All About Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is one of the most successful investment advisers in modern times. His constant research of market trends and economies all over the world has helped him stay on top of his game and make great investment decisions for himself and his clients.

Igor Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil in the year 1947. He attended engineering school in 1965 at the Federal University of Parana and Santa Catarina. Igor studied engineering for two years until he decided to switch his major to economics. This decision would forever change the course of his life and lead to a long and prestigious career as an investment adviser.

Upon graduating from University in 1970, Igor was hired for his first ever professional position in a banking environment. The bank had hired him because of his engineering background and ability to solve complex mathematical equations. He quickly rose to the top of the company which led to his first job as a professional investment banker at Multibanco in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He became the CEO of Multibanco in 1976 where he held the position for two years. Multibanco would be acquired by Bank of America in 1978, which prompted Igor to seek employment opportunities elsewhere. Igor went on to have a successful career with other employers, and always excelled no matter where he went. After a long career as an employee, he decided to open his own investment firm in 1995.

While running his own investment firm, Igor prided himself on always being able to have great foresight into what would happen in the market. He relied on hard facts and data to drive his business and that is what always made him successful. Igor Recommends using unbiased news sources when performing market research. He uses the website Reuters every day to conduct all his research, which has always served him well.

Igor Cornelsen is an amazing example of what education and hard work can do for a person. His constant efforts to stay on top of his profession and willingness to go the extra mile have paid off in dividends. Therefore, anyone who wants to become successful at what they do should follow his philosophies, and never stop learning about their industry.

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Rick Smith Helps People Realize They Have Different Needs in the Prison

The prison environment can be something difficult for people who are in it. There are many things that can make it more difficult, but having a company like Securus there to make things better for people is what has made the prison industry the best it can be. Rick Smith knows there are different things he can do to make the prison industry more successful and he has always tried to make sure he is giving people the things they are looking for. In addition, Rick Smith feels Securus is the perfect opportunity for people who are trying to make things better in the prisons they are running. If they use Securus for their industry needs and their communication needs, they will have a chance to experience the best prison possible. They can make things easier in the business and that’s what will continue to help them through the situations they are dealing with.

Securus started out as just a communications company. They now continue to work in the communications part of the prison industry, but they have tried to give the prisons more than just phone calls and emails. In fact, they have done what they can to make sure they are helping people with the issues they might have to deal with while they are running the prisons. Rick Smith Securus makes all of these things possible because he is the CEO of the company and has been coming up with new solutions since he first started working with the company. Read more articles at

Even though there are phone calls and other things people can use that are provided by Securus, Rick Smith knows there are new ways people can communicate. In fact, the industry tries to give people what they are looking for through the inmate email program. If they are able to email with their loved ones, they will have another form of communication. These email programs are also less expensive for the prisons to use and they are a safer option because they can monitor the different things that will help them bring attention to the problems that are going on for the prisoners. Read more on

For as long as Rick Smith has been working with the company, he feels he is an important part of the industry. Without Securus, many prisons would not have the solutions they need to make things easier on the administrators. The company knows what they are doing and how they can help people. Rick Smith has managed to make sure he is the most professional person and the perfect fit for the job he is trying to do. Everything he has done with the company has given him the ability to help the prisons Securus works with.


What You Should Know About Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was the president, chairman, and CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He joined the company in the year 1993 and has since then rose the ranks to become the most powerful man in the manufacturing powerhouse United Technologies Corporation otherwise know by many as UTC.

UTC is one of the most competitive technological companies and has been consistent in it operations for more than seventy years despite the market fluctuations and the dynamic economic and technological environment in the world today. UTC has not failed to pay its dividends to the shareholders for 77 years. On the contrary, the company has raised the dividends by 10% just recently.

Louis Chenevert started working for the company through their wing company Pratt and Whitney. After an impressive work performance at the company, he joined the mother company which was in this case UTC and was elected the president and CEO in the year 2006. Louis worked hard at his position and promoted innovation and development in the company.

He became among the lead consultants in the various works that were undertaken by the company. One might ask, what does it take to become and maintain the position of CEO in a big company like UTC? Well, Louis Chenevert attributes his success to hard work, persistence, consistence and sharing of ideas with other people. He says one gets a lot of information by sharing and this generates ideas that can help one rise in the career and become who they want to be.

UTC has been able to maintain its position because the managerial team was open to change and innovation and general adaptability to the dynamic environment was mandatory so as to remain relevant to the field. It is therefore mandatory for anyone aspiring to grow career wise to be able to adapt to the ever changing environment.

Louis R. Chenevert worked his way to become a master in his field and a man to be remembered in UTC. He retired in the year 2014 from UTC with a lucrative retirement package of $200 million which is clearly not just pocket change.

How Gregory Aziz Has Contributed To Business

Gregory J Aziz is the Chief executive officer of at National Industries. He is the president of National Steel Car Limited. He engaged himself in various investment opportunities in the banking sector during his early times in New York.

The company is one of the best railroad car engineering and manufacturing companies in the world. Since its foundation, the company has modeled and fashioned freight cars that overshadow and meet the expanding and demanding needs of its customers and the railroad industry at large.


The company has continued to hire new employees and making remarkable speculations and investments in order to improve the quality of its production process. Technological developments in the company systems has led to a tremendous increase in the safe production of railroad products.


The company has been selected by Canpotex to manufacture 700 railcars that are specially designed to transport potash from Saskatchewan to the coastal ports. This company has previously invested with National Steel Car that has seen it design over 7000 rail cars for Canpotex.


Strong positive relationships exist between National Steel Car and Canpotex for over 20 years courtesy of one Mr. James Aziz. Through Greg Aziz leadership, the company has funded numerous charity institutions such as the Hamilton Opera, the United Way and the Salvation Army amidst others. By giving back too charity, the company has demonstrated its willingness to give back to the community.

The company treats its employees to positive team buildings and parties all in the effort of motivating them to unleash their full potential. The company has continued to expand its engineering capabilities, strong relationships between the members of the company and also establishing positive human and capital investments. Get More Info Here.


National steel car has greatly contributed to government revenue through tax from its employees and exporting of the rail cars. It produces freight cars such as the box cars, flat car and the gondola car among others. The company continues to stay relevant through structuring of new rail car models despite of the increased technological advancements in the industry.


National Steel Car operates on a strong sense of purpose where it honors its past, moves forward with determination and keeps on performing with untiring focus on significant excellence and quality beyond quantity. It focuses on leading always as the rest follow. Greg Aziz is a role model and serves a very good example to other top executives in the rest of the rail car industries.


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The Journey of Gregory Aziz at the National Steel Car Company

Success is not given, it is taken. You have to work hard to make your plan a successful venture. Only individuals who are ready to sacrifice and remain discipline make it through prominent. Gregory Aziz, the chief executive officer of the National Steel Car, is one of these individuals.


Gregory Aziz was born on April 30, 1949. No one knew, the kind of person he was about to become. Greg Aziz attended Ridley College. Here he specialized in Economics. This was crucial to him if he was going to be a successful investor. This knowledge would equip him with the fundamentals of running a business.


After his education, he joined the family business. After running the business for 16 years, the company became the most prestigious fruit business. It was the greatest importer of fresh fruits and exporter as well. Check Out This Article.


This success did not erase his dream. In the 1980s and 1990s, he ventured into the banking business. This was part of his plan to fund the National Steel car business. After hard work and determination, he raised enough money to buy the National Steel car.


In 1994, he finally purchased the company. This was a dream come true Gregory J Aziz always wanted to make the small Canadian Company, the leading freight car and tank manufacturer in North America.


By the time he took over the company, it was not in good shape. It was time for Gregory Aziz to put into practice the economics knowledge he had. This transformed the company into something prominent. He utilized all the resources he had, to avoid any losses. This effort did not go drain. In 1999, the production increased to 12000 from 3500 Cars. Subsequently, the employment posts increased to 3000 from 600.


Under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, the Company has made significant steps. He has transformed the National Steel Car to the leading company in the freight car business. This is through his dedication. Thanks to him, the company is celebrating being in the market for 100 years. Since the firm was formedin 1912, it has been producing customized freight cars for their clients.


Gregory J Aziz has made a lot of changes to improve the National Steel Car. The National Steel Car aims to always be in the lead. This is why they keep innovating new products for the customers. Gregory Aziz says that the company can only promise continued production of goods and services.



Gregory Aziz’s Role In National Steel Car Success

The National Steel Car is a Canadian company that engineers and manufactures freight and rail car. The company headquarters and location are in Hamilton, Ontario. It is among the largest railroad companies in the world and is under the chairmanship of Gregory James Aziz who is also the CEO.

When Gregory Aziz bought the company in 1994, he was led by some economic insight which he had as an investor in various banking companies in New York. Having specialized in Economics at University of Western Ontario, Gregory Aziz saw a chance to improve National Steel Car since it had the capability and strengths to become a leading company in the railcars production. Greg Aziz ensured that all resources were utilized maximally as used the strong engineering and team-building capabilities to improve the company’s performance. Using extra human resource and capital combined with an array of skills, National Steel Car nearly quadrupled its production from 3,500 rail cars annually to 12,000.


With over 100 years of engineering and manufacturing, the company boasts of unmatched excellence which Greg Aziz attributes to a dedication to producing high-quality cars. This has earned National Steel Car a name across North in the building of ranks, railroad, and freight cars. James Aziz attributes this success to the innovative and diverse workforce that adheres to values and is self-driven to achieve them. The company has been improving over the years since they give a keen consideration to customer needs and requirements when manufacturing products. Gregory Aziz notes that the relationship between the company and its customer, as well as the reliability of more than 2,000 workers at National Steel Car, have propelled the company to success. See This Article to Learn More.

1Apart from the foundations that make the company have a good reputation, Gregory J Aziz observes that the National Steel Car keeps on challenging itself to enhance productivity and effectiveness of their products and services. Key strengths are upheld, as well as remaining purposive to the main core values of the company. The constant need to improve and deliver quality products has made the company gain and build a trusting relationship with its clients, as the products are manufactured timely and have with expected performance standards.


Under Gregory Aziz, the company has received a couple of awards in the last 10 years such as the TTX SECO awards. Due to its quality in standards, National Steel Car is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified railcar manufacturer in North America.

With Only A Year to His Retirement as Bradesco President, Luiz Carlos Trabuco can Look Back On His Time at the Helm With Pride

Every year, millions of people across the world get employed to entry positions in various organizations and companies. However, only a select few of them ever get to spend their entire careers at these companies. For such a rarity to happen, the employee must consistently offer great value to the company, and the company offer great satisfaction to the employee. Such is the case between Brazilian banking giant Bradesco, and its current president and executive vice president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The two parties have been together for close to six, very productive, decades. In that time, Bradesco has benefitted from Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s determined and strategic leadership while he has, on the other hand, benefitted with an opportunity to learn and grow as a banker. The relationship between the two has particularly been productive since 2009 when Luiz Carlos Trabuco took over as the bank’s overall President.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born and raised in the city of Marilia, Brazil. While he has an enviable education background, it is not in any way related to banking. He holds an undergraduate philosophy degree from the University of Sao Paulo and a graduate degree in Socio-Psychology from the Fundacao School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paolo. With the banking industry demanding a lot of networking and close interactions, it is plausible that his academic background, while peculiar, has contributed towards making him a better manager.

As alluded to earlier, Luiz Carlos Trabuco career began at Bradesco. Aged only 18, he was employed at the bank’s branch in his hometown of Marilia in 1969. He then earned quick promotions at the bank which eventually led him to assume the marketing director position in 1984. He held the position for a total of eight years, leaving a strong legacy improving the bank’s relationship with members of the press. A seven-year stint as the executive director of one of Bradesco’s subsidiaries, Bradesco Previdencia then followed. In 1999, after coming close to being named the bank’s president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was promoted to the position of executive vice president at another of the bank’s subsidiaries, Bradesco Seguros. Then, in 2003 he took on his most challenging responsibility yet when he assumed the position of president of Bradesco Seguros.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s time at the helm of Bradesco Seguros gave the world a glimpse of the time of banking executive he was capable of becoming. By 2003, Bradesco Seguros was already the largest insurance company in the country. However, it was still under pressure from a number of its competitors in the highly saturated market. Over the course of his six-year tenure, Luiz Carlos Trabuco grew the market share of the company to about a quarter of the entire industry, thus making it a more dominant market leader. The company also doubled in size while he was at the helm.

Owing to his consistently high performance at Bradesco Seguros, and his extensive four-decade experience at the bank, he was in 2009 named Bradesco’s fourth president. While the Brazilian economy was afflicted by the global financial crisis in his first year at the helm, he managed to start on a high note by organically adding 200 new branches to the bank’s network. Six years later, he oversaw the bank’s largest ever acquisition – the R$ 18 billion purchase of HSBC’s Brazilian subsidiary. The purchased pushed Bradesco’s total asset value to almost $400 billion and got it back within the ranks of the largest banks in the country.

All in all, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has done his predecessors and himself proud.

Gregory Aziz Makes an “Old-Fashioned” Business Work

For decades, the business press has covered and glamorized the entrepreneurs and founders of such high-tech companies as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Google.


These companies operate on the cutting edge of new developments in technology. They have changed the economy by disrupting older business models. However, as much as we honor Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and other such pioneers, we must also acknowledge they owe some of their success to swimming with the current, not against it. That means computers were inevitable. Computer technology would have advanced with or without these great leaders.


Really great leaders recognize and use opportunity in older businesses such as manufacturing freight railroad cars. That’s what Gregory James Aziz did. In 1999 he raised the money to buy National Steel Car, a Canadian company with a history of over one hundred years of producing freight cars for the railroads that built Canada and the United States. He transformed it into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America.


When Gregory J Aziz took over, the company employed just 600 people. It produced just 3,500 cars per year. Since then, it has grown to 3,000 people making over 12,000 freight cars every year.


Greg Aziz was born in London, Ontario, Canada in 1949. He attended Ridley College, and graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics. In 1971, after graduating, Aziz joined his family’s wholesale food business, Affiliated Foods. He helped his family grown Affiliated Foods to a leading importer of fresh foods. He took foods from Central America, South America and Europe, and brought them to wholesale markets in Eastern Canada and the United States.


No doubt the experience is transporting fresh foods across continents made James Aziz acutely aware of the importance of keeping those foods fresh. He learned what forms of both sea and land transportation worked well and which methods did not. He learned as a customer of transportation companies how much his family’s business depended on depended on keeping goods fresh while in transit over thousands of miles. Read This Article for related info.


Aziz went on to practice investment banking in New York City. In 1994, he arranged for the financing to purchase National Steel Car from its owner, Dofasco.


Today, Aziz’s company not only has a high reputation for quality and innovation, it is the only freight car company in North America certified ISO 9001:2008. And it has held that honor for the past 18 years.


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“Gregory Aziz: A Time-Honored Tradition Of Excellence At National Steel Car!”

Located in Ontario, Canada National Steel Car has been successfully operating the railroad freight car industry for well over a century and is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of its kind from all over the world. National Steel Car was founded one hundred and five years ago in 1912 and the standard of excellence in operational performance and growth has been a time-honored tradition ever since. Thanks to innovative engineering technology and resources, National Steel Car has not only met all AAR requirements, but has continued to surpass the expectations and necessities of their committed clients with continual investment and application in the most up-to-date information and operational equipment available.


Their standards are so morally high and environmentally sound they are the only rail car company in the industry to hold the notable ISO 9001:2008 certification. They also have been recognized with the TTX SECO honor continuously for over ten years in a row. The TTX SECO, better known as the Supplier Evaluation Committee, is a graded evaluation recognition or accolade that hosts an annual event to promote companies with the highest business standards and practices. The TTX SECO has been in service for over twenty-five years, dating back to 1992. The SECO course of procedure is unquestionably the most inclusive and rigid supplier appraisal in the rail manufacturing trade. The merchants are graded on value, price effectiveness, distribution, customer and facility service and capital dispensation. Visit This Site for related info.


Gregory J. Aziz is the CEO and owner of National Steel. When Gregory Aziz first acquired the company, if truth be told, production was at an all-time low, but with his incredible business insight was able to increase sales and production to an extraordinarily high amount. One of the strategies James Aziz employed to accomplish this great feat was to cease all production of anything that did not pertain to freight car or freight car parts. Today the company manufactures several kinds of rail freight automotive and a few of them are included in the following list:


  • Boxcar – Has a rail capacity load of 286,000 pounds
  • Coil car– Has a load capping off at around 221,000 pounds
  • Flat car– Has a 103-ton capacity and a sixty-two-ft. long car deck
  • Gondola car– Has a gross116-ton car capacity
  • Hopper car- The total rail load capacity of 286,000 pounds
  • Intermodal Spine Car- The well and spine varieties weigh 353,400 pounds


Gregory Aziz’s Success in the World of Business

Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian entrepreneur who has accumulated millions of dollars from the manufacturing of railroad freight cars. The 68 years old businessman attended the Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario where he specialized in economics. Aziz is the proprietor of National Steel Car and also serves as the chairperson of the enterprise’s board of directors. He is also the CEO of the railroad freight car manufacturer and has developed unique approaches that have made the firm a leader in the sector. In 1971, James Aziz started serving as a manager of Affiliated Foods. The company was established and owned by his family, and it has specialized in wholesaling food products across North America. He headed Affiliated Foods for about 16 years and enabled it to become an international business that imported products from the South America and Europe. The company currently wholesales foods in different cities across Eastern Canada and the United States.


James Aziz moved to New York after quitting his administrative position at Affiliated Food in the late 1980s. He started a career in investment banking and was highly successful. In 1994, he decided to invest his wealth in the National Steel Car. The firm generated relatively low income when it was under the management of Dofasco. Greg Aziz has led the company in using superior technologies and engineering techniques to ensure that it becomes a top supplier of high-quality railroad freight cars and tank cars. National Steel Car has been bettering its level of innovation every year, and this has enabled it to gain an excellent reputation. The company has also hired highly talented engineers who have been striving to offer state-of-the-art products to the clients. The railroad freight car is dynamic, value-driven, and innovative. Gregory has developed excellent relationships with the suppliers and customers of the company since he understands their importance. See This Page for additional information.


National Steel Car has made significant accomplishments that include being the only enterprise in the sector that has ISO 9001:2008 certification. Greg Aziz helped the business’ production to grow for 3,500 to 12,000 within the first five years that he served it. Within the same period, its number of employees increased from 600 to about 3000. National Steel Car has been recognized more than ten times by TTX SECO for the top-notch cars that it manufactures. The company is determined to develop strong rail tank cars that are safe for flammable liquids transportation.