Securus Technologies Secures Acquisition of GovPayNet

Securus Technologies has recently announced that they have reached an agreement to purchase government payment giant, GovPayNet. This acquisition is just the latest in a number of acquisitions that the inmate technology company has made in the past several years. President and CEO of Securus, Bob Pickens, is excited about the move, saying that it will now allow the company capability to process over 40 million transactions annually. It will allow the company to provide their existing customers with a wider suite of products. GovPayNet CEO, Mark MacKenzie, will stay on as the leader at the company and is excited to see their growth potential expand.


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 and provides inmate technology services to prisons, correctional facilities, and government public safety agencies. They currently serve over 3,500 agencies across the United States. The company is headquartered in Dallas, with three other regional offices nationwide. This acquisition is the latest in over 20 different transactions that Securus has completed in the past several years. GovPayNet provides payment processing solutions for debit and credit transactions to over 2,300 government agencies. Some payment services they provide are tax payments, traffic fines and fees, probation fees, and bail payments. They have a market share that covers over 36% of counties in the United States. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has been in business since 1997.


Experience Change with Securus Technologies

Everyone values family. This is because it is what holds us up when we are in trouble. One of the sad moments in life is when one of us is convicted with criminal cases and have to serve a term in jail. However, families are slowly embracing the need of correctional services in the society. This is after the intervention of the Securus Technologies in the prisons.

The users say that with the company a lot of things has changed. For instance, the security system has improved. The Securus Technology has provided the prisons with gadgets that allow the administration to monitor everything that happens in the inmate’s cells.

The family members say that initially, their family members were paranoid because of the massive killings in jail. This were cases where the convicts had committed crimes with known personalities and were afraid they would confess. They cooperated with corrupted officers to kill the inmates to ensure that their evil deeds don’t ever come up.

With the innovative Securus Technologies, the users say that such cases have reduced to zero. This is because the officers are afraid of being seen. The technology has also reduced the bullying of new inmates.

The other technology that the users have appreciated is the ability to stay in touch with the outside world. This is through the embedded email the company has introduced. With this technology, the inmates on signing up can receive images and updates of development on the outside world.

This technology has reduced the challenges that inmates who have been in the jail for a long time face. Users say that most of their family members were not able to adjust to the new life after being released. This is because of the technology that brings changes in the world. Some of them committed crimes to go back to jail before the technology while others fell into depression.This has been erased by Securus services.


Securus Technologies: a Safer World at Whatever Cost

It hurts me to know that an innocent nine-month-old baby was murdered under the orders of an incarcerated gang member. This man was able to give such an order because he was in possession of a phone in jail. The fact that someone who is already in a corrections facility can orchestrate such an atrocious act is dumbfounding. For that reason, Wireless Containment Solution is one of the most impactful ideas Securus Technologies has ever come up with. It is designed to prevent contraband cell phones for accessing network.



It has been well received by the corrections community. Since its introduction to the world, it has prevented about 1.7 million illegal communication attempts in eight facilities, which is a very short time. Given the commitment of the company to making this technology better, it will do more in the future. No wonder one customer applauded the company’s mission to revolutionize the incarceration environment.



Strive For Consistent Improvement



Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 for the sole purpose of providing solutions that aid the improvement of public safety. The company deals in detainee communications, parolee tracking, and government information management solutions. More than 20 years later, Securus Technologies boasts of a round the clock tech support team and 140 patents with 90 more pending approval. This company possesses an unwavering determination to solve and prevent crimes by creating at least one new product on average every week.



Giving Room to Innovation



I am certain that the ever-evolving investigative tools marry well with an aggressive investigative mindset, which is bad news for criminals everywhere. The company seeks to provide specialized communication experiences between detainees and their families. Today, Securus Technologies has served thousands of facilities and more than one million inmates nationwide. In a bid to be better and to give better services, the company invests heavily in research and development.


Taking The Paper Out Of Prison

It looks like Securus Technologies has found another way to save time and money in corrections by implementing its Inmate Forms and Grievance application on ConnectUs.

Whenever an inmate at a correctional institute has a need or wishes to communicate with the authorities he or she has to choose from a large assortment of paper forms. Securus Technologies do away with that by allowing facilities to create their own forms via the ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application.

Inmates can place an order for commissary items,new clothing, or even a book in the library. When they place an order they can see where their order or grievance is in the chain of custody.

Institutional workers love the ease of the system. They can track everything via a server and database instead of using bulky old file cabinets.

Chief Operators can keep time and cost down with no one handling paperwork. No more chasing down missing records or placing orders for crates of forms.

Securus Technologies serves more than 3,450 different agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates. They provide a multitude of services ranging from biometric analysis, emergency response, and investigations to public information, inmate services, and monitoring.

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How Talk Fusion and Bob Reina Helps With Success


One of the best ways someone can help someone else is to help them succeed at their goals. Bob Reina is someone who has made sure that the people he helps have the right tools for success. He does not just give people handouts, he helps them find something that they can do in order to improve their own circumstances. He believes that all types of people could use help. This is why he tries his best to help entrepreneurs. In order to help entrepreneurs, he takes the time to make sure that they have the tools that make it easier for them to succeed.

One tool that Bob has created for people is Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is video software that helps entrepreneurs in the marketing process. Entrepreneurs can now market their products in an easier manner with the use of video in order to make sure people get the point. They could more easily show the type of product or services that they are offering. Therefore, people know what to do with it. They can also answer questions more easily with the use of video chat. Talk Fusion makes it easier for marketers to connect with their customers.

Talk Fusion comes with a lot of features that not only make it more fun to use, but also make it more effective for marketing purposes. A lot of people are enjoying the benefits of being able to see as well as hear the person they are talking to. There are plenty of other features and tools that Bob Reina has put into his product. Bob Reina believes so much in this product that he offers people to use it for 30 days at no charge. When people get a feel for the product, they will want to use the product more and pay for a full service.

Securus Technologies Releases New Inmate Video Call System

Securus Technologies, a major provider of telephone service to inmates across the country just introduced a new mobile application for inmate video phone calls. It works for Android smartphones and tablets as well as Apple iPhones®, iPads® and iPod touches®. The Android app has been available for nearly six months and has been downloaded over 60,000 times according tp PR Newswire. The Apple apps have been out for a week or two and have been downloaded close to 5000 times. The new app is a way Securus is helping families connect to their loved ones who are incarcerated. The free mobile app allows families to share special times with loved ones in prison.
Securus provides leading edge communications technology to the civil and criminal justice industries. They provide telephone service to over 1,200,000 inmates across North America. They offer emergency response services, incident manage services, investigation resources, biometric products and monitoring products to the industry. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They employ engineers, technology experts and others to help them develop the most innovate products in communications and monitoring.

Securus America provides revolutionary solutions to the field of connectivity and communications. Their products help with pre-incarceration management to post-incarceration monitoring. The company has more than 140 patents and is on the forefront of R & D in the sector. The firm was launched in 1986, and has over 30 years’ experience in the corrections industry.

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