantages of working directly in sales..

Direct sales helped him grow the business quickly in the Philippines and triggered the motion in business to take it globally. He stood by the fact that his best way of going to his business line was through direct sales.

Bernardo Chua Business

The company of Organo Gold became established and Bernardo focused more on ensuring his business is refined. He created a company that would take products of Ganoderma lucidum to another level. Bernardo spent most of his time educating people on the essentiality of this herb. The effort of Bernardo was recognized and he was awarded various awards. He founded the two companies in the Philippines but worked in ensuring that their existence is sensed in North America. Read more on Business for Home to learn more.

Most of the media outlets recognized the achievements of Bernardo Chua in his business. Market wired on the 3rd December 2015, his companies’ story on the program. On October the 2nd, 2017, an article was written by Cision PR Web on FENIX DXTM and FENIX XTTM incorporation. He was the brain that created Organo Gold Coffee whose essential ingredient as the mushroom. Mushroom had medical values and was nutritious. More info here: http://www.slideshare.net/BernardoChua


Ian Graham ‘The Cryptocurrency’ King

Ian Graham King known as cryptocurrency king was born in 1956 on 24th of April. He is married and lives in Portsmouth. In his childhood, he lived in New Jersey and during summers worked as a lifeguard in the ocean. He became the captain of the busiest beach of New Jersey and fifty rescues were common every day. There at the beach, he started learning about trading and their tools. He graduated in B.S. in Psychology and did internship from Merrill Lynch. In Gleacher Shacklock LLP King worked as an advisor to board. In Alenia Marconi System he was appointed as the Chief Executive officer. He had experience of working with aerospace and defense sector. Visit Ian King at angel.co

From August 18, 2004, to February 2005 Ian worked as a non-executive director at Alvis plc. He also worked as Director and managing director of Marconi Electronic System. After that, he joined BAE System which was created in November 1999. There he was appointed as Group Strategy & Planning Director and in December 2000 was promoted to group managing Director of BAE. IN November 2006 Ian King was appointed as Chief Operating Officer by BAE Systems and from 1st January 2007, took the charge. His annual income was £982,300. Due to his ability and hard work, BAE Systems announced him as the next CEO. From September 1, 2008, to 2017 he worked as the CEO of BAE Systems. In 2017, on 30th June he announced his retirement.  Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/ian-king-4924

In 2013 he got to know about bitcoin and found it to be the new way of earning, but common people were not aware of it so he created Banyan Hill. There he was appointed as cryptocurrency expert. 2012, Silicon Valley, a startup was regulating e-currency to allow central banks to print and distribute a digital form of money. In every ten years a new technology arrives and changes the way of living and at present, it is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is digital money which is used worldwide and is approved by the governments globally. With the help of Banyan Hill, he started writing about cryptocurrency that what it is, how it works and how people can earn through it.

He launched his trading services through Banyan Hill. In which he revealed the trading strategies and things to be kept in mind while investing. All these were available to people who had subscribed the Banyan Hill. It is good and everyone should learn about Cryptocurrency.

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Ted Bauman is an Expert in Economics and Finances for Banyan Hill

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and the Alpha Stock Alert as member of Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the company in 2013 as an expert in asset protection, privacy and other topics. Bauman was born in Washington D.C., But moved out of the country before reaching adult age. Prior to moving back to the United States, he spent a large portion of his life in South Africa. He graduated from the University of Cape Town and holds degrees in Economics and History. During his time in South Africa, he held roles as executives in nonprofit organizations. When he finally moved back to the United States in 2008, he began working for Habitat for Humanity International. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. See the complete profile on LinkedIn

One of his publications, The Bauman Letter, is a series of financial and tax advice articles that are published on Sovereign Society. In his series, Bauman informs people on subjects relating to legal ways to save money on taxes, ways to protect your finances, methods to save money, and other general financial advice.

Ted Bauman says that despite his expertise in the world of economics, his number one goal as an employee of Banyan Publishing is to be a writer. “My job is to be a writer,” Bauman began. “[I] make people want to read more.”

Bauman is excited that people are beginning to question their governments and financial systems. “[Bending over backwards for large businesses is] what Western governments have adopted over many years.” Bauman believes that such practices will lead to disappointment and the collapse of economies. Learn more about Ted Bauman at crunchbase.com.

Bauman has not always been successful, of course. Bauman has worked at fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and Burger King, he has been a bus boy at more expensive restaurants, and has worked at gas stations. Bauman says if he could start his life over he would have been much more productive and would have applied himself more to his education. “I’ve had a number of failures in my life,” Bauman said. “There’s nobody who’s ever been completely successful in everything.” Bauman claimed.

Bauman says he is an unorthodox financial expert. “Capital in the 21st Century” is a really good book to read.” he said. The book is known among experts as being extremely innovative in its theory but lacks in conclusion. Despite the books short-comings, the book is very accessible to people who are just beginning to learn about economics.

Read more on Talk Markets: http://www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Ted-Bauman


Jeff Yastine: Helping His Readers Invest

Imagine that there was a way that you could find out what the best investment opportunities are and when the best time would be to put your money into them. Often times, new investors are wracked with stress over which investments will be the best opportunities for them and which will be the worst. Resources like Jeff Yastine are perfect for people who are still finding their footing in the financial world. In fact, even advanced investors will find that Jeff Yastine has a knack for predicting the future when it comes to sound financial investments. Simply put, Jeff Yastine is the way to go if you want to participate in a little less worrying when it comes to your investments.

Visit Jeff Yastine on facebook for more updates.

A recent piece that Yastine has written, “Cash Is Flooding into Cybersecurity”, is just one of the examples readers can use to help them break into the financial markets. It can be found on medium.com and it is a relatively short read that investors can use as a guide when looking into new opportunities. Yastine urges his readers to look at the benefits of cyber security. Cybersecurity has grown exponentially in recent years due to the increasing reliance on technology. Security has become a major concern for many people, meaning that increasingly more cybersecurity firms are being established every year.

Yastine explains that just last year, there was a 17% growth in that market alone. This is an extreme amount and it shows potential investors how healthy the market has become for the service. Now, you might think that you have missed the bus on this opportunity or that profits have risen as high as they are going to get, Yastine believes that there is still time to make a substantial profit. In fact, just last year, savvy venture capitalist help fund over 500 new startup companies related to the cybersecurity field. Read more at Talk Markets to know more about Jeff Yastine.

Yastine is no amateur when it comes to financial security and sound investments. In addition to his degree in journalism from the University of Florida, Yastine has led a very prolific career in financial journalism. He has not only written countless articles for novice investors, but he was the star of a PBS financial report program that touched millions. When it comes to finances, Jeff Yastine knows exactly what he is doing and now he wants to pass that information on to his readers so that they might find more opportunities within the market.

You can learn more about Jeff Yastine by visiting: https://jeffyastineguru.com/


Why Shervin Pishevar Thinks Silicon Valley Is Losing Their Edge

Shervin Pishevar recently released a lot of thoughts he has about Silicon Valley, the economy, and more across Twitter. The angel investor and venture capitalist actually tweeted 50 times in 21 hours, shocking many people due to his previous silence.


What’s happening in Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is where a large number of major businesses sit. Facebook, Microsoft, and others are based in Silicon Valley, California. However, it is no longer simply a physical place as Shervin Pishevar explains. Businesses that thrive no longer need to come out of this ZIP Code.

With innovation hailing from all sorts of other areas around the globe, the competitive edge that Silicon Valley used to have is lost.


Where is the innovation coming from?

Innovation isn’t limited to Silicon Valley anymore. Instead, it is coming from everywhere. Even China is being seen as more innovative due to their ability to increase their speed of execution. Shervin Pishevar provides the example that a train station was built in nine hours using 1500 Chinese construction workers.

There are plenty of competing zones for innovation. Entrepreneurship has become a movement and it is borderless. For years, the United States used immigrant talent. However, the talent no longer needs to enter the United States. Instead, there are plenty of businesses being created throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and beyond. The talent is staying put as a result of physical borders being created. See This Page to learn more.

Countless new businesses are creeping up and proving that they are far more innovative than the startups coming out of Silicon Valley. Ultimately, consumers don’t care where the innovation comes from as long as it is innovative and truly disruptive technology.

Shervin Pishevar has experienced a number of retweets and comments as a result of his comments. The ones regarding Silicon Valley begin with tweet number 25. Seeing as how he numbered all of his tweets, it makes it easy to follow everything that he said in order.


Visit: https://eca.state.gov/fulbright/about-fulbright/j-william-fulbright-foreign-scholarship-board-ffsb/ffsb-members/shervin

Matt Badiali, the Natural Resource Expert and Founder of Real Wealth Strategist

That people often end up pursuing careers in fields they didn’t study for is so much true. Nobody knows this better than Matt Badiali. He is a graduate of geology and earth science with master’s and doctorate degrees. His encounter with a financial specialist back in 2004 saw him shift his focus to securities.

The encounter drove him to conduct several types of research deemed at enhancing investments in a variety of natural resources. The career took a turn, and it involved him visiting corporate entities, and natural resource mining sites all over the world. Thanks to this experience, he developed an urge to come up with a publication about mining and other natural resource investment.

In 2017, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he keeps readers updated on the trends in the sector apart from making recommendations of the most lucrative opportunities. He provides useful information from firsthand research, which helps the interested individuals on how to maximize benefits from natural resources. Read this article for more info.

Among Matt Badiali’s key achievements in the industry is portrayed by what he calls “freedom checks.” Unknown to many, freedom checks are excellent investments that allows one to reap up to four times the average salary. The checks are issued by specific companies dealing with oil and gas. A substantial amount of income harvested from the processing and the sale of these resources is paid to investors. This is Matt’s idea of freedom checks.

They are more like stock dividends and are regarded as a return on capital, which is why investors do not pay taxes. His newsletter, the Real Wealth Strategist, that he launched with Banyan Hill in May last year has, since then attracted a broad base of readers who are always hungry for his ideas on oil and gas stock investment recommendations.

Being a practical man, he often visits places and engages in direct conversations while conducting his geological research. This is among the reasons that have attracted readers to his publication. Most of his ideas are new and worth exploring.

Apart from his Real Wealth Strategist newsletter, his Facebook page is also exceptional. He strives to bring more people into the investment world by engaging with them on a daily basis. He shares tips and more ways in which every investor can utilize to maximize their profits. As a result, he also strengthens his credibility and attracts more readers. This same content is also what he publishes on Medium. He doesn’t fall short of investment ideas and is always on point. Perhaps this can be attributed to the MBA degree he attained at Florida Atlantic University.

Learn more: https://seekingalpha.com/user/48542975/stocktalks