Ted Bauman Reveals The Next Steps For Filing Taxes

Making the most of his more than 25 years of knowledge and skill, Ted Bauman shares his approach on the topic of the new tax plan for U. S. taxpayers, which will apply to income earned in 2018 and future years.

His advice takes in adjusting 2018’s mortgage interest and property taxes earlier than the end of 2017 as new thresholds and higher standard tax deductions may put an end to having that potential ability later on.

He urged people to finance their intended medical services in December and deduct them in April. Bauman also reminded people to collect receipts for all donations and he advocated making philanthropic contributions earlier than January 1, 2018.

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Bauman advised purchasing cars before the end of December and to be sure to keep the sales receipts. Another of his strategies includes making an effort to ask for yearly bonuses during December instead of January as taxpayers may benefit by making use of lower federal tax rates.

And while student loan interest deduction legislation has not been done away with, Bauman recommended taxpayers could profit from additional advantages from paying interest in late 2017 rather than 2018.

What’s more, he put forward high-level advice for people with businesses or retirement accounts. For example, he advised people to change to Roth IRAs and to be aware of likely savings to clarify whether it is practical to convert a standard IRA in 2018.

The skilled professional called attention to the IRS rules that will only agree to 1031 swaps that have to do with real estate after January 1, 2018 and motivated owners of ventures to finalize other buy and sell deals before January 1 as well.

Bauman received a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York as well as a Master of Business Administration from Georgia State University.

His career encompassed work as a fund manager for South African low-cost housing projects as well as work as researching and writing on topics such as finance and investments. He also co-authored a book on financing with his father.

In 2013, Bauman joined Banyan Hill Publishing and currently functions as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert.

He and his family live in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Keith Mann Contributes To Charitable Causes

There was a private fundraising event held by Keith Mann and his company Dynamic Search Partners. The purpose was to raise funds for Uncommon Schools. They located the event at Standard Hotel Beer Garden because of the number of attendees. People from all across the financial services industry came to help out and a total of $22,000 was collected to help out Uncommon Schools. It will now be possible to sponsor many students at a charter high school in the local community. The students will have their testing fees paid for.

Keith spoke at the event and he said that Uncommon Schools is doing the work needed to narrow the achievement gap that exists for many low income students across the nation. These students want to go to college like everyone else but they often find financial barriers in the way. Keith Mann is in support of Uncommon Schools’ mission to allow all of these students to get into college. Keith is the Founder of Dynamic Search Partners and he believes in helping people in his local community.

The organization Uncommon Schools is beginning a high school in the Brooklyn area. It will be advantageous to students to attend there because their PSAT, AP Testing, and other important testing fees will be covered for them. Dynamic Search Partners has donated $10,000 to the institution in the past to help meet the needs of students who cannot afford to pay their own testing fees. Dynamic Search Partners formed a relationship with Uncommon Schools in New York beginning in 2013. Its goal was to form a bond that would help facilitate a meaningful platform between the two companies. Dynamic Search Partners is eager to find ways to help students learn the skills they will need on the job. Students need to gain practical as well as tactical skills for success in college and in the workforce when they someday join it.

Keith Mann enthusiastically supports Uncommon School’s commitment to the wellbeing of students. He wishes for all of them to have successful academic records in this year and in the years to come. Keith Stated that he is excited to be partnering with Uncommon Schools

QNet Is In A Caring Mode

QNet is a company that historians should study in the coming years. After succeeding dramatically all throughout the world in the direct selling industry, QNet chose to build upon its success. The company is always growing, and is always active. Recently, the company decided to expand it humanitarian ventures. In India, QNet has made things clear about the flooding in Chennai. 

At the IIFA Utsavam awards show, QNet was very clear about wishing to team with the Indian film industry and help those families who were harmed in the flooding. The IIFA Utsavam event is mainly about honoring South Indian filmmakers. Those running the show took the opportunity to reveal information about the efforts being done to help suffering families.

QNet is sending relief packages to 200 families that are in a dire situation due to the flooding. The relief packages should be able to help these families until the time comes when they can restore their lives after the flooded region settles down.

QNet launched its “We Care” initiative some time ago and has sought to support many different humanitarian causes throughout India. One recent project saw the company team with Lions Clubs International to help provide kidney dialysis machines to a small hospital.

QNet sells many different products and services throughout the world. Through its affiliate members, the company has become a giant in the direct selling industry. In India, QNet has a huge presence. In addition to moving all its manufacturing to India, the company is also working hard at expanding the number of direct sellers in the country. QNet seems very grateful to the market India has opened, and one way the company shows its gratitude is through charitable giving. See how the employees have responded in gratitude in their glowing reviews of their workplace on Glassdoor.

Looking awesome, Mir Team! Thanks for spreading #QNET love in Kazakhstan. Keep it up!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Friday, February 19, 2016

Ross Abelow Starts Fund for City Animals

Ross Abelow, a New York resident and veteran attorney, has turned his attention towards stray animals in the city of New York and has started a fundraiser in a show of support. Started last month, on January 13th, the fundraiser Abelow set up aims to generate at least $5,000 in donations that would then be turned over to animal shelters throughout New York City to help them pay for the feeding, sheltering and medical care of homeless and vulnerable animals in the city. These facilities are often underfunded and as a result are forced to euthanize many animals that would otherwise have a chance at rehabilitation if the supplies needed to operate at optimum efficiency were on hand.

Caring for these animals is exceptionally trying come the winter. In recent years, with erratic and unpredictable weather patterns setting a new norm, temperatures have fallen to drastically low levels and have placed at-risk animals at the threat of death due to dwindling financial support. With the same environmental risks posed at homeless persons, New York officials struggle to find the money necessary to help all those made vulnerable by the weather. Efforts by people like Abelow make it possible to prevent the unnecessary deaths of animals on the street and increase the number of them housed safely in shelters.

Ross Martin Abelow began practicing law in the state of New York in 1990 when he received his license. Having resided in the state, Abelow studied at the State University of New York before receiving his law degree in 1989 when he graduated from Brooklyn Law School. His career in law has been centered around family matters, taking a particular interest in family and matrimonial law where he made his specialization. He had also spent time working in commercial litigation and entertainment law. These concentrations spanned a career of more than 25 years, including his time as partner of the law firm Abelow & Cassandro, Llp.

Outside of his formal career, Abelow has penned several articles concerning the legal world and has been published by Crown Point New York.

In order to access more information about the fundraiser for stray animals in New York, you can access the GoFundMe page set up to receive donations.