NSC Is Getting Back to the Foundation

Being a leader of a large Corporation is a hard job. It is difficult because it seems that when things are going well everybody congratulates you and includes themselves in that victory. However, when things go wrong it always has to be your fault. There’s some truth to this however. Businesses rise and fall based on the leader’s wisdom. It is a good thing that National Steel Car had a wise leader in Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory Aziz is the freshest chief executive officer to take over the prestigious company based in Canada, National Steel Car. While this company has been in business for over 100 years it had stagnated in growth and was actually losing market share to its competition. They hired James Aziz because they knew he was a hard-hitting CEO that would be able to turn the company around.1


While there are many advanced things that Gregory James Aziz did to secure National Steel Car’s future, it was mostly the fundamentals he implemented that allowed the company to grow.


Greg Aziz was able to solidify a strong vision that united every single department and every single worker underneath exciting task. He called National Steel Car to go back to its days of innovation and creativity. In order to do this he put an impossible job before them; creating a rail car that can be customized by the customer to meet their unique needs immediately. This vision caught on like wild fire throughout National Steel Car and everybody became energized.

Gregory James Aziz then began the second fundamental of business success and he took the time to train his people so that they were capable of achieving this vision. James Aziz felt the best way to do this would be to mentor those workers beneath him in such a way as multiplied his leadership. He began by mentoring the executives one-on-one who in turn began to host workshops for the managers below. Then once the managers understood what was going on, they train the workforce in order to achieve the vision.

As National Steel Car accomplished these things they began to see the customizable railcar come into existence. This led Gregory James Aziz to use the third fundamental and celebrate the victories of his people. Due to this new innovation created by Gregory James Aziz, National Steel Car is thriving as a business today. See This Article for more information.

Jason Hope Focuses on Biotechnology with Philanthropic Pledge

There are many things that a futurist must be in order to find success and for Jason Hope, he has been quickly checking off all of the boxes. Jason Hope is a renowned futurist and a tech entrepreneur from Tempe, AZ. Hope was born and raised in Arizona where he would go on to attend and graduate from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance. Hope would attend higher education at the WP Carey School of Business and from there he would leam immediately into the confusing but invigorating world of mobile communications. Hope would find early success in his career and he would, in turn, parlay that into opportunities to spread his expertise around to a variety of different industries. Now, Jason Hope is focused on finding ways to bring attention to the burgeoning biotechnology industry.

Like many professional entrepreneurs, Jason Hope understands that his future is reliant upon finding the industries that are about to blow up before anyone else does. This mindset has allowed Hope to key in on several major tech industries, including the ever growing Internet of Things — a conversation for a different day. This mindset has also led Jason Hope to hone in on biotechnology for use treating age-related illness. Hope, like many tech hopefuls, believes that aging isn’t necessarily a one-way street. He believes that the technology and knowledge is existing already within the biotech field to help reverse some of the most major age-related problems that humanity faces.

Following this line of thought led Jason Hope to connect with the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit research facility based out of California. The SENS Foundation has been in operation for over a decade now, focusing entirely on treating age-related disease and all of the complications that come along with it. Hope found Dr. Aubrey De Grey and CEO Mike Kope to be two wonderfully engaging professionals and that put Hope into the mindset that he needed to be in. Hope ended up writing out a donation for $500,000 to the SENS Foundation in order for the clinic to have additional funds to pursue research.

Hope’s donation was announced at a philanthropic event in San Diego and he was on hand to praise the work that the SENS Foundation was doing. Dr. Aubrey de Grey revealed that the donation will be used toward research Arteriosclerosis which is the dangerous hardening of our arteries as we age.

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Sujit Choudhry gives his take on Constitutional self-reinforcement

When it comes to comparative constitutional law and matters of politics, Sujit Choudhry’s know-how is exemplary. The professor has garnered himself this vast array of knowledge through years of research, education, and involvement in matters of constitution making for several countries around the globe like South Africa, Ukraine, Yemen and Egypt among others (constitutionaltransitions.org). His expertise includes the effect of the constitution on the issue of leadership, peace, justice, the court system and most importantly democracy. Sujit has authored several books and articles on such affairs and has gained global recognition on his work as well as continued inclusion by multiple states in constitutional processes.

Recently, Professor Choudhry has written a book chapter titled Constitutional Democracies in Crisis. This publication is a result of a commentary by the former United States Attorney General on the termination of the special counsel to the white house. In the statement, Eric Holder referred to the move to dismiss Robert Muller as a red line that would result in peaceful demonstrations from all over the United States. Mr. Choudhry explains that Holder’s remarks are focused on self-reinforcement of the constitution by the citizens through the said demonstrations that are expected to influence the matter. The chapter digs deep into the concept of constitutional self-reinforcement, the role of Democracy in executing the constitution and the legal correctness of the annotations by Eric (works.bepress.com).

Professor Choudhry is a constitutional advisor, an affiliate of the U.N Mediation Roster and an advisor to the World Bank Institute as well as a University professor at the California University. He is also a founder and director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions which is an organization that brings together NGOs, think tanks and multilateral organizations in the process of tackling constitutional affairs. The organization has to date been able to form alliances with around twenty-five nations and close to sixty experts in their quest. Professor Choudhry has spoken in multiple forums all over the world and attended various conventions on constitutional affairs and additionally given several lectures on his expertise. For all these reasons, his take on the comments by Eric Holder was fundamental and those to be looked into.

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Matt Badiali’s Amazing Investment Strategies

Matt Badiali is famous for establishing Real Wealth Strategist. Matt pursued earth sciences and geology from Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University respectively. Additionally, he attended North Carolina University where he attained his Ph.D. In 2004, a close friend of Matt wanted to partner with him on developing effective investment methods for average entrepreneurs. His friend knew that Matt’s knowledge in sciences could play a significant role in giving invaluable investment advice. Learn more at crunchbase.com for more info.

The two partners had a common goal of crafting investment advice that could be of help to average people. As a result, Matt Badiali uses his father as the ideal average American. Matt Badiali recalls how he watched his father make wrong investment decisions. He later discovered that he could apply his father’s experience and blend it with education to advice people on investments.

After strategizing on different ways of giving advice, Badiali decided to specialize in offering investment advice on natural resources and energy. Most of the people who have applied his strategies have made more than double-digit gains. In May 2017, he launched Real Wealth Strategist where he partnered with Banyan Hill to give recommendations to investors.

Matt Badiali highly values real life experiences. He has traveled in different countries all across the world. Some of the destinations include Singapore, Iraq, Peru, Turkey, and Hong Kong among others. Matt has visited thousands of organization headquarters, oil projects, and mines to get insights and to give advice as well.

According to an interview by Ideamensch, Matt Badiali states that he loves starting his day early. He takes his children to school and reads the news. When Matt gets to his office, he starts writing in the morning to take advantage of the high focus during the morning hours. Matt adds that real-life experiences give him the best ideas. Most of the topics he addresses are based on experiences.

Matt finds energy consumption an exciting trend. To stay productive, Matt focuses on a single thing and blocks all sorts of distractions. This strategy helps him to carry out tasks within a short time. Working as a geologist was his worst job. The worst part of his career as an environmental geologist was collecting contaminated samples from polluted areas.

Matt Badiali highly values internships because he sees it as an excellent opportunity to get the necessary experience. Matt also advises people to read because it gives him insights on how to handle different things in life. One of his critical working principles is delivering the best quality services. Matt also values being trustworthy and honest in his profession. Related: https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/freedom-checks-scam-or-real-deal/


Sujit Choudhry Comments On Eric Holder’s Protest Tweet

Democracies can be a very fragile institution for any country. And one constitutional expert sites a tweet by the former United States Attorney General as a demonstration of how a democracy should function in the time of crisis. That expert, Sujit Choudhry, sees freedom’s delicate balance from a recent tweet by former Attorney General Eric Holder (medium.com).

In the tweet, former United States Attorney General called for a peaceful protest in the event Special Counsel Bob Mueller is fired by U.S. President Donald Trump. Mr. Choudhry comments that this tweet shows a sense of self-governance in a democracy. Something that is not often possible in many countries.

To offer some background, Special Counsel Bob Mueller is investigating the possibility of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Additionally, Mr. Mueller is also investing possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to interfere in the election. President Trump warned that any investigation into his personal finances was a red line which may lead to the dismissal of Bob Mueller. Special Counsel Mueller has seen subpoena records related to the Trump campaign and the Trump Organization itself.

Sujit Choudhry commented that constitutional self-governance is the ultimate safeguard to a democracy. And that this self-governance is critical because the firing of special counsel Bob Mueller could trigger a Constitutional Crisis and call into question whether or not the United States of America is still a functioning democracy. With the threat of mass demonstration, the President may be unlikely to take the unusual step of firing the very person investigating him.

Sujit Choudhry is known as one of the top constitutional lawyers in the country. In his career, Mr. Choudhry has offered his expertise to many countries undergoing a transition to a constitutional democracy. Some of the countries he has worked with include Egypt as well as other nations in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. With decades of experience, Mr. Choudhry is an authority on working democracies (chronicleweek.com).

Mr. Choudhry holds a law degree from the University of Oxford where he was a Rhodes Scholar. Additionally, he had attended Harvard Law School as well as the University of Toronto. Check blogs.law.nyu.edu.  Today Mr. Choudhry is considered the foremost expert in constitutional law.

Keep up with Sujit at www.facebook.com/SujitChoudhryLaw

The Illustrious Career of Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has been with the Banyan Hill Publishing for the last two and a half years. This institution has provided him with an opportunity to advise main street Americans as he is a senior editor. Through the publication, he is able to advice normal Americans about the investments that they can make and the role of technology in investments. Paul Mampilly is also knowledgeable on special opportunities and small-cap stocks. This has been made possible by the many years of experience that he has on the field. He joined Wall Street 27 years ago, and he used to work for Bankers Trust as the assistant portfolio manager. Paul Mampilly then joined ING and Deutsche after leaving Banker Trust. At these institutions, he was in charge of multimillion-dollar accounts and quickly built a name for himself as a good manager. He then progressed to Kinetics Asset Management where he was in charge of the hedge fund. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Bloomberg.

Back then, Kinetics Asset Management used to be in charge of over six billion dollars. The firm experienced tremendous growth under his leadership as its asset grew to $25 million. While still working for Kinetics Asset Management, he got an opportunity to participate in a completion known as Templeton Foundation. This provided him with an opportunity to grow a $50 million investment to $88 million. He managed this in 2009 as other firms’ recorded massive losses. After two decades in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly grew tired of the place and decided to venture out on his own. He said that he was tired of making money for other people while he could make money for himself. A few months after leaving, he founded Profits Unlimited together with Extreme Fortunes.

Late last year, he founded another research service known as True Momentum. Paul Mampilly is active on social media where he updates his followers on the best stocks in the market. He can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Paul Mampilly says that to ensure that he does not make losses, he has developed a habit of concentrating on how he could be wrong. Paul Mampilly is an avid reader. His favorite book at the moment is How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market. This is a book that has been written by Nicolas Darvas. The book is about a story of a young professional dancer who became frustrated with her career and invested a few dollars. In the end, she transformed her investment to two million dollars. View Source: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/tag/paul-mampilly/


Taking a Look at Where Bernardo Chua is Going From Here

Bernardo worked with multi-level marketing for several years and was from the Philippines. He acted as an executive of Gano Excel in the Philippines at first. Three years after, Bernardo aided the expansion of Gano Excel to Canada and Hong Kong and later to the United States. He acted as the president of Gano Excel in U.S.A after he moved to California. The products marketed by Gano Excel had Ganoderma in them. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

Bernardo in the preceding decade focused his determinations on teas, coffees, and other products used every day. His main aim was to introduce people all over the world to Ganoderma. Bernardo undertook key roles in two companies which were successful: the Organo Gold and Gano Excel. Bernardo brought Ganoderma into the lucrative market of North America. Bernardo marketed polypore mushroom genus the first one with teas and coffees. When he set up a business model, he saw the advantages of working directly in sales..

Direct sales helped him grow the business quickly in the Philippines and triggered the motion in business to take it globally. He stood by the fact that his best way of going to his business line was through direct sales.

Bernardo Chua Business

The company of Organo Gold became established and Bernardo focused more on ensuring his business is refined. He created a company that would take products of Ganoderma lucidum to another level. Bernardo spent most of his time educating people on the essentiality of this herb. The effort of Bernardo was recognized and he was awarded various awards. He founded the two companies in the Philippines but worked in ensuring that their existence is sensed in North America. Read more on Business for Home to learn more.

Most of the media outlets recognized the achievements of Bernardo Chua in his business. Market wired on the 3rd December 2015, his companies’ story on the program. On October the 2nd, 2017, an article was written by Cision PR Web on FENIX DXTM and FENIX XTTM incorporation. He was the brain that created Organo Gold Coffee whose essential ingredient as the mushroom. Mushroom had medical values and was nutritious. More info here: http://www.slideshare.net/BernardoChua


Igor Cornelsen Helps Investors See the True Value in Brazil

Igor Cornelsen has made it possible for people to invest in Brazil even if they do not know a lot about Latin America. He has become the eyes and ears that has lived on land American soil and consumed products in Latin America. He knows about what makes the culture thrive. He knows about the imports and exports. He has watched the way that Brazil has grown, and Igor Cornelsen knows an extensive amount about the things that affect the economy.

All of this makes it easy for people to follow the tips that you Cornelsen has put in place. He has become someone that has been able to provide a wealth of knowledge to those that are seeking to expand their portfolio. Igor knows about so many things that have been happening inside of Brazil, and he has taken these tips back to American investors. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter.

The thing that he isreally conscious of is the amount of time that should be put into investing. People should always look at opportunities to make their investments continuous. So many people set a certain age where they will start drawing money from their portfolio and never do any more investing. This is not the smart thing to do. What equal recommends is continuing to invest and making your money work for you for the rest of your life.

In order to do this people must watch what their portfolio is doing. It is the same way with expanding a portfolio and investing in Brazil. People that are investing must have a knowledge of the culture and what the economy in Brazil is doing. These are things that Igor puts a very heavy emphasis on. Read this article on French Tribune for more info.

There is also a great amount of knowledge that is gained by diversifying your portfolio. It is difficult to have a portfolio that does not have real diversity. If you are only depending on a couple of stocks to build your portfolio you are typically going to have trouble with your long-term investing because you may not have the leverage to stay afloat when your core stocks drop. Learn more: https://angel.co/igorcornelsen1


Ian Graham ‘The Cryptocurrency’ King

Ian Graham King known as cryptocurrency king was born in 1956 on 24th of April. He is married and lives in Portsmouth. In his childhood, he lived in New Jersey and during summers worked as a lifeguard in the ocean. He became the captain of the busiest beach of New Jersey and fifty rescues were common every day. There at the beach, he started learning about trading and their tools. He graduated in B.S. in Psychology and did internship from Merrill Lynch. In Gleacher Shacklock LLP King worked as an advisor to board. In Alenia Marconi System he was appointed as the Chief Executive officer. He had experience of working with aerospace and defense sector. Visit Ian King at angel.co

From August 18, 2004, to February 2005 Ian worked as a non-executive director at Alvis plc. He also worked as Director and managing director of Marconi Electronic System. After that, he joined BAE System which was created in November 1999. There he was appointed as Group Strategy & Planning Director and in December 2000 was promoted to group managing Director of BAE. IN November 2006 Ian King was appointed as Chief Operating Officer by BAE Systems and from 1st January 2007, took the charge. His annual income was £982,300. Due to his ability and hard work, BAE Systems announced him as the next CEO. From September 1, 2008, to 2017 he worked as the CEO of BAE Systems. In 2017, on 30th June he announced his retirement.  Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/ian-king-4924

In 2013 he got to know about bitcoin and found it to be the new way of earning, but common people were not aware of it so he created Banyan Hill. There he was appointed as cryptocurrency expert. 2012, Silicon Valley, a startup was regulating e-currency to allow central banks to print and distribute a digital form of money. In every ten years a new technology arrives and changes the way of living and at present, it is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is digital money which is used worldwide and is approved by the governments globally. With the help of Banyan Hill, he started writing about cryptocurrency that what it is, how it works and how people can earn through it.

He launched his trading services through Banyan Hill. In which he revealed the trading strategies and things to be kept in mind while investing. All these were available to people who had subscribed the Banyan Hill. It is good and everyone should learn about Cryptocurrency.

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Ted Bauman is an Expert in Economics and Finances for Banyan Hill

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and the Alpha Stock Alert as member of Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the company in 2013 as an expert in asset protection, privacy and other topics. Bauman was born in Washington D.C., But moved out of the country before reaching adult age. Prior to moving back to the United States, he spent a large portion of his life in South Africa. He graduated from the University of Cape Town and holds degrees in Economics and History. During his time in South Africa, he held roles as executives in nonprofit organizations. When he finally moved back to the United States in 2008, he began working for Habitat for Humanity International. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. See the complete profile on LinkedIn

One of his publications, The Bauman Letter, is a series of financial and tax advice articles that are published on Sovereign Society. In his series, Bauman informs people on subjects relating to legal ways to save money on taxes, ways to protect your finances, methods to save money, and other general financial advice.

Ted Bauman says that despite his expertise in the world of economics, his number one goal as an employee of Banyan Publishing is to be a writer. “My job is to be a writer,” Bauman began. “[I] make people want to read more.”

Bauman is excited that people are beginning to question their governments and financial systems. “[Bending over backwards for large businesses is] what Western governments have adopted over many years.” Bauman believes that such practices will lead to disappointment and the collapse of economies. Learn more about Ted Bauman at crunchbase.com.

Bauman has not always been successful, of course. Bauman has worked at fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and Burger King, he has been a bus boy at more expensive restaurants, and has worked at gas stations. Bauman says if he could start his life over he would have been much more productive and would have applied himself more to his education. “I’ve had a number of failures in my life,” Bauman said. “There’s nobody who’s ever been completely successful in everything.” Bauman claimed.

Bauman says he is an unorthodox financial expert. “Capital in the 21st Century” is a really good book to read.” he said. The book is known among experts as being extremely innovative in its theory but lacks in conclusion. Despite the books short-comings, the book is very accessible to people who are just beginning to learn about economics.

Read more on Talk Markets: http://www.talkmarkets.com/contributor/Ted-Bauman