US Health Group is one of the leading contractors helping to enforce Medicare Advantage healthcare plans. This networks provides what is known as Preferred Provider Organization. They have a wide range of medical services providers working in their network. If you are subscribed to the US Health Group PPO plan, then you will pay much less if you use the services of any provider under their network. However, should you go out of the network, you should be prepared to pay more out of your pocket.

The US Health Group was founded back in the year 1982 and is headquartered in Texas. They are known for providing insurance plans against accidents, disability, diseases, death and unemployment. According to crunchbase, the group employs more than 250 providers. They boast of having served more than 50 million customers. Here are some of the family insurance plans offered by the company.

Family Insurance Plans

Premier Choice

The premier choice offered by US Health Group allows you to get back every penny that was unused in the previous years. With this plan, you are always covered and can always add other insurance plans without a fresh underwriting.

Secure Advantage

With this plan, you also get 24 hour coverage. It doesn’t matter whether you are working or not. You are also allowed to lock in rates for up to 3 years. And when you change jobs, the cover continues.


This is the ideal dental insurance plan for your family. With only $150 every month, you get access to basic and preventative care, doesn’t matter whether you choose their saver, saver plus or premium plan.


This family insurance package covers your family’s vision. US Health Group maintain a network of more than 70,000 providers, allowing you the ability to choose a provider that suits you best.


MedGuard is the ideal insurance package for those that have families. It insures you against life threatening illnesses. Therefore, if you are to suffer from any of the critical illnesses, you will not have to use your family savings on treatment neither will you have to stress your kids to struggle and raise the money.


Death is imminent and as such you need to have a plan for how to take care of your family even when you are gone. LifeProtector ensures that your family is taken care of even when you are no longer around.


Do you have a backup plan for when you lose your job? IncomeProtector is there to ensure that you have a constant source of income even when your job is terminated.


Most insurance have accident insurance but they rarely pay you lump sum when accidents occur. US Health Accident Protector not only reimburses you, they cover every other expense arising from your accident.



Penelope Kokkinides of InnovaCare Health Shares Some Invaluable Lessons She Has Learnt Over the Years

InnovaCare Health is a managed healthcare service provider in North America. It has an excellent track record in the healthcare field and has always provided high-quality services. InnovaCare’s exceptional performance is largely attributed to its excellent leadership that has continually steered the company in the right direction over the years.

Rick Shinto, CEO

Mr. Rick Shinto is the president and CEO of InnovaCare. He has over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry and this has proved instrumental in the successful running of InnovaCare. Before joining InnovaCare, Rick Shinto served as the president and CEO of Aventa Inc. He was also Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California and Medical Pathways Management Company. These and other positions he held in various healthcare management companies over the years helped him gain extensive experience in the field. Mr. Rick Shinto has written a number of articles on healthcare management. He holds a medical degree from the State University of New York and an MBA from the University of Redlands.

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Penelope Kokkinides – CAO of InnovaCare

Penelope Kokkinides, CAO

The Chief Administrative Office, Penelope Kokkinides, has more than two decades’ experience in the managed healthcare industry. She rejoined InnovaCare in 2015 after working for Centerlight HealthCare and Touchstone Health among other healthcare institutions in various high-profile positions. While at this, she gained a lot of invaluable experience which makes her well suited for her position at InnovaCare. Penelope attributes her good work to her great team at InnovaCare Health which helps her implement her ideas. She believes that having a good team to work with is critical for the success of any project as there will be goal congruence and synergy among the team members, making achievement of the goal possible.

Penelope takes the time to set her goals and priorities and come up with strategies on how she is going to achieve them. She believes in making the best of every situation, no matter how difficult it may seem. Penelope advises young entrepreneurs to always stay abreast of the industry goings-on and developments as this is crucial for the success of any business. This means reading a lot on the industry and doing a lot of research to learn the business and market trends. Such information can then be used for the business’s advantage. These are some of the things that have made her successful as an entrepreneur.


InnovaCare Health has set the bar high for other players in the healthcare management industry.Its excellent leadership and their winning customer-focused strategies have seen it grow to become one of the leading healthcare management service providers. Patients are always given first priority. InnovaCare Health is committed to providing its clients with consistent and affordable services.

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