Former 35th US Mint Director Philip Diehl Welcomes You to US Money Reserve

There are millions of websites out there – some are quite questionable and others are quite authoritative. What would you think of a website, run by a former US Mint Director? Maybe, that is why the new US Money Reserve is so special.


“History of the US Mint”


The history of the United States Mint mirrors the rise of the great American nation. In 1792, the US Mint was established in the “City of Brotherly Love” – Philadelphia. As the national boundaries expanded, so did the branches of the coin-producing center of the American government.


Originally, under the Department of State, the functions were switched over to the Department of the Treasury in 1873. The owner of the US Money Reserve – Philip Diehl – was the 35th US Mint Director. Due to this auspicious pedigree, you know you can trust US Money Reserve.


“Self-Directed Gold IRA”


The United States Government has facilitated the ownership of gold, by allowing you to add it to your IRA. You can also enjoy the benefits of the “Self-Directed Gold IRA” program. You can simply click on the tab for the “IRA Program” on the US Money Reserve website, for more information.


Economic circumstances can change rapidly and the US Government wants you to have the freedom to change with the times. The “Self-Directed IRA Program” allows you to “control the asset mix you keep in the account.” You can add or remove stocks, bonds, mutual funds and precious metals, at your leisure.


You might also receive an incentive for changing from a Traditional IRA to a Self-Directed IRA of up to $250. Choose a transfer or rollover. The transfer moves the money from the IRA custodian to another. The rollover allows you to withdraw funds and deposit them (within 60 days) with a new IRA custodian.


The US Money Reserve website explains all you need to know about the value of adding gold and silver to your IRA. Precious metals “provide protection against major financial shocks by creating a strategically balanced portfolio.” Gold is a “true store of wealth.” When you purchase legal tender US Mint gold and silver coins, you know that the weight, content and purity are guaranteed.


“Trusted Gold Authority”


Because US Money Reserve is run by a former US Mint Director, you know everything is legal. Get the best control over your retirement funds at US Money Reserve.


US Money Reserves Wins Award

The US Money Reserve is one of the largest private issuers and distributors of precious metal bullion products in the world. The company is focused on selling bullion products of all precious metals, but particularly focuses on gold, silver, and platinum products. Its customers range from individual investors to collectors of these types of products. The company employs a deep and educated group of people that are well versed in the precious metal industry, which can then provide a customer with the best purchase decision options.

While the company is best known for providing its clients with a different investment option and the ability to quickly and conveniently purchase precious metals, the company is also well known for its creativity when it comes to marketing and advertisement. Earlier this year, the company was award with four different awards from the Videographer Awards, which are presented and appointed by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

The most significant award that the company won was winning the Awards of Excellence award for the TV and Commercial department. The company won the award for its 28-minute television spot, which was called the Testimonial Show. This advertisement and infomercial depicted several loyal customers of the US Money Reserve. One of the people depicted was the famous Nascar driver Richard Petty, who is also a significant investor of gold bullion.

The Award of Excellence is considered to be the top award provided by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. This award is given to special projects that are written and produced by the internal marketing team of a company. Beyond winning this award, the company was also nominated for several other major awards. The company received Honorable Mention for another infomercial that they produced, which was entitled The Pearl Harbor Show.

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals spend a considerable amount of time finding the nominees and winners of the awards. The company typically receives over 2,000 entries from across the world, each of which are reviewed and scrutinized. Typically, the organization looks for a company that has done its best to set the standard for commercial advertisements, which will then act as benchmarks for future ads.