Three Procedures Mark Mofid Provides to Busy Mothers

Motherhood provides many challenges to women. It can be very gratifying and exciting, but childbearing changes the body in many different ways. The good news is that Mark Mofid provides many different procedures to help undo signs that the mom has had children and restore her youthful appearance. They include Botox Cosmetic treatments, Dermal Fillers, and Breast Reductions.


BOTOX Cosmetic treatments



Mark Mofid can use BOTOX cosmetic treatments to reduce the look of frown lines between the brows, and other signs of aging in the mother’s face. The treatment itself takes 10 minutes – Dr. Mofid makes small injections in different areas of the face; the spots are chosen based on where the patient’s frown lines are and whether they can move the facial muscles underneath. Patients experience little discomfort and don’t have to worry about recovery time.


Dermal Fillers


Moms who have started noticing lines, wrinkles or a hollow appearance in their skin can reduce the look of these imperfections with different dermal fillers. Mark Mofid recommends one of the following dermal fillers based on each patient’s needs: Juviderm, Restalyne, Radiesse, Juviderm Voluma XC, or Belotero Balance. Each patient should visit Dr. Mofid personally for a consultation, so he can determine which filler would be best. Mothers can also meet with the Cosmetic Coordinator to see what they’ll look like after the procedure is done. See This Page to learn more.


Breast Reduction


Mothers who develop large, heavy breasts can have pain, and the heavy breasts may be inconvenient. Breast reduction surgery makes the breasts smaller – this makes them less painful and creates a figure that’s nicer to look at. During the procedure, Mark Mofid removes extra tissue, fat, and skin from underneath the breasts. The nipples are moved to higher positions, and Dr. Mofid tries to keep sensation in the nipple and areola.


These are just three procedures Mark Mofid offers to moms. His training at Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University and his experience at different hospitals in the San Diego and Jolla area make him the best choice for any mom who wants to restore their youthful appearance.


Whether teaching at a university or operating on a patient at Scripps Memorial Hospital, Dr. Mark Mofid is committed to helping students, patients, and others see that the future is filled with numerous possibilities, no matter the current situation.


Dr Mofid’s earned him certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the board of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Mofid exceptional skills are utilized in various hospitals of San Diego. Among these hospitals are Scripps Memorial Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center and Palomar Medical Center.


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Mark Mofid: Educated, Experienced and Dedicated Plastic Surgeon

Mark Mofid is well-known and respected throughout the medical cosmetic community in San Diego, La Jolla and across the US for his dedication to maintaining and advancing best practices in that industry. For over 8 years, a significant percentage of procedures performed by Dr. Mark Mofid have been gluteal augmentation. He received his training in this surgical procedure from a renowned surgeon in Brazil where Gluteal Augmentation has been readily practiced for some time.


Dr. Mofid is said to put safety ahead of patient expense and sometimes desires expressed by prospective patients. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and did his medical rotation through Johns Hopkins University. Given his education background, he is attentive to scientific findings, detailed body system research and best practice safety measures. His office personnel comprise of a nurse, dermatologist, and staff who are skilled at providing patients with information and necessary aids to supplement their respective treatment. Moreover, he uses Cutera laser and other innovative technologies to reduce patient down-time, influence recovery time and keep treatment costs manageable.


Mark Mofid is also published in academic journals. His research contributions are said to include cellular changes in skin from breast procedures, and impact of gluteal fat grafting on one’s mortality. Get More Information Here.


Dr. Mofid has built his reputation in part on certification. He holds certification with the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, as well as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Furthermore, he is a fellow at the American College of Surgeons.


Aside from private practice,Dr. Mark Mofid is recognized for his active work in the community. He has served patients who have undergone physical trauma, and those who are survivors of various cancers. He is also on the faculty with the University of California at San Diego.


Mark Mofid holds surgical privileges at Scripps Memorial Hospital and Palomar Medical Center. He is an active creative member of the medical cosmetic community.