WEN Cleansing Conditioners By Chaz Dean Eliminate Bad Hair Days For Women

WEN cleansing conditioners were developed by Chaz Dean and are a perfect example of an all natural product that is both effective and affordable, unlike many products on the market the are highly overpriced and do not perform as well as they claim. This is largely seen in salons, which charge a fortune for their big name hair care products, which many women can’t afford on a regular basis, especially without getting the results they really want. The health craze that has been growing over the past couple decades has greatly helped WEN Hair stay on the market, as many people want products that are natural and healthy for their body. Chaz Dean personally spent a lot of his time perfecting the formula to ensure the ingredients were a healthy mix and worked on all hair types.

There are tons of reviews on Facebook and even on Twitter about WEN cleansing conditioners that have been offered up by hair care stylists and enthusiasts, which go over what to expect when using WEN. One of the more recent well done reviews of the WEN products is from Emily McClure, who tested out the product for a week and afterwards published a review of her experience using it. According to her review, she saw results in a matter of a few days, despite her hair being very fine and difficult to manage normally. This, however, did take a little messing around with her routine in order to get it to an optimal point, such as cutting down on how much product she used and changing the time when she applied it.

Thanks to the amazing work Chaz Dean put into his product and the dedication he has had to it over all these years, it is still going strong today. The best part about these cleansing conditioners, other than the fact that they are effective, is that they are affordable for most women and can be conveniently ordered online to be used at home.

Company Profile: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wen-hair-care#/entity

Brad Reiflers Tips For Small Investors

One of the most well known American entrepreneurs is Brad Reifler. In 2009 he founded Forefront Capital and filled the position of Chief Executive. Previously he co-founded Pali Capital, a firm specializing in financial services. Brads very first business was the Reifler Trading Company where was truly a star trader.

Although Money Monster is just a fictional film it does uncover a few truths about Wall Street. The small investors are faced with a great many challenges and disadvantages. It is an unfortunate fact that Wall Street puts the focus on wealthy and accredited investors. These investors have opportunities the smaller and non-accredited investors do not.

As CEO for Forefront Capital Brad Reifler has focused on helping the wealthy become even wealthier. His attention has changed direction to Middle America where he now has a different goal. He wants to help the 99% of less affluent individuals have the same opportunities as the 1% who have the big money. Brad Reifler has taken the time to share the three biggest problems faced by small investors.

According to Brad Reifler the first problem is the fees. Most brokers charge high management fees that are irrelevant to their clients actual portfolios. This allows the brokers to become rich regardless of whether or not their clients succeed. He says this is wrong.

The second problem is the regulated access to the investments. Non-accredited investors have limits as to which investments they can participate in. The government considers the accredited investors to be more intelligent so they do not have these restrictions. They can invest in private equity, hedge funds and private funds the small investor does not have access to.

The third and final problem are the limited investment options the smaller investor is able to access. Most of these investments are directly correlated to the stock market. Brad Reifler is trying to combat all three of these problems. He wants to put the power back in the hands of the small investors. He feels they deserve the exact same opportunities as the accredited investors.

Kabbalah Center is on a Mission of Creating a Better Life and Transforming the World into a Peaceful Place

The Kabbalah Center is an internationally respected non-profit organization that focuses on enlightening people concerning the principles of Kabbalah and their applications in their day-to-day life. The Center has highly trained and experienced teachers who avail spiritual tools developed according to Kabbalistic principles. In turn, students are required to incorporate these tools in their lives. Rav Yehuda launched the Center back in 1922. Since its establishment, the center has opened locations in over 40 cities and improved its online presence.

What is the role of the Kabbalah Center?

Since the discovery of Kabbalistic wisdom, numerous interpretations have evolved. The meaning of Kabbalah varies according to the people beliefs and geographical locations. Therefore, the Kabbalah Center offers support to the numerous interpretations of Kabbalah that exists across the globe. The Center imparts Kabbalah as a common wisdom that paved the way for the Bible or religion and it addresses the spiritual needs of individuals irrespective of his or her faith and path. Kabbalah Center offers a course that defines both the physical and spiritual laws of the earth, the origin of Creation, as well as the human existence and soul’s journey.

How the Kabbalah Center promotes Kabbalistic teachings

  1. Learning

The Kabbalah Center employs a broad range of tactics for helping students to learn the main Kabbalistic principles by coming up with courses, online lectures, audio products, classes, and books.

  1. Transformation

In line with the principles of Kabbalah that encourage sharing, The Kabbalah Center offers a volunteer program that avails an opportunity for students to participate in philanthropic activities that range from sharing the Kabbalistic teachings via a mentoring program. Since its launch, the Center has dedicated its time and resources towards bettering the living standards of its followers and making the world peaceful.

  1. Building connections

The Kabbalah Center helps students to establish strong relationships with their colleagues and teachers. The Center orchestrates and hosts numerous events on a weekly and monthly basis. During these events, students participate in study sessions, meditation, and enjoy meals together. Students who live far away from Kabbalah Center can still experience the power of togetherness by joining an online community.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Career Journey as an Expert in Sleep Disorders

As the founder and owner of Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s success story is impressive. He established the New Jersey-based facility using his knowledge in sleep disorders and treatment. He started working as a dentist for the Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. Dr. Weisfogel was also awarded during his 15 years career as a general dentist. Throughout his career, he discovered that most physicians lack the knowledge of handling sleep disorders. He founded the Healthy Heart Sleep to educate physicians across the world on the importance of sleep labs and how to manage them. Several doctors benefited from the program and established their sleep labs.

Dr. Weisfogel explored the arena of sleep medicine, learning about sleep disorders. He researched on how physicians and dentists can be helpful in treating sleep disorders. In 2012, he started offering lectures to dentists on how to handle sleep patients. During the same year, he also established Unlimited Sleep Patient. Two years later, his Dental Sleep Masters practice majored on developing oral appliances to treat sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel completed his biology and psychology degree from the Rutgers University. He also acquired a DDS after studying at New York University College of Dentistry.

Dr. Weisfogel’s Insights on Sleep Apnea

According to Dr. Weisfogel, sleep apnea affects people of different ages. Increase in weight is one of the factors that make people vulnerable to the disease. Dr. Weisfogel also pointed out that more than 50 patients suffering from the disease also suffer from obesity. He recommends people to check on their diet and physical fitness. According to him, fat deposits usually accumulate the airway hence affecting respiration.

The airway can also be affected when a person’s neck is larger than 17 inches in men and 16 inches in women. Large neck sizes constrict the airway and make a person to experience difficulty in breathing during sleep. Diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes also increase the risk of individuals developing sleep apnea. To be on the safe side, people should avoid smoking and eating foods with high fat content.



Stem Cell Therapy Makes Giant Leaps In The Medical Industry

While technology continues to advance and unfold in most areas of life, the Lung Institute is on top of new developments and treatments regarding Stem Cell Therapy. The Lung Institute is dedicated to helping those patients who suffer from chronic lung conditions.

There’s a protocol that’s been initiated by the Lung Institute that alleviates symptoms of chronic lung disease while addressing the advancement of the disease. Their sensitive and understanding physicians are focused on the use of the best technology available today while realizing the individual needs of every patient. They have halted the use of archaic treatments and replaced them with this advanced treatment that won’t result in negative side effects.

To understand the positive progression in the area of stem cells, it’s important to know what stem cells are. Stem cells are basically the requirement of life in every organism. They are naturally present throughout your body and are housed in your bone marrow. Doctors retrieve these cells and begin the process of therapy. More information on COPD available at lunginstitute.com.

Stem Cell Therapy takes healthy stem cells from different parts of your body and reintroduces them into the diseased area where they are able to perform the same function as the cells already present. They adapt and change their function to the location needed. In this situation, they are injected into the lung area and take on the function of lung cells. But, these cells are healthy and have regenerative properties that lead to healing. By implementing such treatments, you are eradicating the negative side effects commonly present in other treatments allowing the people to experience minimally invasive procedures.

Read patients’ testimonials here: https://lunginstitute.com/testimonials/

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Vijay Eswaran Grows His Entrepreneurship Skills to One of The World’s Leading Business Image

According to Vijay, nothing was in his favor as he began his entrepreneurship journey. He had various disconnections with his family or any other source of funds. At the same time, Asia was facing a critical economic crisis of which no one had faith in its recovery. However, Vijay was exceptional he believed that his life was not under any conditions to be wasted making money for other people. In his efforts to raise, he was lucky enough to meet like-minded partners not forgetting his all-time supporting wife. As he started, Vijay faced several setbacks and failures that he soon came to adopt and developed various opportunities as comebacks.

Vijay Eswaran went through the leading Universities in the USA and the UK for his higher education. His entrepreneurship journey started back in the University with simple businesses of direct selling. He consistently grew his enterprise endeavors while at the same time developing business networks at a wide range. Today, Vijay Eswaran holds the Executive Chairman’s post at the QI Group of companies founded in 1998. Mr. Eswaran happens to be one of the brainiest and front founding members to the QI Group. The QI Group later developed to becoming one of the world’s largest e-commerce-based conglomerate out of its diversification in various businesses. The QI Group operates in more than 30 companies whose offices are based in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Vijay’s ever undying efforts and determination have earned him several awards such as the “the Global Entrepreneurship lifetime achievement award’. Besides, Vijay has been featured by several journals from his extraordinary entrepreneurship skills.

Vijay is a well-established public speaker and a best-selling author. He has written several books including “On the Wings of Thought,” “the 18 Stepping Stones”, and “In the Thinking Zone.” He is also a recognized philanthropist who has founded several organizations through which he offers both financial and material support to the needy people.

The Success of Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the study of the different forms of law that there are in the world and the analysis on their function as well as how they work in different societies across the world. Despite the fact that many legal systems come in the form of government policies, the study of comparative law also studies many religious laws as well as many cultural laws that are recognized in different countries around the world. Comparative law is often fascinated by early legal systems in the ancient times where laws created order despite the fact that the laws were often unconventional laws. The importance of this area of study has grown exponentially over the years especially as there have been an increase in initiatives to promote globalization all over the world. This phenomena has been popular for some time and gained recognition during the 18th century as more and more individuals from different countries from around the world were interacting with one another.

This form of studying legal systems has branched off into several disciplines that are currently growing in popularity. Of the many academics around the world that have continued this study, one individual stands out not only for his achievements in the field of research, but also due to his inspirational background as well as the way that he is able to inspire both peers and students to follow his path in research. This individual is Sujit Choudhry who is many things including an academic as well as an individual who is interested in the growth of globalization.

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned individual with several degree in law as well as the foremost expert in several disciplines that continue to grow in present day thanks to his passion and to his hard work. Sujit Choudhry believes that globalism is inevitable and has worked hard to make sure that it continues in a correct manner. Sujit Choudhry is known for his intelligence as well as his passion in research and will continue to be remembered that way as he continues to inspire others to study and to analyze comparative law.

For more updates, follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sujit_choudhry

Julie Zuckerberg is one of Deutsche Bank’s greatest Assets

For over 15 years, Julie Zuckerberg has specialized in the practice of internal recruiting to bring the best talent she can into her respective company. Her latest stop has been Deutsche Bank, where she has held some high level managerial positions for the last three years as an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead and Vice President of Executive Recruiting.


Zuckerberg is a graduate of the City University of New York from the Brooklyn College with a degree in philosophy. She also holds a degree from New York law school. Her career started as a Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson staffing and recruiting. After 5 years at Hudson, she transferred into the banking industry where she worked as a Vice President Executive Recruiter for NA Professional and Executive Recruitment at Citi bank. She then moved over to the insurance industry after 6 years to work at New York Life where she became a Corporate Vice President with a responsibility as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead. In 2014, she made her return back to the banking industry working at Deutsche Bank where she currently works.


The roles Zuckerberg take on are very important for any major corporation, as she has responsibilities in life cycle recruiting and deals with strategic recruitment in matters such as retention of current employees and limiting their turnover. These responsibilities can get overlooked within the company as talent can be invaluable at times and put strain on the company’s function and resources if the right people are not being retained. It’s also important to make sure in recruiting that the right talent is brought in to reflect the best interests of the company’s mission, and Zuckerberg is in a role to make sure these activities can happen.


Zuckerberg’s success stems from her ability to put constant dedication in her work, being able to communicate effectively with other managers and staff in her day to day work. Her education has been a valuable resource that trained her to know what to look for in bringing in personnel, and knowing what is key to keeping staff within the company. Her education also gave her the skills needed to be an effective manager, which is why she has been able to flourish in all her roles.



How Eric Lefkofsky’s Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy Distinguishes Him

Eric Lefkofsky is a distinguished entrepreneur and humanitarian. The Michigan native founded and runs Tempus, Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and Uptake among other companies. These are highly successful firms with diverse interests in several industries. Eric graduated with honors from the University of Michigan in 1991. He undertook further studies at The University of Michigan Law School where he holds a postgraduate degree in law.

Entrepreneurial Career

Eric had entrepreneurial ambitions from a young age. During his campus days, he ran a profitable carpet business. In 1993, he founded his first company, Brandon Apparel with a college friend. In 1999, he cofounded an Internet firm called Starbelly with Brad Keywell. The company specialized in selling promotional products. After the company was acquired, he started InnerWorkings, a firm that offered print procurement services to mid-sized companies. The company’s success was followed by the establishment of Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean, Goupon, Uptake LLC, and Tempus.

Lefkofsky’s Motivation to Start Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky cofounded Tempus in 2016. This is a technology firm that enables medical practitioners to provide personalized care to cancer patients. Mr. Lefkofsky serves as the company’s CEO. Cancer research and therapy has been an area of great interest to him. Tempus recently partnered with Northwestern in a deal that will incorporate the use of data to provide customized treatment. This deal is part of the company’s strategy to build infrastructure in a bid to modernize cancer therapy.

Tempus uses genomic sequencing to enable doctors to make personalized and real-time treatment decisions. Its objective is to provide precision medicine to cancer patients. Eric points out that the company intends to merge powerful analytics with the help of cutting edge bioinformatics. Hundreds of clinical trials are already being conducted in various research centers and hospitals to test the effectiveness of this biotechnology. Tempus hopes to provide its proficiency in technology infrastructure and bioinformatics so that targeted therapies can come into fruition.

Eric’s Humanitarian Ventures

Since 2006, Eric and his wife have been active philanthropists. They use the Lefkofsky Foundation to support different initiatives. The couple’s objective is to back scientific, educational and charity organization around the world. A lot of emphasis is put on children since they are most susceptible to hunger and disease. To date, the foundation has provided funding to over 50 organizations. In 2013, Eric became part of The Giving Pledge, which is a group of humanitarians who hope to give away all of their wealth by the time they die.

Read more about Eric Lefkofsky here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericlefkofsky

ClassDojo Raises $21 Million To Expand Parent-Teacher Communication Platform

ClassDojo has raised $21 million to expand their app that connects teachers and parents. The ClassDojo app is currently being used in 2 out of 3 schools in the country. The company will use this round of funding to expand their team and develop content for the app that parents can use year round.

According to co-founder Sam Choudhury, the main focus of the app is to guide conversations between parents and teachers. The company is creating a positive culture and creating community between parents, teachers, and students.

The app is being used in 85,000 schools, with most of the teachers in the K-8 grades. The educators use the app to keep parents up to date with the work being done by the student on a daily basis. The app interface is very similar to that of many social media platforms. Teachers are able to post lesson plans, photos, and videos to the app and parents are aware of their child’s progress.

The app is designed to keep the parent involved in the student daily activities so there are no surprises when it comes to parent-teacher conference time.

Going forward, ClassDojo is coming up with ways to monetize the app. There are many ideas they are considering, but one thing the company will never do is try to earn revenue off the user’s data. Currently, the company is considering offering custom made lesson plans as a way to earn revenue.

Many analysts believe the company could also build transactional features into the app. Parents could pay for school supplies or field trips with the app instead of sending a check to school with their child. The future is very bright for ClassDojo.

Founded in 2011, the San Francisco-based company has raised $31 million to date and they continue to gain a larger share of the education market.