Julia Jackson: A Charming Connoisseur of Wine

Julia Jackson is a fine wine connoisseur born in 1988 in Sans Francisco, California to a family who excelled in winemaking. Julia Jackson owns her family’s renowned wine brand, Jackson Family Wines. Raised by winemaking parents, Julia Jackson’s interest in wine is natural. Eventually, her interest in wine led her to carry the family business of winemaking as her career. Julia Jackson did her BA from Scripps College and later completed a summer certification course in General Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business. After completing her studies, Julia traveled to France in a bid to garner new techniques in sales and distribution. She also worked hard to harvest at her family owned wineries in France. Julia also went to the famous French town of Champagne where she learned advanced techniques on winemaking. Julia Jackson’s hard work and her interest in winemaking coupled with her wine-production education enabled her to rebrand her family’s wines and to introduce these to a greater consumer base.

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Julia works with Aurora Consulting, a non-profit organization which closely works with other non-profit organizations to foster a culture of community empowerment and sustainability. Her own family business gives in charity a huge amount of money to different universities and several non-profit organizations.

Jackson Family Wines has wineries in all the major parts of the world known for their remarkable winemaking industries such as the North America, Australia, France, Chile, Italy, and South Africa. The Sonoma County in California has been the Julia Jackson’s favorite winery where her company produces some of its top wine brands. One of the wine brands the company produces is Anakota, whose history runs deep in the Sonoma Valley. Julia Jackson won an award her Cambria Winery’s Kendall-Jackson, a variety of wine Julia describes as the best variety of wine in Sonoma County.

Julie Zuckerberg is one of Deutsche Bank’s greatest Assets

For over 15 years, Julie Zuckerberg has specialized in the practice of internal recruiting to bring the best talent she can into her respective company. Her latest stop has been Deutsche Bank, where she has held some high level managerial positions for the last three years as an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead and Vice President of Executive Recruiting.


Zuckerberg is a graduate of the City University of New York from the Brooklyn College with a degree in philosophy. She also holds a degree from New York law school. Her career started as a Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson staffing and recruiting. After 5 years at Hudson, she transferred into the banking industry where she worked as a Vice President Executive Recruiter for NA Professional and Executive Recruitment at Citi bank. She then moved over to the insurance industry after 6 years to work at New York Life where she became a Corporate Vice President with a responsibility as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead. In 2014, she made her return back to the banking industry working at Deutsche Bank where she currently works.


The roles Zuckerberg take on are very important for any major corporation, as she has responsibilities in life cycle recruiting and deals with strategic recruitment in matters such as retention of current employees and limiting their turnover. These responsibilities can get overlooked within the company as talent can be invaluable at times and put strain on the company’s function and resources if the right people are not being retained. It’s also important to make sure in recruiting that the right talent is brought in to reflect the best interests of the company’s mission, and Zuckerberg is in a role to make sure these activities can happen.


Zuckerberg’s success stems from her ability to put constant dedication in her work, being able to communicate effectively with other managers and staff in her day to day work. Her education has been a valuable resource that trained her to know what to look for in bringing in personnel, and knowing what is key to keeping staff within the company. Her education also gave her the skills needed to be an effective manager, which is why she has been able to flourish in all her roles.



Helane Morrison’s Career Of Upholding Ethical Business Practices

Currently, Helane Morrison works as the general counsel, chief compliance officer, and managing director of Hall Capital Partners that is based in San Francisco. It is one of the most thriving investment firms in California. Her reason for joining the company was partly because of Hall Capital’s diverse leadership culture within the financial sector. Additionally, Morrison realized that several years after the market crash of 2007-2008, investors were yet to regain confidence in the financial experts. Among her aims at Hall Capital is to assist in restoring the confidence of the investing public in the financial markets.


In any field she finds herself in, her motivation has always driven her to constantly fight corruption. Morrison’s profession of justice trailblazing originated from her efforts in journalism to check with the government. No matter the career field, Morrison maintained a steady fight against misleading corporate crimes. Her track record exhibits an affinity for business that is based on the principles of upholding honorable moral values and basic ethics. Morrison has been resolute in her endeavors to expose entities that take advantage of power as well as influence to gain financially. Her contributions towards the ongoing attempt to build fair along with ethical global business practices has made Morrison indispensible. She has become an essential fighter for causes that deal with industrial justice.


About Helane Morrison

I believe Helane Morrison is the ultimate warrior when it comes to fighting corruption and other businesses Injustices. In my view, her contributions have been critical. She works as the chief compliance officer, managing director, and general counsel of Hall Capital Partners. Morrison started working at the company in 2007. Prior to joining Hall Capital Partners, she served as the leader of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco office. She handled securities law enforcement, regulatory issues as well as fraud litigation at the SEC office. Morrison was accountable for Northern California along with other five states in the North West. Previously, Morrison was the chief of enforcement for the San Francisco Securities and Exchange Commission. Morrison represented the SEC in business, legal, financial communities, in addition to news media and government agencies.


Before joining the San Francisco SEC office, she practiced law at the Howard, Rice, Nemeroviski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm. She worked at the firm from 1986 to 1996. Morrison became a partner at the law firm in 1991. She specialized in business litigation, SEC matters, and the defense of private security actions. Additionally, Morrison performed internal corporate investigations. She holds a B.S in Journalism from the Northwestern University and she also has a J.D. Morrison earned it from the University of California Berkley School of Law.