Jason Hope collaborates with Aubrey de Grey in anti-aging research

Biotechnology is a technology which promises to bring huge changes in the healthcare sector. The way treatment of diseases is approached, is about to change with the invention of new methods which address the cause of diseases instead of just the treatment. The old age diseases are at the heart of recent research work. There is an aim to eliminate the old age diseases by creating a drug that will stop of slow down the aging process. Why is this so? It is undeniable that there is a direct relationship between old age and old age diseases. As human beings get old, the human diseases strike causing misery to the people at a time they are supposed to enjoy life in retirement.

SENS Research Foundation is an organization that is focused on making the lives of the people better by creating a drug that will slow down or stops the aging process in human beings. The research foundation is headed by Aubrey de Grey a former artificial intelligence expert who is now focusing on biological research that could lead to the invention of a drug that solves the problems facing the old people. What the organization is looking for is a drug that will stop aging or will slow the process of aging. Previous generations have always perceived aging as an unavoidable body process, but this is about to change in the current generation. SENS Foundation is proving that it is possible to come up with a drug that will reverse the damages made by the aging process. Human beings do not have to go through the aging process which starts with the body weakening and then old age diseases kicking in.

Aubrey in collaboration with well-wishers is leading the efforts top to create this anti-aging drug. One of the philanthropists supporting this research is Jason Hope. Jason Hope is an Arizona-based technology entrepreneur who is committed to supporting this research because he sees great potential in what this organization is doing. Jason Hope wants to see a world where old people live a happy, healthy life. The anti-aging drug will be a great addition that the healthcare sector is eagerly waiting for. According to Jason Hope, the main reason he is supporting this rejuvenation biotechnology is that the approach being used is unique. This is not research that just wants to treat the old age diseases; it is research aimed at discovering the root cause of old age diseases and eliminating them all together.

Jason Hope’s  Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope

Matt Badiali Teaches How Freedom Checks and MLP Investing is the Way to Go

Matt Badiali released a video of himself holding a large check for over a $100,000 it is easy to write is off quickly as a scam or a get rich quick scheme. Matt has a background in Geology from studying at Penn State University and Florida Atlanta University picking on his bachelor’s and master’s degrees respectively in Earth Sciences and Geology. And he is currently a financial analyst and has traveled the world many mines and wells of different countries so that hes able to interrogate and truly investigate the comments of CEO’s on investments ensuring that they say are beneficial. Matt Badiali was unable to invest in what’s called Kaminak Gold Corp where he purchased some stock in late 2008 for only 6 cents and was being sold in 2010 for over $2 gaining over 4000% in return. Matt even hired another financial analyst to work alongside him with. A previous mutual fund and hedge fund manager. Visit at medium.com to know more.

The combined effort of these two individuals has led them to believe that investing in MLP’s is where many people or find their finances truly are growing and a what you obtain to get the most tax related benefits. MLP’s are Master Limited Partnership’s and just likes stocks can be traded for. However, prices are as little as $10 or less meaning anyone can get involved in these types of investments. With his years of studying natural resources Matt Badiali is convinced by communicating with many expert that bet tons of the money on these investments exponentially increasing in value is truly going to happen.

With your investing 1 of 2 types of companies either a Master Limited Partnership MLP or a Royalty Trust and both these companies of use tactics to pass on most of their revenue to investors. This great system is fantastic for investors, but the problem is there are lots and lots of these companies and some are better than others and so what Matt Badiali does is help you figure out the best companies for you to buy from a safety standpoint and from an income standpoint. The great thing is these things trading just like stocks, so whatever platform you using should be fine to find. These freedom checks by thousands of people right now who signed up for my letter Real Wealth Real Estate strategist and Matt Badiali believes you joining the movement will be nothing but an asset to all peoples goals.

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Anil Chaturvedi is a banker with an extensive experience level of more than four decades with a number of the leading worldwide banks. Chaturvedi had a possible involvement in private, corporate and investment banking. He was also involved in corporate business advisory with a single spotlight surrounding transactions across the border of India and Europe. Currently, Anil Chaturvedi is the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank, and he started working in this bank since November 2011. It is located in Switzerland, in the area of Geneva. Anil is in charge of creating corporate business advisory that incorporates encouraging vital cross-border partnerships among corporates around Europe, India, Asia and USA, acquisitions and mergers, the rebuilding of assets which are distressed and sale, credit syndication, raising of capital from international organizations and institutional investors.

Anil Chaturvedi was previously the International Managing Director of Merrill Lynch since October 1993- July 2011 located in areas of New York. While at Merrill Lynch, Anil represented private investors, he covered Indians situated in parts of Europe, USA, India, and Asia. Chaturvedi spends a significant amount of time specializing in investments solutions which were tailor-made for individuals with a massive total assets level.

Anil was amongst the best advisors among the most prominent wealth management organization in the world, and up to date, he is still the best. He is an individual from a champions circle. In 1991 to 1993 he was the Senior Representative and Vice President of US Operations (Bank of Grindlays ANZ, New York). Ail Chaturvedi managed the bank’s operations. He was in charge of marketing, product development, compliance and regulatory issues, creating skills of leadership and development of a profitable banks model.

Between September 1987- July 1991, Anil was Planning and Development Manager at India State Bank located in the City of New York. He was tasked with leading the implementation and strategic planning of market strategies for the capture of business among Indians who were not residents in the United States of America. His effective implementation and marketing strategies brought about new business of five hundred million dollars in around four years. Anil Chaturvedi was given the Man of The Year honorable award for his excellent work. Anil Chaturvedi went to the University of Meerut in India, where he got a B.A. in 1971. With Economics Honors. He, later on, went to Delhi Economic School at the University of Delhi, where he obtained his M.B.A.


How to leave a financial legacy after your passing

Most of us don’t think about the financial gain or loss we leave to our families when we die; since losing a member of the family is an affair that requires financial planning, Ted Bauman agrees that there has to be a plan that can take shape in order for matters regarding the funeral arrangements to be done. Once the funeral is done, there are still obligations that have to be sorted out. Since the death of a loved one is an event that is important, we are going to share a plan on how you can leave a good financial support for your burial and post-burial financial needs. Read more about Ted at affiliatedork.com

Let everyone follow the same script

It is easier to assume that the first step of preparing for a burial before someone passes on is to talk to the couple, but there are concrete reasons as to why it is important to seek the advice of the extended family first.

According to Ted Bauman, one of the chief reasons is that no one likes to be told how to plan for their death. Before someone dies, it is not right for members of a family to approach the couple differently and give them advice that is conflicting. When this happens, it is a recipe for stress. When you agree to speak as one voice as one family, then you are able to get the couple on one lane of thinking.

Secondly, if your family is one that has a complex structure where different children are as a result of different marriages, it is important to get everyone on the same page before the person in question departs. Ted Bauman states that when everyone in the family shares one information and communicates with one voice, then the couple will make well-informed decisions about what is supposed to be done when the time of burial comes.

Collect more information early enough

Before the passing of family members, Ted Bauman indicates that it is important to collect the financial information of the assets the individual has. It is important for the family to have the access details of the individual’s bank accounts, retirement, brokerage and any other form of account.

Account for the financial accounts

Ted Bauman also adds that it is important to take inventory of the accounts and credit cards of a loved one. Once the family itemizes the account details before death, it makes even more sense to freeze the accounts when the family member passes away so that no additional transactions can take place. Visit:https://stocktwits.com/tedbauman


Banyan Hill and Ted Bauman Offer Investment Advice No One Else Does

Banyan Hill is a successful investment organization founded in 1998. It publishes independent investment advice that offers readers numerous financial strategies. Presently, its readership numbers over 400,000. Those readers rely daily on the site’s noted experts to identify the most lucrative investment opportunities on the global market. Such investments include commodities, small-cap stocks, natural resources, mid-cap stocks, option plays, undervalued U.S. businesses, and income-producing investments. What sets Banyan Hill apart is its unorthodox methods in providing alternative wealth growing strategies, methods that provide information one will not find anywhere else. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles

Banyan Hill’s site allows would be investors to observe the strategies its experts pursue in building and protecting wealth. These experts know their business, as the whole panel is made up of hedge fund managers, financial planners, technical advisors, and business managers. Their practical knowledge of markets, money, and management make them the best equipped to offer advice. Banyan Hill experts allow readers to raise their investment level with little to no risk of fallout. Banyan Hill also takes pride in giving readers opportunities that no one knows about. The profit wrought by such opportunities is what makes Banyan Hill successful. Experts like Ted Bauman are what makes the company work.

Ted Bauman is a graduate of the State University of New York, and Georgia State University. He has a BS in business administration and a MBA in finance. Ted Bauman has served a variety of executive roles over the years, most of them as a fund manager. Bauman operates in the nonprofit sector and has advised14 million people in 35 different countries get control of their finances. Through Banyan Hill Ted continues to give people great investment advice. In addition to being a board member Bauman is also editor of the Bauman Letter. A site that produces reports on what stocks to buy, how to leave a legacy for loved ones, how to double gains from retirement, even legal loopholes around the IRS. His advice helps may save, protect, and make money. Ted Bauman is an excellent example on the reliability and professionalism of its experts, and is one more reason why the site is so trusted. Visit: https://analystoffinance.com/2018/01/ted-bauman-whats-wrong-bitcoin/

Hagele Eyes For Business Success

From negotiations to distributions, licensing and deal making Michael Hagele possesses essential skills for a successful business personnel, all of which he has in abundance. In the past he served as an outsource counsel for technology based companies in the aerospace, internet and biotechnological industries.

Michael had his higher education at the University of California where he obtained his J.D and at the University of Iowa where he got his B.A. He has developed great carrier qualities from previous work experiences such as his work at Fenwick and West LLP in the online commerce market and licensing group. There he served as a general council for a venture capital internet companies managing the legalities of the company such as strategy, intellectual property and corporate governance. Learn more about Hagele at michaelhagele.com

To maximize daily efficiency Michael Hagele starts by handling is meeting his set out objectives from the word go. It mainly involved concealing and reviewing contracts that typically include licensing agreements. To relieve the stress he takes a break riding on his mountain bike and discovers that he is at his most creative when free, finding solutions to even the most complicated client situations. After his creative time he indulges himself in client issues, resolving them as quick as possible. With some investment partners being abroad, he also spends time checking in on strategies and progress.

Being a successful entrepreneur Michael Hagele is conversant with putting the customer first as he does frequently and suggests it as his best habit. As an attorney, he is responsible for clients’ satisfaction and working under that sort of pressure it is goes well to put client best interests at heart.

As a follower of technological advancement Michael Hagele is highly enthusiastic about artificial intelligence and its various applications to human lifestyle especially in genetic programming. He is currently an investor in a company that uses an algorithm based application to find out the most effective ways to go about an operation. This occurs by the algorithm linking relationships to cut costs, find out non effective platforms while creating a map work for expansion.

Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-hagele-783295/


Adam Milstein- Jerusalem Author

Adam Milstein has a passion to help many Jewish young people understand where they come from, who they are. He is motivated to promote only positive images and stories to the Jewish Communities. Adam and his wife Eva created the Milstein Family Foundation for this purpose. They both are committed to helping Jewish families from around the world have access to as many reading materials as Adam can write which are written in Hebrew. Adam and Eva also provide other products that will help these families build happy lives with one another.

Adam Milstein does spend much of his free time writing about opposing viewpoints and working with a variety of groups who are passionate about showing the world how the Jewish people want peace and prosperity for everyone just like everyone else in this world should. Some of his writings reflect how the Jewish communities can and should fight back against hatred and prejudice that seems to be growing more and more each and every year.

Adam Milstein on Jpost

Adam Milstein recently wrote an article on Jpost titled “Why I’m Optimistic About the Jewish Future in America.” In this article, Adam goes on to explain that antisemitism is on the rise. There is campaigns dividing Israel and Jewish families all around the world.

He goes on to state that “We need leaders who will ensure the Jewish future in America by engaging and inspiring the next generation to be courageous Zionist leaders, fight antisemitism and support the Jewish people in America and the Jewish homeland, which will always be Israel.”

Adam Milstein wants to give the next generation what they need to help them learn, understand, and succeed at joining the American Jewish communities and the Israel Communities in Israel by understanding their heritage and the people who fought for what they have.



Igor Cornelsen Offers Investment Advice to Brazil’s Banking Industry

When discussing successful financial investors in the business world, Igor Cornelsen joins the list of some of the most competitive individuals. In the past years, he has become a competent investor, capable of providing viable investment skills to his clients.

Background Data

As an investment banker and a business leader who predicts the future of different investments, Cornelsen has mastered the art of measuring the risks of investing in various businesses. Most importantly, he has been able to work with experts in the stock exchange business, equities, and market share commodities. That is why he is trusted when it comes to formulating significant moves that will positively shake the business world. View resume.com to know more about Igor Cornelsen

Understanding the Industry

While growing up in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen learned the business ropes of the banking industry. From that moment on, he knew that he could utilize his expertise to guide prospective investors. That is why he has since been a role model to emerging investors who seek low-risk investment advice.


Cornelsen is now a significant contributor to the Bainbridge Group Inc. This is solely attributed to the fact that the agency is trusted to provide expert financial advice and relevant insight to investing in various businesses. Because Cornelsen has vast knowledge and experience in banking and investment, he is presumed to grow such agencies to admired financial levels. Besides, he is a certified consultant who applies his wealth of knowledge in banking and finance to make long-term investment plans for his clients.

Additional Information

Following his experience in the mentioned industries of banking and finance, Igor Cornelsen has often contributed to the Brazilian financial sector. As such, he issues valuable insight into the future of the banking sector. That is why when Brazil’s economy was dwindling because of several specific factors that relied on significant economic disruptions, he stated that it was necessary for every Brazilian to consider portfolio diversification. That was in light of evading future financial atrocities.

The Overview

When he is away from the office, Cornelsen spends most of his time playing golf in South Florida. Now partly retired, he still offers financial advice through consultancy.

Read more: http://reporterexpert.com/brazilian-investment-star-igor-cornelsen-three-tips-help-retire-florida-just-like/

Why Ian King is Doing Well in Banyan Hill

In the traditional times, the few people who mastered the strategies to use in stock markets ended up with very good profits. The wealthiest people in the society were those who could buy and sell their shares at a profit without having to risk their investments in other areas. In the modern times, things have become so different. It is not easy to earn well in this market that has become so unpredictable. People have made losses in this market, and this is why everyone is looking for a way to diversify and look for more ways of earning profits. Crypto asset investment is one of the modern ways of earning a living for the modern investor who is smart and educated. This area has been proven to be one of the most competitive. Although crypto assets are still a mystery for so many investors, they are the perfect way of making money in the recent times. Follow Ian King on Medium.com.

Ian King is one of the people who have realized the importance of crypto assets for the businessmen in the market. Ian King is a top editor who works with a leading publishing company that is found in the United States. The institution is known as Banyan Hill Publication, and it gave him the position last year. Although he is still new in the company, Ian King Banyan has managed to change many lives in the world because of his contributions in this market. The cryptocurrency expert lives in America, and he has taught so many people about the importance of crypto assets. Ian King has an impressive career life, and this is why he is respected by both the young and old investors in the American market.

Before Ian King could start his crypto asset investments, he had worked in the trading department for two decades, and he had already acquired tons of experience in finance and trading. Despite the challenges in the finance market, the businessman was able to navigate and emerge as one of the people who led the best trading companies that are found in New York City. Apart from being highly experienced in crypto markets, the businessman had a lot of knowledge in psychology. According to his resume, Ian King went for his studies at the Prestigious University of Lafayette where he got his psychology degree. His passion for trading could not allow him to pursue this industry, and this is why he started by working in a mortgage company in the US. Visit: https://banyanhill.com/bitcoin-expert-ian-king/


Getting to Know Matt Badiali

When it comes to investing often it’s a lot like playing the lottery. You just have to take your chances and hope for the best. When investing it helps to have a friend in the business, a friend like Matt Badiali. Matt is the editor of S&A reports and when it comes to natural resources he really knows his stuff. He taught geology at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. He has been a consultant to an environmental company, and worked as a geologist for a drilling company. You won’t find him sitting at a desk, he’s more comfortable in the field checking things out for himself. His research has takes him around the world to places like Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland. He has visited oil fields in Iraq and Papua New Guinea. In Papua New Guinea he made his most controversial recommendation in 2010. Many short-sellers insisted that InterOil was a fraud, but Matt stood his ground. Because he had been there, and checked it out for himself, he knew he was right. A year later a major French company made a multi-billion-dollar deal with InterOil. Visit streetwisereports.com to know more.

Matt has been an expert in natural resources for two decades. He has a B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. His advice is trusted by companies like Exxon and Mobil.

It is his association with Porter Stansberry, Steve Sjuggerud, and Dan Ferris that help make him the investment strategist that he is today. The combination of his knowledge of natural resources and investing gives that gives him an edge that other investors can never have. He joined the editorial staff at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2018. His Real Wealth Strategist program is followed by hundreds of people through out the country. Members have access to investing advice for a refundable fee. Most noticeably for his internet video about Freedom Checks, the term Matt coined to explain the large dividend checks customers receive from the companies recommended by Matt and his team. It is a system that Matt formulated while doing field research for Stansberry, Sjuggerud, and Ferris. It has helped average people with no investing knowledge make good money investing in natural resources. View: http://www.talkmarkets.com/member/Matt-Badiali/