Meet Kevin Seawright: He has helped serve the Baltimore, Md. community by assisting others with owning their first home.

For Kevin Seawright, founding a company like RPS Solutions LLC includes a team of staff who have backgrounds in management, business, and finance. RPS Solutions is known in Baltimore, Md. for assisting not only individuals and families in need of housing, but also seniors, and disabled individuals.

Business leaders like Seawright and his company, RPS Solutions LLC have put a strong emphasis on trying to improve the community by making inexpensive housing attainable to people. RPS Solutions works with people who have limited resources and need a lot of help with navigating the home-buying process. Seawright and RPS Solutions wants new homeowners to choose safe and current housing options that future homeowners can consider “their own.”

Over the last year, the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST) and RPS Solutions have teamed up to increase its capacity to help those families with limited resources enjoy the comfort and benefit of owning their own home. The building of this partnership between Kevin Seawright and NCST was to help enrich needy individuals as well as families. Both Seawright and NCST is on a mission to work with disabled individuals and seniors to become homeowners. Mr. Seawright noted that this alliance between RPS Solutions and NCST would help the economy of Baltimore.

RPS Solutions and Mr. Seawright hold true to their core belief that development programs and affordable housing endeavors can help a community by building stronger bonds. RPS Solutions is also striving to elevate the situations of as many citizens as possible.

The NCST is involved with many abandoned, or vacant homes across the nation by renovating them. NCST, which was created in 2009, has also been involved in the demolition and restoration of many empty houses.

It is one of their goals of NCST to improve the lives of others by building communities. Since 2009, NCST has matched approximately 23 thousand homes with buyers who meet the qualifications.

Concerning Seawright’s educational background, he earned a master’s degree from Almeda University in accounting. Mr. Seawright also has an education background in areas like human resources and management. Seawright has overseen both commercial and residential development endeavors, which involve real estate. And he has also presided over projects involving the public education milieu and been a board member of the Babe Ruth Museum.

Mr. Kevin Seawright likes to empower people in Baltimore, Md., and in Newark, N.J. by sharing his skill sets, knowledge, and experiences. Learn more: