Sujit Choudhry Discusses Eric Holder’s “Absolute Red Line” Tweet

The White House has been under threat of a Constitutional crisis since the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate the links between Russia and the election campaign of President Donald Trump. As threats continue to come from the Oval Office over the option to fire the Special Counsel, former Obama Administration Attorney general Eric Holder has attracted attention for his tweet stating the firing of Mueller would be an “absolute red line” for the position of President Trump.

In his latest book chapter published by the Oxford University Press, Professor Sujit Choudhry has devoted most of his writing to dissecting the Tweet and how Holder’s words could be construed. Professor Choudhry believes Holder was directing the American Government and public to take action in some form to fight the possibility of President Trump using his power to block an investigation into his own actions during the campaign. The “absolute red line” is described by Choudhry in “A Disintegrating Democracy” as the people taking to the streets to protest and the ultimate decision to impeach the President for his actions (

On many occasions, the press has compared any potential firing of Robert Mueller as similar to the fabled “Saturday Night Massacre” of President Richard Nixon which led to his resignation from the Presidency. Professor Choudhry refers to the constitutional crisis which took place in Poland as a good example of how the rights of the people of a nation can be used for both good and bad in a short space of time.

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In an effort to explain the issues surrounding the possible courses of action open to the public and government if the decision is eventually made to fire the Special Counsel including the potential ways the government may attempt to hold on to power. More views on

Sujit Choudhry spends much of his time exploring the constitutions of many nations from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and other developing nations but believes the U.S. Constitution is often seen as the gold standard across the world (


OSI Group Can Credit Much Of Its Success To Its Innovative Executives:

American food solutions giant OSI Group, located in Aurora, Illinois, is a global operation with 80 plus facilities dispersed among 17 countries worldwide. The company owns the distinction of being one of the top 100 food company’s in the United States. The company’s story is over a century-long and it started as a small family business. That original family ethos has been something OSI Group has firmly maintained over its long history. The company has been expanding on a large scale since the 1970s by moving into new countries and constantly adding new facilities.

Guiding OSI Group’s expansion has been CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin who has been with OSI Group since 1970. Sheldon has been the guiding figure in terms of OSI becoming the size of operation that it is today. Sheldon had the vision of making OSI Group global from day one that he was with the firm. He was aided in creating such a strong operation by OSI’s entrepreneurial approach to its business. The company also operates in a family type of manner. He always contends that this has been the best formula for OSI Group. Sheldon is extremely proud of his employees. He doesn’t believe OSI could have attained its level of success without the loyalty of its people. After all his success and over 40 years at OSI, Sheldon’s vision for the company’s future is to continue to expand and continue delivering the best customer service and the best food solutions.

Sheldon is supported by innovative businessman, OSI Group President and COO, David McDonald. David Has been with OSI Group for over 30 years, starting in an entry level position and working his way up to the top. He has a been a large presence in OSI expansion efforts during his time with the firm. Recent acquisitions David has been closely associated with include Flagship Europe, Baho Food and the former Tyson food plant. David gives a huge amount of credit to OSI Group’s company culture for his success as a leader. The company is structured in a way that the people in the field are experts in the regions that they serve and keep up with the tastes of the market. He is confident about OSI Group’s future because the company is committed to continuing to bring the best service and best food solutions to its customers. David believes that innovation will always be a part of OSI’s culture because this allows for success in a constantly changing world.

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Why Ian King is Doing Well in Banyan Hill

In the traditional times, the few people who mastered the strategies to use in stock markets ended up with very good profits. The wealthiest people in the society were those who could buy and sell their shares at a profit without having to risk their investments in other areas. In the modern times, things have become so different. It is not easy to earn well in this market that has become so unpredictable. People have made losses in this market, and this is why everyone is looking for a way to diversify and look for more ways of earning profits. Crypto asset investment is one of the modern ways of earning a living for the modern investor who is smart and educated. This area has been proven to be one of the most competitive. Although crypto assets are still a mystery for so many investors, they are the perfect way of making money in the recent times. Follow Ian King on

Ian King is one of the people who have realized the importance of crypto assets for the businessmen in the market. Ian King is a top editor who works with a leading publishing company that is found in the United States. The institution is known as Banyan Hill Publication, and it gave him the position last year. Although he is still new in the company, Ian King Banyan has managed to change many lives in the world because of his contributions in this market. The cryptocurrency expert lives in America, and he has taught so many people about the importance of crypto assets. Ian King has an impressive career life, and this is why he is respected by both the young and old investors in the American market.

Before Ian King could start his crypto asset investments, he had worked in the trading department for two decades, and he had already acquired tons of experience in finance and trading. Despite the challenges in the finance market, the businessman was able to navigate and emerge as one of the people who led the best trading companies that are found in New York City. Apart from being highly experienced in crypto markets, the businessman had a lot of knowledge in psychology. According to his resume, Ian King went for his studies at the Prestigious University of Lafayette where he got his psychology degree. His passion for trading could not allow him to pursue this industry, and this is why he started by working in a mortgage company in the US. Visit:


Getting to Know Matt Badiali

When it comes to investing often it’s a lot like playing the lottery. You just have to take your chances and hope for the best. When investing it helps to have a friend in the business, a friend like Matt Badiali. Matt is the editor of S&A reports and when it comes to natural resources he really knows his stuff. He taught geology at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. He has been a consultant to an environmental company, and worked as a geologist for a drilling company. You won’t find him sitting at a desk, he’s more comfortable in the field checking things out for himself. His research has takes him around the world to places like Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland. He has visited oil fields in Iraq and Papua New Guinea. In Papua New Guinea he made his most controversial recommendation in 2010. Many short-sellers insisted that InterOil was a fraud, but Matt stood his ground. Because he had been there, and checked it out for himself, he knew he was right. A year later a major French company made a multi-billion-dollar deal with InterOil. Visit to know more.

Matt has been an expert in natural resources for two decades. He has a B.S. in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. His advice is trusted by companies like Exxon and Mobil.

It is his association with Porter Stansberry, Steve Sjuggerud, and Dan Ferris that help make him the investment strategist that he is today. The combination of his knowledge of natural resources and investing gives that gives him an edge that other investors can never have. He joined the editorial staff at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2018. His Real Wealth Strategist program is followed by hundreds of people through out the country. Members have access to investing advice for a refundable fee. Most noticeably for his internet video about Freedom Checks, the term Matt coined to explain the large dividend checks customers receive from the companies recommended by Matt and his team. It is a system that Matt formulated while doing field research for Stansberry, Sjuggerud, and Ferris. It has helped average people with no investing knowledge make good money investing in natural resources. View:

Rodrigo Terpins’s Achievements on the Side and on the Tracks

Rodrigo Terpins has already built a name for himself in the Sertoes Rally competitions of Brazil. He is not just a driver, but a businessman as well who finished his studies at the Saint Hilaire College. He started his professional work as the President of Lojas Marias, a clothing store for women’s clothes that have outlets in all prominent shopping malls within Brazil. After working for many years in the said clothes outlet, he became the Director of his venture T5 Partipacoes, and still holds the cited position as of this day.



While fulfilling his responsibilities as President and Director of Lojas Marias and T5 Partipacoes respective, he likewise pursued his dream of becoming a race car driver by taking part in several competitions in the race tracks where he won several of them. In 2015 he formed a duo with his brother Michel Terpins, and they established the Bull Sertoes Team that primarily included two other members. After having joined countless races where they are either the winners or in the lead, they have proven themselves as one of the best crew in the circuit.



For the 22nd Edition of Sertoes Rally, the Bull Sertoes Team was among the top 5 within the entire competition. The race covered 2,600 kilometers of various terrains, had seven stages and went through two states of Brazil. Rodrigo Terpins and his navigator Fabricio Bianchini stood on the podium for the T1 Prototype Category as well as for being the 8th placer in the entirety of the cited competition.



The Bull Sertoes Team drives the #322 T-Rex which was designed and created by MEM Motorsport. The T-Rex’s V8 engine runs on ethanol, and although the vehicle emits carbon dioxide it has been fitted with a carbon safe seal to prevent surplus carbon emissions into the environment.



The success of Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michel Terpins is not only attributed to their skill, experience and knowledge in driving but also because they inherited the dedication and passion of their father, Jack Terpins, who was a staunch sports advocate when he was a basketball player during his prime years with Hebraica. You can follow their Twitter page.


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Gregory James Aziz Still Rolls The Great Wheels Of Steel At National Steel Car


It was started in 1912 under the name Imperial Steel Car, in the city where the renowned investor Gregory James Aziz was born. It all happened in Ontario. National Steel Car is a company that has had the proverbial nine lives like a cat. However, the difference is that it is probably doing its tenth life. Well, what can one say about a company that still leads in its niche 100 years on! It was not always a great day for NSC though. There was a time it, indeed bloomed to the point of thinking that it would never scratch its head. However, as times have it, National steel car was soon to be bought and sold over and over again because of financial and operational concerns. The Ontario-based company has overcome the odds to become one of the most respected firms in rail tank manufacturing.



The Evolution


National Steel Car was not always what it is called today. It started as Imperial Rail Car Company. However, it has maintained some elements of its old flair to date. It was started by the Imperial Authorities and was named The Imperial Car Company. It was soon to be taken over by Dofasco which ran it for many years. Back then when Gregory Aziz was still going to school, it still stood its ground and won admiration from both the young and the old. After running the company for several decades, NSC was put up for sale by Dofasco. By then, there was a Canadian investor that had just made a fortune from his banking business in New York. The Ontario-born banking executive decided that he could shorten the journey to realizing his dream of owning a railcar manufacturing company by investing in NSC. Indeed, he introduced a raft of changes at National Steel Car and made it a world-class rail car manufacturing entity. He focused on quality rail cars. He has seen the company grow by leaps and bounds over the years.




Mr. James Aziz Reaffirms His Staff


Currently, national Steel Car has over 2000 employees. Mr. Gregory James Aziz says that it is important to have a dedicated team such the one he has. He believes that with the enthusiasm that the staff has in the growth of the company, it is only a matter of time before they conquer even larger territory. Mr. Greg Aziz attributed the success of National Steel oil to his team of dedicated employees. National Steel Car is obsessed with quality. Mr. Aziz says that quality is their selling point. He also appreciates the contribution of the authorities in helping the industry become more secure.

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Clay Siegall and Medicine Knowledge

Cascade Business Park in Bothell, Washington is home to Seattle Genetics. This is the name of an international biotechnology firm that produces state of the art cancer treatments. These treatments revolve around monoclonal antibodies as well. The team at Seattle Genetics has concentrated on the antibodies of human beings for about two decades. The company itself was established in 1998. The firm’s staff consists of about 900 individuals total. It has a market value that’s close to $10 billion. It’s among Washington’s biggest biotechnology entities. There actually isn’t a bigger biotechnology presence in the whole state. Clay Siegall is Seattle Genetics’ co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman. He says that the firm is an up-and-coming oncology entity. He says that the company has many drugs in the works at the moment, too. He thinks that these drugs serve as confirmation of the firm’s massive objectives. This professional indicates that he adores creating drugs. He also states that the process of creating them is far from straightforward and simple. He admits that he has his eyes on the prize and that he aims to steer clear of dwelling on complications and issues. Siegall had a conversation with a wise individual inside of a laboratory in the past. The individual instructed him to never accept the word “no.” Siegall had a difficult experience with the process of acquiring investors back in the day. He experienced a significant degree of rejection from investors back then. That didn’t stop him from continuing with his mission, though.

Dr. Clay Siegall got his education at George Washington University and also at the University of Maryland. He studied both genetics and zoology. He has a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) from the former school and a B.S. (bachelor of science) from the latter one.

Siegall understands the reason he has done so well in his career. He has a dedication to excellence that’s practically matchless. He has a zeal for his vocation and all that it entails. He has strong concentration abilities that help him all of the time, too. Siegall has been captivated by all aspects that relate to medicine since day one. He’s been captivated by technology for as long as he can grasp as well. Cancer treatment has long been a concept that’s on his mind. He had relative who fell ill and had to endure a treatment process that was extremely complex and taxing.

Ted Bauman Shares the Hard Lessons He Learned About Productivity

Since joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013, Ted Bauman has taken on the role of editor, managing his own “The Bauman Letter,” as well as the “Plan B Club” and “Alpha Stock Alert” newsletters. His work focuses on issues such as privacy and asset protection, low-risk investments, and international migration concerns.

When asked about the average work day, Ted revealed that he starts working straight from home, after shuffling his daughter off to school. He heads down to his basement office and starts working as soon as he’s able. Ted finds that he’s most productive in the mornings, so he wants to take advantage of those early morning hours. Visit Ted Bauman at

Some days, Ted is feeling especially ambitious and will get up to work earlier than usual. The quiet of those very early hours enable him to knock out a few tasks, even before the real work day begins. Regardless of what time Mr. Bauman starts his day, he never stops working before 5:00 p.m.

His days stay busy, but, in between, Ted tries to stay up to date on current events. He pays particular attention to news that affects those topics covered by his newsletter, because he knows those issues will be of interest to his readers.

A large part of Ted Bauman’s day is writing about financial news and events. He admits that can include some rather dry information, so he tries to be creative with it. Often, he looks for ways to relate the information to his readers’ lives, because it will have personal meaning in that way.

Speaking of his readers, Bauman says he’s really excited by the awakening that the public is beginning too go through. People are questioning the economy here at home and internationally. The practice of governments has always been to cater to big business, clinging to the trickle down theory made popular by Reaganomics. Now, people are questioning the wisdom in that and are beginning to demand greater accountability. Most people now doubt that such a system can benefit anyone, other than banks and businesses.

Even though Ted Bauman has never liked to see much government regulation in finances, he does feel that the current system is failing. He says he’s interested to see what the public will do with this awakening. This questioning from regular people is something new, so Ted says he’s interested to see where it leads. Whether or not it leads to a financial revolution, it will definitely be worthy of an edition of “The Bauman Letter”.
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Brian Torchin: Pioneer of Medical Office Management

“HCRC Staffing® was founded with the mission to incorporate years of medical and staffing knowledge to enhance the hiring experience. We use a consultative, direct, ethical, expedient, and detail-oriented approach to staffing.” –

All medical practices, whether they be chiropractic, dentistry, podiatry or physical therapy all have one thing in common. They require dedicated, qualified individuals to staff their offices to provide the services that patients and customers need and depend on. Visit for more info.

After years of working to create and maintain medical offices and practices across the east coast, Brian Torchin decided to make use of his experience as both a practicing physician and in management to establish HCRC Staffing, a service that provides recruitment counciling to medical practices. HCRC Staffing works with healthcare employers, including on nights and weekends, to find qualified physicians, and coordinate interviews and organize contract negotiations.

As president and founder of HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin has revolutionized the industry by providing vital staffing services globally, as well as across the United States. He also speaks at healthcare recruiting events, and has been addressed as the “Number one recruiter in the USA”. Even his social media accounts are filled with referrals and employment offerings for physicians across the US.

HCRC Staffing went from an idea to 200 clients and companies worldwide, providing recruitment services to medical offices across the globe. As CEO at HCRC Staffing and as a medical professional, Brian Torchin is leading healthcare recruitment into the future, meeting the growing demands for physicians everywhere. Check:


Matt Badiali and Instructional Prowess

Matt Badiali likes to give people high-quality suggestions. He’s particularly keen on giving people suggestions that can motivate them to make fantastic investment decisions. Good investment choices can practically make or break an individual these days. It’s no surprise that there are so many people who like listening to what Matt Badiali has to share about the investment realm. He’s constantly discussing metals that can potentially do good for investors. Zinc is one of his big topics at the moment. He genuinely thinks that people should zero in on this chemical element. It’s a metal that he thinks is going to be worth it. It’s also one that he thinks is going to be hard to locate not long from now.

Zinc isn’t the only metal option out there that Badiali relishes discussing. He also frequently talks about both lead and copper. He has a lot of insight that revolves around base metals. He’s noticed that base metals are a subject that people should prioritize.

Matt Badiali is an efficient Banyan Hill Publishing aficionado. He employs Banyan Hill Publishing as a means of getting his thoughts out to the world. He writes detail-oriented online newsletters that are suited to people who want natural resource investment guidance. He talks about natural resource investment and how people can utilize it. He talks about natural resource investing changes that are worth concentrating on, too. Anyone who has ever talked to Matt Badiali for a second can say easily that he loves natural resource investing as a topic. They can also say that he adores instructing people. Giving people information that they wouldn’t find otherwise means anything and everything to him.

Matt Badiali used to be a geology professor. He shared his geology wisdom while at both Duke University and the University of North Carolina. Badiali is familiar with some of the United States’ most respectable learning institutions. Although he has a penchant for instruction, he didn’t stay part of that world for too long. A widely known investment wizard sought Badiali’s assistance. That was the beginning of a marvelous journey for him. He never ever turned back since that time.

Getting knowledge from Matt Badiali on the Internet is a walk in the park for people who want to gain investment strength. They can look at Banyan Hill Publishing and its choices. They can check out Matt Badiali’s pages on social media networking websites like Twitter and Facebook.