Paul Mampilly Talks about the Benefits of Getting Chipped in the Future

There are tons of people who want to invest in the stock market but are afraid to invest in it due to the amount of volatility it witnesses. If you want to invest in the stock market and want to ensure that you reduce the chance of losses, always do research beforehand. One of the experts who has consistently provided helpful advice to people about investing in the stock market is Paul Mampilly. With over two decades of experience of working in the financial industry, Paul has been able to gain the knowledge necessary to pick the right stocks.

Today, there are many technological companies that are working for the products that will be quite useful in the future. One of the technologies that Paul Mampilly is hopeful is the chipping technology. He feels that getting chipped will become necessary in the future and it will make lives easier for people. They will be able to access any information instantly without having to go through plenty of documents. The technology is going to change the way information is shared and could potentially change the world for the better.

Paul Mampilly provides his financial advice in the newsletter named Profits Unlimited, published by Banyan Hill Publishing. After he worked with some of the leading financial organizations initially in his career, Paul Mampilly decided that it is time that he helps the common American people to make and manage their money and investments. He has helped many people to achieve their investment goals through the advice he shares on Profits Unlimited. The good thing about the financial advice and recommendations made by Paul on Profits Unlimited is that it is not super complex, and easy to understand.

Paul Mampilly came from an Indian family and completed his education from the Fordham University. After completing his education, he joined as the portfolio asset manager at Banker’s Trust and then later got an opportunity to handle a fund at Kinetics Asset Management. The performance at both these organizations was commendable, and it helped him become a popular name in the financial circles in the United States.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Managing a Successful Online Retail Business

Business people in China develop their strategies and techniques on how to sell their products. Those who have caught the interest of the public usually end up becoming a successful entrepreneur, but for those who lack the charisma, they would have to work hard to achieve their dreams. Richard Liu Qiangdong, the owner of and one of the richest people in China today, never had the charisma needed to become an instant billionaire. Instead, he used his skills in marketing and computer programming to create one of the largest online retail businesses in the country today. Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that the secret behind his business would be perseverance and determination.

Back when he was still studying in college, Richard Liu Qiangdong shared his idea of opening a restaurant business that would cater to students who have a limited budget. His parents supported him with his idea of becoming a businessman, but he lacked the training and the knowledge on how to run a restaurant, and his business failed miserably. However, instead of mourning for his failures, Richard Liu Qiangdong took the experience as a learning tool and tried to open up another business after he graduated from college. He opened up a computer parts store, selling products used on computer systems and networks. His craftsmanship transformed him into one of the most reputable computer businesses in the country, and many companies started working with him, with hopes of getting affordable and reliable computer parts.

Richard Liu Qiangdong’s business flourished, but another problem came, and it almost made him surrender. As the SARS outbreak is spreading across the Asian continent, the Chinese government decided that it would be dangerous if physical stores would remain open. The country closed down brick-and-mortar businesses, and it affected Richard Liu Qiangdong’s computer parts business. However, he used his knowledge in computers and created a website for himself where he could sell some of his products. People started visiting website, and eventually, the website grew larger, selling more products other than computer parts. It continues to grow, and many people keep on visiting the website to shop for anything that they wish for.

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Guilherme Paulus shares entrepreneurship ideas

Are you looking for someone who can help you with advice about running a business, or getting started with your business idea? There are many successful business people out there, but very few can help others. Others have succeeded through fraud and therefore have no correct information to share with others. If you want to get the real information about running a business, look for information from people who started their businesses from the bottom. People who have built businesses from scratch have seen the challenges that come with a new business and how they managed to overcome them.

One of the people who has built their businesses from scratch is Guilherme Paulus, one of the people who has built a multi-million dollar business from nothing. CVC is now the biggest tour agency in Brazil and Latin America. An idea hatched by Carlos Vicente started the company. He shared the idea with Guilherme Paulus. He was to offer the starting capital while Paulus would be the one working for the company. They started the project in 1972 when Guilherme Paulus was only 24 years. He had developed interests in entrepreneurship, and this was not going to be a tough task for him. He had the enthusiasm needed to build a company.

Guilherme Paulus says that for anyone to make it in anything, they must love what they do. Following your passion is one of the best things to do. It is one of the things that you will never regret no matter what happens. He adds that starting a business is just the beginning of making in the industry. There is a lot more needed to run and maintain it. One needs to be attentive to customers as well as changes that take place in the market. Many businesses fail because owners fail to create an edge for their business. You cannot run a successful business without aligning the company’s operations with other needs of the industry. A lot happens in a business environment and by making sure that you have everything set is one of the best ways of making it in the business.

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Ara Chackerian a Renowned Philanthropist and an Entrepreneur

Ara Chackerian works mostly in youth empowerment and environmental conservancy. Despite his career being in the field of healthcare field where he bridges the gap between healthcare and technology. Chakerian studied bachelors of art at the university level.




On his interview at, Ara Chackerian stated that his longtime business partner motivated the idea to set up his latest venture. They wanted to build an out-patient diagnostic radiology center in Northern California. However, they decided to exploit another opportunity, which uses a device for treating depression. The machine was known as transcranial magnetic stimulation. They researched the technology, which resulted in the foundation of TMS Health Solution. Ara Chackerian built the business with a mission of providing psychiatric care, therapy talk, and medication. They focus on making mental health care accessible to millions of people.




According to Ara Chackerian, the venture was designed to deliver physician and patients desired outcome by putting the patient first before profits. Notably, Ara Chackerian and the team has successfully built seven more facilities around San Francisco with treatment rooms and TMS consultation services. He further added that their facility is designed to make the patients feel relaxed in a serenity environment, which is essential for psychiatric patients. Check out





Ara Checkerian explains five crucial things to perform during the mental health month on his medium site. He emphasized the importance of recognizing people suffering from mental health and giving them support. During this month, Chackerian suggests that people who have been directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues can do the following. The first thing is to help people with mental illness, share their personal experience about mental health with others. Address the language associated with stigmatization and also controlling one’s mental health. Finally, Ara challenges people to be actively involved with mental health campaign.




Currently, Ara Checkerian holds executive positions in BMC Diagnostic, PSS/World Medical, TMS Health Solution, and PipelineRx. In the last decade, Chackerian has supported and founded several non-profit organizations in Nicaragua, Armenia and the US.



A short intro into Ted Bauman’s Bio

Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C. and raised on Maryland’s eastern shore. He later migrated to South Africa where he graduated from the University of Cape Town with postgraduate degrees in economics and history.

He has also graduated with degrees in business administration from the State University of New York and MBA in finance from Georgia state university. He is known for his willingness to help people manage their resource to achieve a sovereign life.

Still, in South Africa, Ted worked in various executive positions in nonprofit organizations. His views included being a fund manager for low-cost housing projects. He was one of the founders of slum dwellers internationals which has gone on to help over 14 million people in over 30 different countries.

He currently lives in Atlanta GA with his family and works as an editor and writer at Banyan Hill Publishing. He started working at the firm in September 2013. He specializes in low-risk investment strategies and asset protection.

On an article on, Ted Bauman gave tips on how to protect one’s wealth. Some of the ideas include investing in a home safe or lockbox that is fireproof and waterproof. He went on and said that homes aren’t the best places to store ones most valuable possessions one not to store all the assets in one place.

Another idea is a safe-deposit box at a local bank or foreign banks where your things are locked away out of sight but still readily accessible when required. Ted Bauman also included independent storage vaults which are not associated with financial institutions both in the U.S and even in foreign countries.

In another article in Ted Bauman gave tips on protecting one’s wealth from the next market crash. The tips include creating a protection plan around an investment, protecting investments by investing in stocks and bonds. This allows bond investors to remain calm even on unstable market days.

The last tip is investing in both stocks and bonds since investing in bonds protects portfolio when the stock market crashes while investing in stocks aid in boosting a collection when stocks rally.


How Shervin Pishevar Feels About the Economy

Shervin Pishevar had a lot to say on Twitter during the early part of 2018. During the first week in February, he sent 50 messages over a period of 21 hours on topics ranging from the stock market to Bitcoin. His overall message was that the U.S. economic system was going to collapse.

We Are Going to Lose to China

American is going to lose its top spot in the world to China according to Shervin Pishevar. This is primarily going to occur because we don’t have a modern infrastructure because our government fails to think long-term. He then went on to cite a train station that was built in China in nine hours.

The Price of Bitcoin Will Drop and Then Recover

If you listen to the words of Shervin Pishevar, now is not the time to buy Bitcoin. Instead, wait until it drops to about $2,000 before getting back into the market or entering for the first time. Once it hits $2,000, he believes that the price will slowly climb again. In the meantime, he suggests buying gold as it will increase in value in response to the Bitcoin crash.

Silicon Valley Has Lost Its Importance

Today, Silicon Valley is more of an idea than a place where people want to come to innovate. According to Shervin Pishevar, there are plenty of innovation zones throughout the country where people can strive to create. Ultimately, the idea of being an entrepreneur is a viral one that has taken hold wherever someone has an idea for a new product or service.

Large Companies Will Dominate the Landscape

One of Pishevar’s final thoughts had to do with major companies dominating the American landscape. As startups are increasingly being founded abroad, companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook will have stifle future early stage startups. However, he conceded that Uber may have a chance to grow into a mature and profitable company.

William Saito: Computer Software Inventor And Expert

In the life and career of William Saito, the cybersecurity expert seems to be branching out to help other colleagues and businesses around the world. Starting off with a passion for technology at 10 years old, Saito has capitalized in the advanced field. Believe it or not, William Saito didn’t wait to start a career after college.


In the midst of a successful career, William maintains a pen ship dedicated to helping those students and potential business owners that enjoy reading books for education. In Saito’s personal written archives, the entrepreneur expresses how fortunate it was to have an IBM computer at home. Because of William’s parents reinforcing education, the student turned business owner used the computer to explore more math and science subjects.


Since the computer was a sacrifice for the family, William took advantage of the opportunity to work hard at the craft of mastering computer data. Soon after, Saito’s grades reflected those efforts. Without a delay, William Saito landed a job helping at Merrill Lynch. At that point, accountants would allow the intern to help with balancing the financial books. Subsequently, the entrepreneur began working on software to invent fingerprint identification that later on became very popular.


EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

Throughout William’s career, the business owner knows that having great parents help to lead to a more interesting career path. By implementing what was learned in high school and college, Saito took a chance and opened an office while still pursuing a college degree. Most importantly, William was able to balance college and technical office work.


Although William was doing quite well in pre-med, the business owner took mathematics and software skills to the next level. Post graduating, William devoted all time and effort into building a technology empire. Today, William Saito is proud of choosing the technology path, because the efforts led to more discoveries that are still used in the world of computers.

Bernardo Chua, Chief executive of ORGANO

Bernardo Chua is from the Philippines. Chua has worked in multi-level product’s marketing for many years. He has been an executive at Gano Excel Company. After his tenure of three years, the firm expanded to Hong Kong and Canada before setting base in the United States. Bernado Chua then migrated into California. In the Golden State, he became the Gano Excel U.S.A’s president. The Gano Excel Company markets products that contain Ganoderma. Such products include capsules, instant coffee, and other food commodities. However, in April 2004, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued Bernard with a warning with regards to the products he was producing at the company. This included Ganoderma. The FDA overlooked the claims since the products were somehow beneficial to the human body. Some of the advantages of Ganoderma is that it possesses some healing qualities. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

It also helps remove excess cholesterol as well as toxins from the body system. The FDA reputed claims by the company’s website. The site indicated that ganoderma was essential in the treatment of gout, diabetes, and psoriasis. In February 2005, Gano Excel recalled some of its products. This is after some users said that they developed allergy as a result of using the products. The claims came about when Health Canada investigated the products and found out that they contained milk proteins. In the year 2008, Bernardo Chua founded the company Organo Gold. The company comprised of various enterprises merged to trade under the Organo Gold brand.

The founder’s vision was to distribute coffee branded with Ganoderma. In the year 2015, the company rebranded itself to Organo. Bernardo Chua is known by his workmates as Bernie. Before starting Organo, Chua was a successful entrepreneur. He received the Dangal and the Business and Industry Bayan Award. He has also won the National Shoppers Choice Award for direct Sales and food supplements Company of the Year Award on five different occasions. Ganoderma is a food component that is very popular among the Chinese.

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Guilherme Paulus and His Risk-taking Abilities That Have Generated His Superior Success

It’s easy to start a business, but when a business is expected to last for many years in a scale that reaches international markets, it becomes extra challenging. It becomes almost impossible to do. It becomes riskier and draining. Not many companies or business leaders have such courage to take the risks. There will be failures and profoundly drastic mistakes to be made. That is why only the intelligent, courageous and impeccable will take the leap. Only people like Guillermo Paulus would face the challenge.

It is in the article from Mercado e Eventos that people can read some of the most recent news about Guilherme Paulus. One of these recent news is the fact that Guilherme Paulus is the recent Entrepreneur of The Year Awardee given by Istoe Dinheiro Magazine. The entrepreneur publication is a fantastic source of everything that has to do with investments, entrepreneurship and latest trends in financial markets. It is a respectable award-giving body that has been deemed by many already to be more than authoritative in giving out such recognition. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms

Guilherme Paulus is probably already known by many as the President of GJP Group. His name is already synonymous with success in the field of hospitality and tourism business. And the award given to Guilherme Paulus is a recognition of how Paulus has been able to grow Brazil’s tourism sector. The services sector would also have a lot to thank Paulus for his invaluable innovation, risk-taking, and courage that not many business leaders possess.

One of these big risks that Paulus is brave enough to make is best elaborated in the Istoe Dinheiro feature about him, explaining how he has been selected as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017. The report could not be more vivid. It lists down some of the biggest capital investments that Paulus has given for Brazil. In fact, about R$ 80 million from the assets of Guilherme Paulus has already been invested in funding for CVC, the company that Paulus also built.

The GJP Network of Hotels owned by Paulus also recently took over the control of Marulhos Suites Resort in Porto de Galinhas. This gives Paulus even more control and opportunity to grow the hotel empire he is building. Learn more:

Mountain Biking Guide by Professional Michael Hagel

High-speed mountain biking is a popular sport and beginners can enjoy the sport during the first few outings. Michael Hagele who is an experienced enthusiast provides advice on how beginner’s mountain bike riders can increase their skill. One of the options that Hagel suggests is going to a skills camp. He advises beginners to start with someone who is like minded and can guide them on how to go mountain biking.

Hagel also advises riders to have great equipment. Hagel rides as a daily routine and recommends a beginner to invest in quality equipment. A good mountain bike is sturdier, has wider tires and thicker frames. He also suggests that mountain bike riders need to look for features like the dual suspension system, disc braking, and hydraulic seat post dropper. Hagel suggests that beginners should ask for a demonstration of the bike at the store. He also advises novice riders to get help from staff to choose the right bike. Visit to learn more.

The other advice that Hagel gives to novice riders is to have the right personal equipment. It should be a well-fitting helmet and lightweight clothing that is comfortable. He also advises riders to carry hydrating fluids and a personal ID.

On physical preparation, Michael Hagele advises riders to get into shape by going to the gym before going mountain biking. He also advises rider to eat nutritious calories and warms up their muscles. He also advises riders on how to handle the environmental elements. Riders need to consider the heat index, storm forecast, sun humidity, and rain.

Michael Hagele is an investor and corporate counsel for technology companies in biotechnology, defense, and aerospace. He has worked as a general legal counselor and in-house attorney for venture capital companies. Hagel was the general legal counsel for the venture capital companies. He managed the legal affairs including employment issues, corporate governance, intellectual property strategy ad merge, and acquisition. Michael received his first law degree from the University of California. Hagele obtained his business administration from the University of Iowa. Additionally, he worked at Silicon Valley offices in licensing and online commerce.

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