Sitting down with Sean Penn on “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn, who is a famous actor that has always been known for his outspoken views on politics, decided to release a new book this spring. The book is called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” and he sat down with Trevor Noah and Vogue Magazine to talk about it. Though Trevor Noah said that the book was hard to describe, there is a bit of similarity between what Penn writes about, and the current state of American affairs. The book is about Bob, an angry American, that has an interesting side job – he wields a mallet and kills older citizens. He feels that they are standing in the way of progress, and he must help his country.

Penn told Vogue that he thinks this book is on a parallel plane to that of the #METOO movement, and this seems clear as Bob witnesses many current events in America. At one point Bob experiences the 2016 Presidential election, later on in the book he even writes an angry letter to the President of the United States “Mr. Landlord” and he tells him that he is not fit for office. Penn says that Bob is supposed to resemble the idea that many Americans want to serve their country, and at times are misguided and with no direction. Bob seems to resemble Penn’s idea of the “dark side of human nature”, in which he thinks that by killing older people for progress, his is helping America.

Aside from politics, Penn discusses his anger Towards President Trump’s racist comments towards Haiti. He also goes off on his friendship with the late Hugo Chavez, in which he comments on the current state of Venezuela’s affairs. Penn then ends the talks by discussing his disdain for the drug wars, and how he felt that sitting down with El Chapo was the only way to understand the other side of it. Ultimately, it seems that Penn is worried about the status of democracy, and found a satirical and strange medium to talk about it.